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Chapter 285 - Miracle Doctor Kang's Birthday Feast

Naturally, Lin Yi wouldn’t go back inside the car after getting rid of Pinliang- that’d only around more suspicion from other people.

Lin Yi was humming as he strolled into the school, two containers in his hands. Another beautiful school day.

“Lin Yi!!” Lin Yi had just reached the gates when he heard someone call out to him- it was Liu Xinwen, running towards him. Behind her was a pretty girl- Tang Yin.

“Ah…….” Lin Yi knew that Xinwen was about to send a message for Tang Yin again. “What’s up, Liu Xinwen?”

“Yin Yin wants you to have lunch with her later.” Xinwen’s impression of Lin Yi had changed as well, likely because of his active help with the whole Fen thing. She didn’t dislike Lin Yi anymore.

Even Yin Yin had accepted and gotten into a relationship with him- who was she to say anything about that? It was what Xinwen now thought.

“Sure.” Lin Yi replied without hesitation- he was planning on letting Tang Yin try some shark, too. There was also that luxurious shark fin on the shark- Lin Yi had split it into two portions, one for Xiaobo, and one for Tang Yin. Xiaobo’s portion included Fen’s for him to bring to the hospital.

As for Mengyao and Yushu… The two didn’t even care about shark fin anymore. “What’s so good about pink strips?” was what they said.

Tang Yin was still a little too embarrassed to be walking with Lin Yi at school- her face reddened upon seeing him, prompting her to turn away as if she didn’t see him.

That movement was graceful enough to have the boys passing by look blankly at her- although, none of them dared yearn for Tang Yin anymore. Everyone knew that she was the girlfriend of the new Big Four, Lin Yi. Who’d ever think about Tang Yin when her boyfriend beat up even Zou Ruoming??

Xinwen then ran off, pulling Tang Yin with her as Lin Yi shook his head. Maybe he should get Tang Yin a phone? His own phone was broken too, and he had to get a new one…… It seemed that everything boiled down to the fact that he needed to make some money! He could still afford phones, but what if he needed bigger sums in the future? Men needed to be financially independent at the end of the day!

Lin Yi regretted giving all his earnings to the old man now- he didn’t have anywhere to spend it on anyway at the time, so what did it matter? But now… He needed money!

Kang Xiaobo was in the classroom already- he was looking a bit sulky when he saw Lin Yi. “Boss, where did you go yesterday? I spent the whole day trying to call you! I’ve something important to discuss with you.”

“Oh? Were you looking for me yesterday?” Lin Yi blinked as he remembered what happened to his phone. “My phone broke down- what’s up?”

“Next weekend’s my second grandpa’s birthday feast- he invited me, and I was thinking if I should bring Fen with me..?” Xiaobo asked after some hesitation. Lin Yi was the only one who could make a decision for him when it came to things like that.

“Bring Fen with you? To your second grandpa’s birthday feast?” Lin Yi looked at Xiaobo oddly. “You’re thinking of letting him meet Kang Zhaoming?”

“Yeah! Boss, you know how Fen hasn’t forgotten about Kang Zhaoming yet- I’ll never get anywhere with her even if she decides to be my girlfriend, not with Kang Zhaoming haunting her dreams like this!” Xiaobo said. “Fen tells me that she doesn’t think about Kang Zhaoming anymore, but I can tell from that sadness she sometimes does! She hasn’t forgotten about Kang Zhaoming yet!”

Lin Yi nodded, thinking that Xiaobo wasn’t stupid- he didn’t just blindly like Fen, he knew to pay attention. “You’re right, she wouldn’t have the split personality and illusion problems if she’d really forgotten about Kang Zhaoming. In truth, the root of all that is Kang Zhaoming- ending things with Kang Zhaoming properly would definitely heal her heart, even without treatment.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking!” Xiaobo said. “So, boss, I wanted to ask you to come together, is that okay?”

“Me? What for?” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting that. “Plus, will it even be ok for you to bring so many strangers to your second grandpa’s birthday feast?”

It was a bit of a stretch already for Xiaobo to bring Fen along- he could say that Fen was his girlfriend and it’d work out, but who was Lin Yi? Xiaobo’s classmate??

“Boss, you said it yourself- Fen’s problems all root from Kang Zhaoming! What if Fen’s not able to take it when she does meet Zhaoming, what if her illness acts up again from the stress and sadness?” Xiaobo said, worried. “And also, boss… I wanted you to give me courage as well……”

“Of course I’m okay going with you, you’re even calling me boss!” Lin Yi, naturally, wouldn’t mind, but that wasn’t the problem here. “But the thing is- will it be okay for you to bring so many people?”

“Don’t worry about that, boss!” Xiaobo said. “Second grandpa actually hosts many parties like this in a year, calling it a birthday feast is just an excuse for that! He always invites his friends to bring their sons and daughters along, too. He just mainly wants to strengthen social bonds- it’s called a birthday feast, but it’s really just a setting for people to get connections and resources! It’s okay to bring friends along, it’s just that… I never liked stuff like this, and it’s not like anyone would be interested in making my acquaintance there……”

Xiaobo was mocking himself a little- he was a son of the Kang family as well, but was always left in a corner while his cousins were surrounded by other young men and women… Xiaobo always felt left out.

But you couldn’t blame them- they were here to make connections, and those in Miracle Doctor Kang’s direct line of inheritance were the primary focus. Side relatives like Kang Xiaobo were only side characters they just gave face to- they weren’t people with asses good enough for them to be kissing.

“I see. I’ll go then.” Lin  Yi nodded- he wanted to see what kind of a person this miracle doctor was anyway- he was a potential competitor if Lin Yi went on with his partnership with Guan Xuemin.

“Boss, you wanna bring Tang Yin?” Xiaobo grinned as he suggested.

“Tang Yin, huh… I don’t think she’d like places like that?” Lin Yi guessed that Tang Yin hadn’t been to parties like that before.

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