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Chapter 277 - They're Actually Alive

“Just do the search and you’ll see.” Huaijun said with a smile. “Alright, Song- I’m gonna get back to the meeting. I’ll call you later.”

“Oh, okay…..” Lingshan didn’t know what the captain was getting at, but he’d given the orders.

She had the coast police pull back first before she borrowed a speedboat from Wangli’s men. They started moving along the coasts.

“Captain Song… The corpses wouldn’t have drifted to shore this fast, right..?” Wangli didn’t understand what they were doing.

“It’s Captain Yang’s orders! Just keep your eyes open and search!” Lingshan didn’t understand what Huaijun was thinking herself, and thus couldn’t explain it. One thing she knew for sure, however, was that Yang Huaijun was the one she most looked up to- she’d always carry out orders coming from him.

Wangli shut up immediately upon hearing that it was the old captain’s orders- much like Lingshan, Wangli looked up to Huaijun a lot. There had to be sense in what they were doing if it was Huaijun’s orders.

Yushu was playing with some sand with her butt on the ground as she built a sand castle. She dug a trench after setting the castle up, enjoying her time.

Lin Yi looked at the occupied Yushu, a smile on his face- Yushu sure was carefree.

He turned to the phone he’d put on the sand, picking it up and inserting the battery. He pressed on the power button and the phone turned on- his friend wasn’t wrong.

Lin Yi dialed up Huaijun’s number right away, but his phone was off. He hesitated before typing in Lingshan’s number.

Lingshan’s ringtone filled the air, and she pulled it out only to stare at it with wide open eyes- it was Lin Yi’s number!! 

She was expecting it to be Director Chen- how could Lin Yi be calling her if he was dead? Hadn’t he drowned?

Wangli didn’t understand why Lingshan wasn’t picking up the ringing phone. “What’s wrong, Captain Song? Why aren’t you picking that up?”

“Oh… It’s nothing.” Lingshan blinked herself back into reality and quickly picked the phone up. She was a cop, and didn’t believe in ghosts at all. “Hello? Lin Yi?”

Lin Yi was a little impatient as he waited for Lingshan to pick up- what the hell was this tigress doing, he didn’t know how long his phone would last!

“Song Lingshan, hurry and have someone pinpoint my phone’s location and tell Uncle Fu to come pick us up! I’ll talk later!” With that, Lin Yi hung the phone up- he didn’t know that Lingshan was already on the search, and assumed that she’d have plenty of questions to fire at him. He wanted to refrain from using his phone as much as possible- who knew when it’d shut down all of a sudden?

There was a GPS installed in his phone, and Lin Yi had no guarantee that the phone would last.

“He’s… alive?” Lingshan stared at her phone in disbelief- it really was Lin Yi! Lingshan was now sure that the guy was still alive, but she didn’t know where he was.

“Alive?” Wangli blinked. What was the captain talking about?

“Liu Wangli, you contact the tech department and have them pinpoint 152xxxx1234’s number!” Lingshan said to Wangli.

“Understood!” Wangli didn’t receive an answer to his question, but that wasn’t important. He had orders to carry out.

It wasn’t long before they got Lin Yi’s coordinates. Lingshan typed them in and realized to her surprise that Lin Yi was two kilometers behind her on a coast!

Huaijun was right! Lingshan finally understood what the captain meant- he’d been sure the whole time that Lin Yi had survived, that he’d be on land!

Lingshan frowned- it seemed that this Lin Yi kid really was quite something! She didn’t want to admit it, but Lin Yi had clearly proven himself. It seemed that Lin Yi really was a bit stronger than her… but just by a bit! Obviously, Lingshan wouldn’t lose to him in terms of combative ability!

Lingshan couldn’t wait- she called Lin Yi’s phone right after getting his coordinates, looking to confirm Yushu’s safety.

Yet the call got cut off after she rang Lin Yi- she called again to find out that he’d turned his phone off.

Lingshan was both helpless and frustrated- the guy didn’t want to answer her call! Yet she also understood that Lin Yi’s phone might be low on battery, as the guy wouldn’t have rushed the call from earlier like that if that weren’t the case. 

Lingshan’s guess wasn’t far off, but Lin Yi’s phone wasn’t out of battery at all- it was completely broken. He was just about to pick the phone up when he realized that the screen was frozen. The only way to restart it was by pulling the battery out, but he wasn’t able to get it turned on again.

Did this Song Lingshan even check his coordinates like he’d told her to? Lin Yi smiled bitterly, hoping that the tigress wasn’t completely brainless.

Lin Yi had chosen to contact Huaijun and Lingshan directly precisely because of how dangerously close his phone was getting to breaking down- Uncle Fu would still have to get into contact with the police before he could get the coordinates, and Lin Yi wasn’t sure if his phone would last throughout that whole cycle. It’d be much simpler and straightforward to have Lingshan help him.

He spotted a speedboat heading their way, realizing that Lingshan wasn’t a complete tigress after all.

“Shu, someone’s here to pick us up. We’re going home.” Lin Yi called out to Yushu, still busy with her sand castle.

Lin Yi was never actually worried- even if his phone was dead he knew that it’d only delay their rescue, since Huaijun would’ve known for a fact that both he and Yushu would be safe.

“But Shield Bro, I didn’t finish the castle yet!” Yushu complained, a little unwilling to let her fortress go to waste.

“Ah, I’ll help you take a picture with their phone for a memento.” Lin Yi said with a laugh.

“Alright then.” Yushu stood up and patted at her clothes. The sun had dried her salty and wet clothing long ago, but it still felt pretty sticky and uncomfortable.

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