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Chapter 279 - Alright, Lingshan

Wangli was getting really worried- Lingshan looked like she was about to beat Lin Yi up! Both Lin Yi and Yushu were survivors that Lingshan was supposed to be consoling and rescuing, not beating up! What would their superiors say if they heard about this?

Lingshan was really pissed now- no one had ever went this far! Who did he think he was calling tigress? This wasn’t even the first time!

Ignoring all consequences, she sent a fist at Lin Yi’s back- any normal person would’ve had their breath knocked out from a punch like that.

Lin Yi smiled, but didn’t make an attempt to dodge the attack. Lingshan was still a girl, and girls threw small tantrums every once in a while- Lin Yi didn’t want to go against the principle of fighting a girl, and decided that he’d let Lingshan win a little. After all, he really did insult her with a nickname, despite it being unintentional.

Lingshan’s fist landed on Lin Yi’s back, and Wangli shut his eyes thinking that the guy was done for.

Yet something miraculous happened: Lin Yi only turned back with a smile on his face. “Alright, Lingshan- let’s go get the shark, okay?”


Did Lin Yi seriously just call her Lingshan?? Lingshan was at a loss for words- it was the first time a man had addressed her with this much familiarity! The old Lingshan would’ve exploded long ago, but now…… She really wasn’t sure what to do anymore.

She knew how she’d put all her strength into that punch- she even started regretting it after landing it, since even a golden class master would’ve had a hard time taking a hit like that, and she didn’t even know if Lin Yi was a golden class! Yet that punch seemed to have made contact with soft cotton instead of a solid back……

Lin Yi, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have felt anything in the slightest! From the way he spoke it seemed as if she’d just punched at him playfully the way a girl would! What did Lin Yi do to negate the impact of her attack??

Lingshan tensed as she stared at Lin Yi- who was this man? Why did he look completely unaffected by her punch?

Yushu and Wangli were shocked even more so!

Naturally, neither of them could tell if Lingshan had meant to damage Lin Yi in the first place… What they did know, however, was that Lin Yi didn’t seem to be hurt whatsoever from the attack, logically making Lingshan’s punch the girly, playful type that you’d see in a couple’s argument. Lin Yi’s tone and behavior after the punch solidified that!

So that meant that Lingshan really was messing around with him! After all, Wangli didn’t have good enough eyes to be able to see if Lingshan had put any strength to her attack- it was only natural that Yushu would be even less capable of doing so.

Could this man really be the legendary boyfriend of Song Lingshan?! Wangli remembered at that instant the rumor about what Lingshan had done in the hospital… Wasn’t that guy called Lin Yi as well?

Wangli couldn’t help but admire Lin Yi- he gave him another mental thumbs up. Song Lingshan was the beauty of the police force, but she was as much of a godzilla as she was a pretty flower! There weren’t a lot of men who could handle women like that- what if they got into an argument? Would he have to get hospitalized every time he got in a fight with his girlfriend?

Lin Yi had just wanted to mess with Lingshan a bit, but one look at the expressions on Wangli and Yushu’s faces and he knew that the two were taking things too far… He wasn’t planning on this type of development……

Lingshan watched as Lin Yi moved the shark towards the speedboat- she wasn’t very willing, but refrained from saying anything. This had been another lesson she’d learned from Lin Yi, and she was adapting.

That punch had also prompted Lingshan to treat Lin Yi more seriously from now on- it seemed that his capture of Heibao wasn’t by chance at all!

“Shield Bro, are you really together with Song Lingshan??” Yushu whispered curiously as she followed Lin Yi to the speedboat.

“I’m not.” Lin Yi didn’t see the need to lie to Yushu about stuff like this.

“Really, Shield Bro? There’s really nothing between the two of you?” Yushu was a bit disappointed- she’d gotten to know Lin Yi at this point, and understood that he was a forward man. He wouldn’t lie about stuff like this.

It was the same with what he’d done in the school field that other day, where he’d slapped Ruoming across the face and announced that Tang Yin was his woman.

“Really.” Lin Yi said. “Why, did you want that?”

“Man, there’s something you don’t know! My brother’s been chasing her for years, but she always ignored him! She even shamed my brother for losing to her: she said he wasn’t a real man!!” Yushu was getting a little upset. “I assumed that you’d been able to tame that horny fox, Shield Bro! I thought you showed her who’s boss!”

“........” Lin Yi’s eyes were wide open, speechless as he looked at Yushu. “Why’re you calling her a horny fox..?”

“Didn’t she do that…. with you? Back in the hospital……” As open-minded as Yushu was, even she’d get embarrassed talking about stuff like this.

“It’s not what you think……” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. “There was an injury on my leg, and she just wanted to press on it to punish me……”

“So that’s what it was……” Yushu nodded, realizing that she’d misunderstood Lingshan- she thought that the girl had grown horny all of a sudden after maturing! Although, her fear of Shield Bro still remained a fact- she wasn’t his woman, but it was clear that Shield Bro had the potential to tame the beast. Not bad, not bad. Yushu decided that this was good too.

Lin Yi and Yushu’s mumbling together at the back had all been heard by Lingshan, who was as glad as she could be that Wangli was at the front driving the boat, and that she was the only one who’d heard the conversation.

She really wanted to strangle that girl- who the hell was she calling ‘horny fox’?? She suddenly remembered that rumor about her when Yushu got to it, and recalled the odd way her colleagues had gazed at her with the next couple days after it had spread to the police station…...

Lingshan, naturally, knew what they were thinking! They were probably all wondering how a violent woman like her could do stuff like that for a man!!

She was about to turn back and explain herself before Lin Yi ruined her name when the guy explained what had happened- Lingshan hadn’t expected that.

The guy was apparently still a proper man, not taking the chance to soil her reputation even further. Yushu’s childish mentality, on the other hand, made Lingshan quite speechless- so this was her idea of revenge? Her idea of getting back at her for rejecting her brother??

Lingshan shook her head. She acknowledged Lin Yi’s formidable strength, but believed herself to be superior in fair, direct hand-to-hand combat.

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