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Chapter 278 - Shield Bro Is So Badass

Lingshan had planned to give Yushu some words of comfort- she wasn’t on good terms with Yushu’s brother, but that was her personal life. She had to console and stabilize the victim as a police officer, after all.

But one look at that sand castle and Lingshan kept her mouth shut- apparently, words of comfort had no place here….... Yushu’s first words towards her only made Lingshan even more speechless.

“Why’d you come so fast, Lingshan Sis! My castle isn’t done yet……” Yushu’s eyes were on the sand castle she was cruelly leaving behind as she walked over very unwillingly.

Lingshan almost made a retort to that- one look at those eyes of Yushu’s and Lingshan knew that she was doing this on purpose!! The girl had never liked her ever since she was a child, and wasn’t that just because she’d rejected her brother?

So she couldn’t even say no to a guy she didn’t like? Lingshan couldn’t quite understand what little girls were thinking these days- couldn’t she get a boyfriend that wasn’t Yushu’s brother?

On top of that, there was also the fact that her brother was weaker than her! Why would Lingshan get a boyfriend who was weaker than her? Was she going to have to protect him in the future if they got into trouble??

“Give me your phone!” Lingshan was in the middle of getting pissed off when Lin Yi asked her for her phone.

“Huh?? Why?” Lingshan paused, but still handed her phone to Lin Yi. She subconsciously assumed that Lin Yi had a phone call to make, since his own phone was probably out of battery already.

Yet Lin Yi never went to the dialing pad- he opened up the camera and walked over to Yushu’s sand castle, making sure to get every angle as he circled it.

“Oooh, nice, Shield Bro! That’ll be a really nice memory!” Yushu said excitedly as she ran over to her castle. “Shield Bro, get a pic of me and my castle!”

“Why… are you taking pictures of the sand castle?” Never would Lingshan have expected for Lin Yi to use her phone for something like this- she was really getting pissed off now. “Lin Yi! Are you for real?”

“Remember to email them to me when you get home. Texting them to me is fine too.” Lin Yi handed her phone back without answering the question.

“Don’t have the time!!” Lingshan couldn’t believe it- not only did this guy fill her phone with sandcastles, he even wanted her to send them to him! Who did he think she was? Song Lingshan had always had a powerful image, a proud princess no matter whom she was facing!! There was that tension between Yushu and her, too, because of the whole thing with her brother Yutian! How could Lingshan just send these pictures to her, she’d be throwing her pride away!

“No time? Okay then, remember to ask if I have the time next time you call me for help.” Lin Yi shrugged casually.

Lingshan gritted her teeth and stomped violently in the sand before forcing a few words out. “Fine, I’ll send them!!”

“Ha…..” Lin Yi smiled, knowing that the tigress would submit.

Yushu, on the other hand, had wide open eyes as she stared at Lin Yi and Lingshan in disbelief. She’d asked Lin Yi to take a picture of her and her castle really to just piss Lingshan off a little- she wasn’t expecting someone with a temper like Lingshan’s to send the pictures to her at all! She’d most likely say she’d deleted them if Yushu did end up asking her for them afterwards!

Lingshan’s ‘Don’t have the time’ was also within Yushu’s expectations as well- she felt proud enough that Lin Yi had managed to get Lingshan’s phone and fill it with pictures of her sand castle already. 

After all, none of the guys around Song Lingshan would dare use her phone for something stupid like that!

Even Chen Yutian, the big-shot of Songshan City, wouldn’t do something like that- in a sense, Lin Yi was extremely badass. Lingshan only saying she didn’t have time without any scolding or pummeling already gave Lin Yi plenty of face!

Yushu was right about to call Lin Yi badass when something else happened- Lingshan actually agreed to send the pictures!! All it took was one sentence from Lin Yi!!

“Shield Bro, you’re so badass!!” Yushu really wanted to jump on Lin Yi and give him a kiss- all her pent up frustration at Lingshan growing up had been finally released! She didn’t think any man could handle Lingshan anymore, but here was Shield Bro, easily taking care of her!

Could the rumors about that thing Lingshan did for Lin Yi in the hospital actually be true..? It had to be!! Yes, it was very possible- why else would Lingshan be this good a girl in front of Lin Yi?

Man, bro… looks like you’ll have to give up… You can’t handle Lingshan anyway, might as well give her to Shield Bro. Yes, that seemed appropriate- if Uncle Chu really was looking for a son-in-law then Yao Yao would be Shield Bro’s first wife, Yushu the second, and Song Lingshan a small concubine who wouldn’t even be allowed to share a room with Shield Bro!!

Lingshan at that moment was very pissed off- she obviously knew how excited and happy Yushu was, but there simply wasn’t anything she could do about it! She might very well still need Lin Yi’s services whenever she got stuck on a case, and she couldn’t really piss the guy off if she wanted that help! She’d have to endure it.

“Yo, tigress, come help me move this shark.” Lin Yi instructed quite casually.

“T-Tigress…?” Lingshan thought something had gone wrong with her ears- was someone actually daring enough to be calling her a tigress??

“Wha-?!!” Yushu was shocked as well. Shield Bro, you’re too much…….

Liu Wangli tried his best to contain his laughter, but couldn’t help but give a big thumbs up to Lin Yi internally. He didn’t know what Lin Yi’s relationship with Lingshan was, but he’d taken her phone, snapped some pics of some random sand castle, and even called her ‘tigress’!

“What was that, Lin Yi?!” Lingshan reached at Lin Yi, no longer able to contain her rage. She wanted to teach this jerk a lesson, who did he think he was, stepping on her like this?! Did he really think she wouldn’t be able to solve cases without him? Did he pride himself this much over some capability?!

She was the combat champion of the police department, who was Lin Yi to just bully her like this?!

“Captain Song, Captain Song! Calm down..!!” Wangli jumped up in shock- he knew exactly how strong Lingshan was, not even trained officers could take her down, let alone some normal guy! 

It was also the real reason why Lingshan’s men respected her so much- after all, what kind of soldier would follow a general who had no presence?

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