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Chapter 311 - Money Over Life

The collision resulted in a loud bang, and Lin Yi held his ground without moving an inch. Huang, on the other hand, had his body propelled outward, cratering into the wall, unconscious as black blood dripped from his mouth.

Lin Yi hadn’t used his full strength- a mere early phase didn’t deserve it. He’d only repelled the force Huang had used on him.

It wasn’t enough to have taken Huang’s life, but the guy would have to bedridden for quite a while. He wasn’t here for blood- he’d come to talk, and wouldn’t want to kill Guangbo’s bodyguard because of that.

“W-Who are you..?” Guangbo wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to beat his bodyguard without even moving, unaware that Huang was still alive.

From what he’d seen, Huang wasn’t moving in that hole in the ceiling- what else could he be but dead?

“I told you, I’m Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard. Well, I’m actually not sure what my job is, but for the time being I’m her bodyguard.” Lin Yi shrugged. “You’ll give me the shares now, won’t you? I don’t wanna kill anybody, please don’t force me.”

Guangbo was at a loss for words- Huang had been his last hope, a golden class power level, a master! He wouldn’t have someone of Huang’s strength protecting him in the first place if it weren’t for a favor he owed him.

And there he was- a strength ‘killed’ by Lin Yi instantly. Guangbo was now utterly shocked and terrified.

“I can’t do that!” Guangbo replied with a shake of his head. “I can’t.”

“So that means you’re choosing death?” Lin Yi was a bit furious- it sure was a first for him. What was this guy talking about? He was clearly terrified, but apparently those shares were worth more than his life to him??

“No……” Guangbo nodded, a firm look in his eyes. “I can’t give you the shares. I can’t give them to you even if it costs me my life!!”

“..........” Lin Yi didn’t know what to say- he wanted to give this man a slap across the cheek.

Lin Yi picked up the safe’s door, thinking of pressuring the man by bending it. The man evidently mistook his intentions, assuming that Lin Yi had lost his patience and was about to kill him. “Wait!! Don’t kill me… I can give you the shares, but only after a few days!”

“Few days?” Lin Yi paused.

“At least until Jin Gubang becomes chairman! After that I’ll give all the shares to you!” Guanngbo said. “It’s fine even if I go to prison at this point, or even if you kill me. I’ll give you the shares, but not now, absolutely not now……”

“Hm..?” Guangbo wasn’t making sense- what sort of a deviant was he, was he telling him that he’d sacrifice his life just to get Gubang to the chairman’s seat? Was Gubang his dad or grandpa or something??

“What is Jin Gubang offering you?” Lin Yi frowned.

“My son’s gotten addicted to gambling and drugs when studying overseas- he owes the mafia near one hundred million. They’ll kill him if I don’t pay up.” Guangbo thought that Lin Yi needed to understand where he was coming from- there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t just kill him from rage.

“Oh? So you’re saying that Jin Gubang’s paying to clear your son’s debts?” Lin YI frowned. So that was why? He smiled bitterly at that realization- what a parent. Guangbo was putting his life on the line for the shares he didn’t even want for himself- it was money he wanted to save his son with……

“No. He doesn’t have that much movable funds, and neither do I!” Guangbo smiled bitterly. “My son owes the mafia american dollars! That forty million I sent them is just something to hold them back for the time being! Jin Gubang’s promised me that he’ll allow me access to the company’s funds after he becomes chairman……”

“Fuck!” Lin Yi was quite pissed- what the hell? This Jin Gubang was sacrificing the company’s profits just for that chairman’s seat he treasured so much?

“Where is your son? I’ll bring him back. Give me your shares after that.” Lin Yi didn’t make it sound like a negotiable thing in the slightest.

“I……” Guangbo paused.

“What? You don’t think I’m capable enough?” Lin Yi narrowed his eyes.

“No, of course not……” Guangbo shook his head. What a joke- how could he doubt the guy’s strength after what he’d seen? Huang was enough of a rarity himself! 

But was this man truly strong enough to handle the mafia and get his son back?

“Do you perhaps think that the mafia would send your son back safe and sound if you paid up?” Lin Yi looked at Guangbo mockingly. “Use your brain- you’re a gold mine. Why would they send your son back when they could suck you dry? Gambling and drug addictions are the hardest to get rid of- as long as your son lives then prepare to keep getting funds for him the rest of your life!”

“I……” Guangbo didn’t deny that- he agreed with what Lin Yi was saying. It wasn’t the first time his son had asked for money… He always had excuses and reasons, the only difference being the difference in the amount he’d needed… This was by far the most ridiculous one. He’d always say that he’d pissed off the wrong guy, that he needed a car, that his girlfriend had run away with another man…… Guangbo would always ask his son to come back every time he gave him money, but the kid wasn’t listening. Lin Yi was making sense here…

“I’ll give you one second to think about it. You wanna die now, or you wanna give me the shares after I get your son back?” Lin Yi raised the safe’s door, his eyes on Guangbo. “Alright, time’s up…”

“Wait……” Guangbo waved his hands in front of him. “I… I promise!”

Guangbo didn’t doubt that Lin Yi would actually kill him with that door- there was a dead guy right next to him in that wall, after all.

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