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Chapter 281 - Secret Within the Shark

“..........” Mengyao looked at Yushu weirdly. “Will you please stop dragging me into your love affairs? If you like Lin Yi just say so, okay, stop throwing me in there.”

Mengyao finally understood what the hell this girl was talking about, but why did Yushu have to involve her all the time?

“That’s not it, Yao Yao! Didn’t we agree that I’d marry the guy you marry? So that we get to be sisters forever, right!” Yushu said seriously.

“Is that so? So you’ll marry the same guy even if it’s Zhong Pinliang, right?” Mengyao eyed Yushu. Did Yushu think she wouldn’t be able to tell? They were soulmates for a reason. They lived together, ate together, grew up together! They knew each other too well!

“Ugh……” Yushu’s face froze, not expecting a question like that from Mengyao. She wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that as her face flushed.

“Hm? What’s the matter?” Mengyao shot a glare at Yushu. “Are you sure you wanna marry Lin Yi because we’d get to be together, and not because you wanna marry Lin Yi??”

“Yao Yao……” Yushu tugged at Mengyao’s arm as she fidgeted. “Of course it’s for us to be together, okay……”

“Is that so.” Mengyao hmphed, not taking her eyes off of Yushu.

Yushu’s face reddened as the guilt built up. “O-Okay! Fine! I mean, who’d wanna marry someone as distasteful as Zhong Pinliang?! Anyone would wanna marry someone they didn’t dislike, right?”

“Being honest now, are we? So you don’t dislike Lin Yi, I see?” Mengyao asked.

“Nah, I just think he’s okay.” Yushu explained.

“Liar.” Mengyao flicked at Yushu’s forehead softly. “Don’t you worry, I won’t marry him! You can go get with him if you want!”

“Oh…….” Yushu didn’t really mind- she knew Mengyao didn’t mean that! This was just how Mengyao was.

Lin Yi was cleaning up the shark in the kitchen, thinking that Mengyao wouldn’t be too impressed by it since shark meat wasn’t that tasty. He did bring the whole thing back already, however- it wouldn’t make sense to not cook it for her now. She’d definitely want to at least try it.

Lin Yi had only done some basic cleaning at the beach, only cutting off some sections from the tail area to fill their bellies.

He’d only now acknowledged the shark’s size after cutting it up from the middle.

A loud, metal clang sounded- the knife Lin Yi was using seemed to have hit a piece of metal?

He remembered what he’d heard about people who hunted sharks- they’d find all sorts of treasure in shark bellies, mostly eaten by the shark along with a person. Treasures couldn’t be digested, so they continued to exist inside the shark.

Did he perhaps hit the jackpot?

Lin Yi quickly pried open the shark and took out what was inside the belly, although it wasn’t anything like a ring or pearl- it was big. Very shockingly big, and even Lin Yi was shocked as he pulled out the item.

It was an apparatus, seemingly something used to control a motor… There was even a huge airbag in there! This looked like a sort of balancing system, but everything was rusted- it had been in the shark for a long time!

This shark was an animal that had been trained and modified!! If Lin Yi was correct, then the motor-like apparatus and the balancing system were to control the shark’s movement and speed- the airbag would be something to control the shark’s submersion in the sea!

So that was why the shark was so light even when Lin Yi was carrying Yushu- he might as well have been carrying a big inflatable shark!

Who was the one who modified the shark, and for what purpose?

The controller in the shark had evidently lost its function- he wouldn’t have encountered the shark in the first place otherwise.

Lin Yi took out the system for a closer look- it wasn’t a high-tech piece of system. It wasn’t anything difficult for the current technology to produce.

The question here was this- what was the shark for? Lin Yi didn’t want to think about anything unrelated to him too much, and was about to throw it aside when he spotted a small door at the bottom of the controller!

He tugged at it- the door was locked. There was a small keyhole in it, and Lin YI got himself a toothpick from the kitchen after realizing that it wasn’t a complicated lock. He picked at the keyhole and got it to open.

A small box sealed in plastic fell out, and Lin Yi picked it up.

It wasn’t anything impressive, but it was very tightly sealed. It looked like one of those lunchboxes everyone bought nowadays, except it was made of metal.

Lin Yi tore the plastic off, and waited for a signal from the jade. He only pried it open when no warning came.

Lin Yi, naturally, had to be cautious- there was no telling what the contents would be, so what would he have done if it were a bomb? It’d be pretty shitty for him to just die like that.

“Hm?” Lin Yi took out what was inside the box after pausing a little- it was a sheepskin. To be precise, a map made from sheepskin, a remnant of a map. Lin Yi couldn’t tell how big the original was supposed to be.

The writing on that map wasn’t in a language Lin Yi had seen before- he knew a little of almost all the world’s languages, and had an idea what language it was even if it wasn’t one he knew.

Yet the language on the map didn’t belong to any country- Lin Yi took into consideration, however,  that it might be the language of a small country’s, or a tribe’s. It might’ve even been from a lost civilization.

What Lin Yi was leaning towards, however, was that this language might actually be a code! Only those who knew the code could understand the writing.

Lin Yi pretty much understood the situation at that point- this shark was transportation for the map! Something happened during the transportation, and the controller lost control of the shark, failing to have the map delivered.

It’d probably be something insanely unlikely for one to bump into this very shark in the ocean- Lin Yi got lucky.

He didn’t know what the map was for, but put it into his pocket all the same. He’d take a closer look when he had time. The controller wasn’t of much value to Lin Yi, and he just tossed it to a corner in the kitchen.

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