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Chapter 286 - Letter of Blood

“But… Come on, I just want Fen to have someone to go with!” Xiaobo said. “I’m worried she’s gonna be bored if she’s alone, she’s best friends with Tang Yin, you know!”

“I’ll ask her then.” Lin Yi wouldn’t make the decision for Tang Yin like that.

“Alright, I’ll tell Fen if she says no.” Xiaobo was relieved that this was sorted out- he wouldn’t really dare bring Fen with him if Lin Yi didn’t accompany him… Who knew what might happen?

“Right, take this.” Lin Yi said as he pulled a container out for Xiaobo.

“What’s this?” Xiaobo asked as he received it.

“Shark meat and shark fin. You’re visiting Fen later, right? Bring it when you go and eat it otgether.” Lin Yi said.

“Shark meat and shark fin? Seriously? Where’d you get this stuff, isn’t this supposed to be pretty rare or something?” Xiaobo’s eyes were wide with surprise.

“Got it from the market.” Lin Yi, naturally, wouldn’t explain how he’d killed a shark and everything.

“Heh heh, you sure treat me nice, boss! I’ll enjoy this with Fen during lunch later then, heh!” Xiaobo said happily as he put away the container.

Zhong Pinliang was quite pissed today- this Lin Yi was something god just decided to throw at him so as to ruin everything! Why was he always there hindering him?!

Hitchhiked? How the hell did that happen?? The bastard sure was a shameless one, too, hitchhiking in Mengyao’s car! What pissed Pinliang off the most was how Mengyao even agreed to that in the first place, what the hell!!

Naturally, Pinliang wouldn’t begin to suspect that Lin Yi had some sort of relationship with Mengyao- after all, Mengyao would never be interested in someone like Lin Yi. Second of all, Lin Yi had a girlfriend, the school beauty Tang Yin! The entire school was aware of that, Mengyao included!

The only type of relationship the two could have had to be what Lin Yi had said- he’d just hitchiked Mengyao’s car to get to school! As for why Lin Yi would even do something like that in the first place, however… It was something beyond Pinliang’s abilities to find out. Mengyao would only ignore him if he asked, and Lin Yi would only beat him up.

“Liang Bro, what’s wrong? Why the sour look?” Gao Xiaofu asked carefully as he looked at the face Pinliang was making- he was the only lackey of Pinliang’s left now that Naipao was gone.

Pinliang wasn’t living the good life anymore, and that applied directly to Gao Xiaofu. He was once a force people feared- no one dared cross him! Yet he now spent his days fearing Lin Yi, who was now practically a god to them! He could beat them up all he wanted and they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it!

How was he supposed to live like this?!

“What else? It’s that fucking Lin Yi!!! The bastard!! I was trying to hit on Chu Mengyao this morning and the guy just popped out; he even told me to scram!!” Pinliang tried to contain his voice despite how pissed he was- he didn’t dare cause a ruckus.

Xiaofu was getting upset as well upon hearing Lin Yi’s name. “Liang Bro, we can’t beat him as we are! We’ll have to look at the bigger picture, and worst case scenario: we’ll have to endure this all the way until graduation! That Lin Yi will have to be out of our lives at that point!”

“Forget it, let’s stop talking about him!” Pinliang didn’t want to talk about the bastard anymore. “The problem now is… How am I supposed to get Chu Mengyao to like me? Why does she not like me??? I know I’ve been doing a good enough job on my part, but just what’s the problem here??”

“Uh……” Xiaofu hesitated for a bit. “Liang Bro, Chu Mengyao isn’t from a normal family, so normal methods might not be very effective on her. If you wanna get her to like you then you’ll need to resort to more unique methods!”

“Like what? Any ideas?” Pinliang looked at Xiaofu, seeing the sense he was making.

“Well…… I read this book a while ago- the main character was trying to chase the girl, and he wrote a letter to her, a letter of blood that he wrote with his own blood! The girl was so touched she became the boy’s girlfriend then and there! I feel like it’s a really powerful way, LIang Bro! You can reference that if you can handle it!”

“Letter of blood? Sounds good, actually!” Pinliang nodded after some thought. “It really is something that’ll touch a girl’s heart! I think I’d be genuinely touched if I was Chu Mengyao!!”

“Yeah, Liang Bro! Put some impactful words in there and Chu Mengyao might just say yes to you right away!” Xiaofu nodded as well.

“Alright, I understand. Here, you go spread the news later, let everyone know that I’m writing Chu Mengyao a letter of blood! That’ll raise the anticipation!” Pinliang said. “It’ll feel more genuine!”

“No problem there!” Xiaofu nodded. He didn’t dare go against Lin Yi, but stuff like this was still his specialty.

And thus, the news spread after first period ended- Chu Mengyao’s diehard admirer Zhong Pinliang was about to write her a letter of blood!

What news that was!! In a school world so dry with exams and revisions, a romantic scene like that never failed to put excitement into the students’ lives…

Although, fluctuations of excitement like that ended as fast as they begun, since the students only saw the value of the freshness in the event. They’d get right back to their tests and revisions right after the brief relaxation.

It was the same when Lin Yi beat up Heibao Bro, or when he gave Tang Yin a love letter, or when he slapped Ruoming in the face in front of the dean… These things spread fast, but dissipated quickly as well.

A few days later, and no one would pay something like this any heed anymore.

News of Zhong Pinliang’s letter of blood stopped spreading after the second period, and people stopped talking about it…… Maybe people would start paying attention when he actually handed it to Mengyao?

Mengyao, on the other hand, was a little upset- letter of blood? What was that supposed to mean, was that a threat? Threat to get her to say yes? So what if it was a letter written with blood??

“Shu, what do you think is wrong with that Zhong Pinliang? Letter of blood? Do you think he’s trying to threaten me??” Mengyao said a little angrily. “What’s a little blood, what’s so great about that??”

“Indeed! Yao Yao and I go through that every month, what’s so amazing about that!” Yushu nodded in agreement.

“.........” Mengyao wanted to cut out her best friend’s brain and see what was wrong with it- how does one relate a letter of blood to a girl having her periods?

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