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Chapter 280 - We're Friends!

Mengyao wasn’t as worried anymore after Uncle Fu and her father talked to her, but it was only natural that she’d still be tense.

She couldn’t sit right since she’d gotten home, worried for the soulmate she’d grown up with!! That Lin Yi, too- she wondered if he were okay? He was a bit irritating sometimes, but she still didn’t want anything bad happening to him.

She didn’t know why, but reckoned that it was because Lin Yi was more or less her employee. She didn’t want him to get into trouble.

Lin Yi and Yushu got back a while later, safe and sound. It was Liu Wangli who drove the two back- Lingshan had delegated that task to Wangli the moment they’d gotten back to the police station! She wanted to get as far away from Lin Yi as possible!

She wasn’t in a position to piss him off, but she could still hide from him! Driving that Lin Yi home as Captain Song? It wasn’t something she was very keen on doing.

It didn’t matter to Wangli- he got a big van from the police team and drove Lin Yi, Yushu, and the shark back to the villa. Truth be told, Wangli found himself quite impressed with Lin Yi- he had to be quite an extraordinary man to tame Lingshan, the female dinosaur.

“Shu!! You’re okay!!” Mengyao ran to Yushu with her arms open and engulfed her in an embrace, clearly very excited that Yushu had returned home safely.

“I’m fine, Yao Yao! I actually had a pretty nice time!” Yushu was nowhere near Mengyao’s mental state- unlike her, Yushu had just enjoyed some nice shark meat and even got to make a sand castle. It had been a pleasant Saturday.

Meanwhile, Lin Yi walked in with a shark over his shoulder and shook his head at the two girls hugging each other. Seriously? If people got this excited over falling into the sea then he probably would’ve been hugging Huaijun and his team all the time during his war days.

Mengyao only noticed Lin Yi after hugging Yushu- she managed to keep the worry she had had concealed, planning to give the guy some words of comfort when she saw the shark on Lin Yi’s shoulder. “Excuse me, Lin Yi, what’s that on your shoulder?”

“Ooh, Yao Yao, that’s the shark Shield Bro killed! He even cooked it for me, it was so good! I got him to pack the leftovers for you, let’s go roast it!” Yushu explained excitedly.

Mengyao’s heart warmed up at the gesture- her soulmate never forgot about her even when in an accident, even remembering to share the good stuff she had with her… “Thanks, Shu…….”

“Hey, I’m the one carrying the shark….” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“Yeah, thank you too…… Lin Yi……” Mengyao nodded a little embarrassedly at Lin Yi, but naturally couldn’t hug him the way she hugged Yushu. Something important came to mind all of a sudden. “Wait, shark? Shu, did you say shark??”

“Yep!!” Yushu nodded. “A big one, too! It was really good.”

“What??” Mengyao’s eyes were wide with surprise. “Lin Yi, you killed a shark?!”

“Ah……” Lin Yi smiled. “Shu and I would’ve gotten eaten if I didn’t kill it.”

Mengyao was utterly speechless as she stared at this man- so that was why he killed the shark?? What about all those other shark attack victims, why didn’t they kill their sharks as well? Why was Lin Yi acting so casual about this?

Yet Mengyao could imagine how intense and dangerous the situation must’ve been, despite Lin Yi’s casual attitude towards the whole thing.

Although that wasn’t an accurate guess- Lin Yi took out the shark pretty easily.

“Thanks for protecting Shu.” Mengyao nodded- there wasn’t much left to say.

“She’s my friend, no need to thank me for that.” Lin Yi shook his head.

Those words sunk Mengyao’s heart into emptiness- apparently Lin Yi would only save her because she was his employer…… She had wanted to thank Lin Yi for saving Yushu because it wasn’t included in his job description, but…

The guy had made it clear with one simple sentence- he protected Yushu because his relationship with her wasn’t just professional… He protected her because he was friends with her!!

If he was friends with Yushu, then….. Who was Mengyao to him? Mengyao’s heart dropped at the thought. “What about me?”

“Ah… I wouldn’t have saved An Jianwen if you weren’t, right? That guy pisses me off.” Lin Yi smiled, not expecting Mengyao’s heart to be this delicate.

Mengyao realized then that Lin Yi did look rather unwilling when she asked him for help… He’d only really saved Jianwen because she made it a personal request……. Ah… personal request… 

So that meant that they were friends……

Mengyao had slowly started to care about this guy she’d once loathed so much……

Mengyao pulled Yushu to the living room to have a chat with her- the girl was probably still in shock! She had to cheer her up.

Yet Yushu was nowhere near being in shock at all… She only described how she’d built a sand castle, how they got a fire to start, how they cooked the shark meat……

It sounded no different from a vacation, and Mengyao started to get envious, to the point where she wondered why it hadn’t been her who fell into the sea with Lin Yi. What was there to be afraid about if she’d known how capable Lin Yi was? It’d be a pretty fine vacation!

“Man, but Yao Yao- I need to tell you some bad news!” Yushu recalled the whole Song Lingshan thing.

“Bad news? What bad news??” Mengyao had been fully immersed in Yushu’s descriptions of a sun-basked beach where she got to play with some sand, and the pleasant smell of that roasted shark meat on their campfire… What an enjoyable wildlife experience!

“Lingshan isn’t Shield Bro’s woman! They’re not in a relationship at all!” Yushu said disappointedly. “I was hoping she could be a concubine we could cramp in another room, I’d get to step on her as much as I want! But now…..”

“Not Lin Yi’s woman? But…… What’s that have to do with being a concubine..?” Mengyao didn’t understand how this was bad news- it was quite pleasant news! Lin Yi hitting on women everywhere was one of her most troubling concerns!

“Come on, Yao Yao! Think about it, Uncle Chu wants Shield Bro to be his son-in-law, right?” Yushu started explaining her thought process to Mengyao. “Then you’d be Shield Bro’s main wife, and, as agreed, I’ll be Shield Bro’s small wife, his second wife! That Song Lingshan wants to get with Shield Bro too, yeah? So the only spot left for her is the concubine spot! Just imagine it, a rank lower than even my second wife position, I’d get to kick her around as I please!”



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