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Chapter 269 - Jumping Down Together

Ma had planned on faking a phone call and reject Mengyao’s request, but a thought came to mind after hearing what Yushu suggested.

This Lin Yi person seemed to be one of the people causing the boss trouble… Getting him killed here wouldn’t be for nothing. At that thought, Ma dialed Yuchu up. He didn’t dare make the decision on his own.

“Yuchu, the situation’s changed!” Ma said with a lowered voice.

“Oh? What’s wrong?” Yuchu’s heart tightened. Was the plan unsuccessful once more?

“Chu Mengyao’s ready to jump, with the gear equipped and everything, but… She’s too scared to jump now…..” Ma said.

“Too scared?” Yuchu frowned. “If that’s the case then don’t push it- don’t lose everything over something small!”

“That’s not it, Yuchu Bro… The problem here, that Chen Yushu’s getting ready to jump using the rope we’ve tampered with……” Ma hadn’t finished when Yuchu interrupted him.

“We’d better not lay a finger on that Chen Yushu- she’s too much!” Yuchu didn’t know Yushu’s background, but he did know that she was from a family even the person behind Cihua Bro was wary of. This was not something he should be meddling with.

“She wants to jump with that Lin Yi… I think this is a good chance……” Ma said.

“With Lin Yi? Wait a moment…..” Yuchu decided that he’d discuss this with Maosheng- it wasn’t something he could decide himself. He repeated what Ma had said to Maosheng.

Maosheng hesitated as he thought about it. Gritting his teeth, he spoke up all of a sudden. “We’ll do it!! Tell him to carry the plan out- Chen Yushu dying will be trouble, but it’s an accident in Chu Pengzhan’s theme park. With how close House Chu and House Chen are they shouldn’t be too hung up over it, at most they’ll throw out a scapegoat for the whole thing! But with Lin Yi dead it’ll be way easier to get Chu Mengyao next time!”

Yuchu nodded before relaying the confirmation to Ma. With the OK from his two bosses, Ma then guided her and tied her up with Lin Yi……

“Fuu… finally. But Shield Bro, they’ve made it so tight, it’s hard to breathe!” Yushu said with a deep breath.

“Lin Yi, on the other hand, gulped as he felt the softness of Yushu’s breasts, his body reacting the way any eighteen-year-old teenager would… He’d been through life-threatening situations, but getting tied up with a young girl like this would affect any man……

Especially when said girl was a beautiful, curvy one…… And it wasn’t like Lin Yi had no feelings at all towards her, too- it was only normal that he’d have a reaction to that.

Lin Yi was about to explain himself awkwardly when Yushu spoke up. “Hm? What’s that, Shield Bro, something’s poking me?”

“Ugh…….” Lin Yi paused as he looked at that innocent face in front of him… He couldn’t really explain it now……

“What’s wrong?” Yushu didn’t know what was up with Lin Yi, but a sudden realization came up the next moment….. Yushu was no little girl, after all, and she’d learned about stuff like this in health class… She blushed as she understood the source, fidgeting her body around awkwardly as she whispered a threat. “Shield Bro, are you perhaps thinking of something unhealthy?”

Yushu twisting her body like that only worsened things- Lin Yi’s reaction only intensified! What Yushu said was another fuse, too! Was that supposed to be a threat? It sounded more playful than she’d probably intended it to be……

But Lin Yi was not one with a weak mind- he regained his composure the next moment. He knew that this was just how Yuchu spoke, she wasn’t seducing him or anything. There was his Miss right there looking at them, too- getting intimate with her soulmate would just be a death wish.

He glanced at Mengyao- she didn’t look happy at all!! He quickly turned his head away innocently, but there wasn’t much he could so about his waist… It was gear meant for one person, it’d obviously be more cramped with two in it…

He remembered that he was on duty, and Lin Yi forced himself to calm down. The reaction down there gradually regained its softened state, as well.

He was on a mission! Lin Yi understood that! After all, real feelings for the employer was the biggest taboo in the profession! 

He remembered that time with Yi……

The thought put Lin Yi in a solemn mood, and his heart no longer thumped like it had with his body pressed against Yushu’s……

This was his last mission- he wanted to finish it cleanly and beautifully. He’d be a free man then, no longer bound by his profession and its restrictions.

“Are you ready?” Ma had no time to be watching Lin Yi get intimate with Yushu- he had to get the two of them dead!

“Yeah, can we jump now?” Yushu wasn’t that afraid anymore with Lin Yi in front of her. She reached out and grabbed Lin Yi’s arm as she looked down. “Shield Bro, you gotta hug me later, okay? But remember, you can’t take advantage of me!”

“Ah…. Okay.” Lin Yi nodded- He wouldn’t have done anything even without Yushu telling her, the jade was sending another signal! This rope was definitely tampered with.

Why wasn’t Uncle Fu here yet? Lin Yi didn’t want to alert the enemy, but jumping off knowing that the rope would break off was nothing fun! It might give Chu Pengzhan an excuse to carry out rectifications in the company, but dropping into the sea wouldn’t feel good at all.

Ma, on the other hand, didn’t think that Lin Yi and Yushu would survive at all should they jump down- the two were bound and tied, it was certain death in those currents without backup.

“Alright, ready to go?” Ma said. “I’ll count to three, and you two jump down together……”

“Wait.” Lin Yi interrupted Ma with a gesture.

“Is there anything else……” Ma frowned, pissed.

Lin Yi didn’t pay him any attention. He walked over to Mengyao with Yushu.

Mengyao didn’t know what Lin Yi was walking over for, but she saw what the guy had done with Shu earlier! The gangster!! 

Mengyao wasn’t pleased at all- this pervert wasn’t satisfied with just messing around with girls outside, now he wanted to have a taste of her soulmate too! Mengyao couldn’t take it anymore, she’d really have given him a scolding if they weren’t in a public place.

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