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Chapter 287 - Go Stop Him

“What’s wrong, Yao Yao? Yushu was still oblivious to how she’d made Mengyao speechless with one sentence.

“Shu, mind your language! How can you just throw that around like that, what if a guy hears you? It’d be really embarrassing!” Mengyao said as she maintained her composure.

“Oh… I don’t see anything wrong with that. Also, there aren’t any tampons left at home! I was still thinking of getting Shield Bro to buy some!” Yushu said, not a care in the world.

“You can’t! How could you have a guy buy something so private for you??” Mengyao glared  at Yushu. “I’ll call Uncle Fu later, we’ll get him to buy us some!”

“Ugh……” Yushu blinked. “But Yao Yao, isn’t Uncle Fu a guy too……”

Yushu pitied Uncle Fu- Mengyao was always calling him an eunuch! She wondered what Uncle Fu would have to say about that.

“That’s different, Uncle Fu is an elder!” Mengyao was starting to think that she was going too far herself- it seemed like she didn’t treat Uncle Fu as a man anymore……

“Oh… Alright then.” Yushu nodded half-heartedly. “We’ll get Uncle Fu to buy them.”

“That’s more like it…… Also, what do we do about that stupid letter Zhong Pinliang’s planning on writing?? It sounds so scary- I don’t want to be having nightmares about a letter of blood tonight!” Mengyao said.

“Well, you’ll need to ask Shield Bro for this kind of stuff- get him to take care of it.” Yushu’s current philosophy was that any problem should be directed to Lin Yi.

“Okay, you message him and tell him to take care of it!” Mengyao nodded, finding herself agreeing with Yushu’s philosophy.

Lin Yi looked at the text on his phone, speechless. ‘Yao Yao wants you to stop Zhong Pinliang from writing her a letter of blood! It’s up to you now!’

He could beat Pinliang up without any problems, but… stopping him from writing a letter of blood? Wasn’t that a bit of a stretch? What excuse would he even use?? Should he perhaps tell Pinliang not to do such a thing, else he’d beat him up?

What sort of identity would he even approach him with in the first place? Lin Yi was starting to get a headache, but the Miss had given the order. He stood up and walked over to Pinliang’s desk.

Pinliang was currently holding a small blade in his hand, hesitating as it hovered it over his finger. He wasn’t afraid of the pain, but cutting his own finger was a bit too terrifying!

“Fu, come help me out- I can’t do this myself!” Pinliang handed the blade to Xiaofu.

“Okay!” Xiaofu didn’t really mind- it wasn’t his own finger that he’d be cutting anyway. “I’m gonna cut you then, endure it, Liang Bro!”

“Alright… Ugh…….” Pinliang gritted as fresh blood dripped out of his finger. There weren’t any big veins around the tips of the fingers, so the blood didn’t spill out or anything.

“Hurry and write, Liang Bro! We’ll have to cut you again if the blood dries up!” Xiaofu said.

“Oh, yes!!” Pinliang then turned his attention to the piece of paper he’d prepared and started writing on it…

He just finished writing one ‘Yao’ when Lin Yi stopped in front of him silently. Pinliang raised his head after feeling someone’s presence, blinking as he saw Lin Yi right in front of him. “What.. What are you planning to do?”

What the hell was Lin Yi doing here?? Was he here to cause trouble for him once more?!

“Oh, nothing- just curious what you’re up to.” Lin Yi looked at Pinliang’s letter of blood as he lowered his head.

“Writing a letter of blood, what else? Lin Yi, I didn’t do anything to you, okay, leave me alone.” Pinliang said, a little scared.

“Oh, not bad. I’m impressed, not bad at all!” Lin Yi said as he tapped on Pinliang’s body a bit. “I just came to see if you’re really doing it- you didn’t disappoint me!”

With that, Lin Yi turned and left, leaving a puzzled Pinliang staring at him. So the guy wasn’t here to mess him up? He even encouraged him, what the hell??

“Ah!!” Xiaofu cried out all of a sudden, scaring Pinliang as well.

Pinliang wasn’t too happy about that. “What’re you shouting for, Fu?”

“Liang Bro, your hand… Your hand……” Xiaofu’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Pinliang’s hand. “What happened to you, Liang Bro!!”

Pinliang looked down at his hand, confused… Tons of blood were spurting out of his finger, spraying and reddening the paper and table!!

“Ah!!” Pinliang cried out as well, almost fainting! He had no idea! After all, one couldn’t really tell how much blood one was losing- the only thing the bleeder could feel was the pain, and the only real way to check the blood spurting out was by looking at it directly!

There had been a famous experiment once- they’d blindfolded a guy and made a cut on his arm before bringing him to a room with the sound of water droplets dripping- the test subject was convinced that it was his own blood dripping, and died of shock right on the spot!

It was proof that it was extremely hard for a regular person to know how much blood was actually coming out of a wound without looking at it.

Pinliang was starting to panic as he stared at the red spray- where the hell was all that blood coming from?! It was like one of those water guns he played with when he was younger!! Pinliang knew for a certainty that the spray would reach very far should he lift his finger….

“Am I gonna die? Fu! Get me to the hospital!!” Writing a letter of blood was the least of his concerns at that point- he couldn’t even stand properly! “Fu, call my dad, tell him to come get me, hurry……”

The other students stared at Pinliang’s finger, shocked as well as they covered their mouths- how was this much blood coming out from a finger??

“Yao Yao, look- Pinliang’s finger turned into a water gun……” Yushu said, clearly fascinated.

Mengyao wasn’t taking this very well. “Lin Yi didn’t do that, did he?”

“Dunno. Probably. Shield Bro’s really strong, you know! He can even kill sharks, let alone Zhong Pinliangs!!” Yushu said.

One had to wonder if Pinliang would be happy if Yushu compared him with a shark- or would he be sad?

Lin Yi glanced at the panicking Pinliang from the corner of his eyes, his lips curling. He’d just pressed some of his acupuncture spots to speed up the blood circulation… There was no need to go to the hospital at all, it wasn’t even that much blood, he wouldn’t die from it or anything… He’d be back to normal if he just waited…...

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