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Chapter 268 - Chickening Out

Ma had been troubled that there was nothing to pin the blame on- he jumped at the opportunity Lin Yi gave him.

“I’m just taking a look, what’re you getting so worked up for?” Lin Yi smiled faintly before putting the rope back. Uncle Fu told him not to alert the enemy, so he had no reason to confront Ma here.

But the longer Mengyao dragged things on the more time Uncle Fu would have to arrive. Lin Yi hoped Mengyao would rest longer.

“Are you ready now?” Ma was starting to worry. “Miss, there’s a schedule and time limit here… There are people lining up behind you, right? We have a lot of cableways, but what if it gets packed later?”

“I… I’ll try again then……” Like any other first time jumper, Mengyao’s heart rate increased as she thought of what was about to happen. She stood back up again as Ma encouraged her.

“It’s really nothing, just close your eyes and it’ll be over……” Heh, just close your eyes and you’ll be dead soon!

“Okay……” Mengyao nodded as if she’d set her mind on seeing this through. She walked up to the edge and looked down- she started getting dizzy at the sight. She shut her eyes, but opened them again to find the fear growing. She couldn’t look down anymore. “I can’t, I’m still scared, I need… I need some time……”

“I…….” Ma didn’t know what to do anymore- he wanted to kick this troublemaker off! Yet this wasn’t something he could just do in public with other people watching… They might even blame the rope breaking on how rough he was being.

Ma was no idiot- why would he ever do something like that with so many people looking? Lin Yi and Yushu were right there as well!

“Miss, aren’t you just making other people wait?” Ma wasn’t too happy.

“Shu, maybe you go first? I… I really need some time to prepare!” Mengyao said as she walked back to the bench to sit down on.

“Oh? Me first? Yao Yao, you’re giving me the first time?!” Yushu blinked excitedly.

“The bungee jumping… Don’t think too much….” Mengyao said, speechless.

“Bungee jumping, yeah.” Yushu nodded. “Well I’ll go first then! Hey, pufferface, put the gear on me! I’ll go first.”

‘Pufferface’? Ma wanted to cry- this woman was the one who’d given him this pufferface, how could she just call him that? This was bullying!

“Uh… that’d be a lot of trouble… It’s all set up already……” Ma didn’t want to give Yushu the rope- his target was Mengyao! Yushu dying like that would only make their objective harder to achieve….

“Jeez, you’re a lot of trouble! Give it here, I’ll do it myself if you’re lazy!” Yushu said with a wave of her hand. “Those who work hard have good lives!”

“Maybe you can go to another cableway?” Ma said, trying to stop Yushu.

“Other cableways? There’s other people lining up there, can’t you see! It’s obviously faster if we just switch the rope!” Yushu wasn’t planning on listening to Ma at all.

“I… I’ll ask my superior first… I just work here, I’m not allowed to break the rules, you know that! I don’t wanna get yelled at!” Without much choice left, Ma played the subordination card.

“Alright, alright, go ask your superior then!” Yushu was getting impatient, but she had no reason to cause an employee trouble. 

“Alright, I’ll do that right now…” Ma walked to a corner as he pulled his phone out.

“Shield Bro, I’m actually getting scared too… Maybe we can jump together?” Yushu said after one look at the bottom- it really was quite scary, and she wasn’t sure that she wouldn’t chicken out the way Mengyao had done.

“Jump together?” Lin Yi paused, glad. He wasn’t glad because he’d get to have physical contact with Yushu, but because he was worried for Yushu jumping down by herself!

He’d been thinking of how he could delay Yushu’s jump after she’d switched places with Mengyao, or even give up jumping completely. The jade had signalled him a couple times already, too- they were weak signals, but the danger was there. There was definitely something wrong with the bungee jumping.

A weak signal meant it was slightly dangerous, but that was only for him- the same couldn’t be said for Yushu, and Lin Yi didn’t want her jumping off herself. He was just getting worried when Yushu suggested jumping off together.

“Yeah, we get tied with the same rope and jump down together, then I won’t be scared, alright, Shield Bro?” Yushu was braver than Mengyao, but she was still a girl… Who wouldn’t be scared of jumping down from a height like this? It was even her first time, any normal person would be scared.

Yushu thought that only a tigress like that Song Lingshan would be completely unaffected… She didn’t find it embarrassing at all because of that.

“No!” Mengyao frowned after hearing Yushu’s suggestion. “Shu, wouldn’t you be letting him feel you up if you jumped down tied up with him?”

“Ah? Feel me up..?” Yushu hadn’t thought about that, but found it to be nothing important. “He’s done it before right, it’s not a big deal if he does it again… Yao Yao, I really can’t go down on my own! Maybe you can jump down with Shield Bro first?”

“Fine, you do it then!” Mengyao hmphed. What was this girl thinking, was she out of her mind? How was getting molested again not a big deal? Maybe she should get felt up a couple more times and get used to it?

Yet Mengyao felt a tinge of regret after saying those words- she was actually looking forward to jumping down with Lin Yi… She probably wouldn’t be scared with him by her side, would she..?

She recalled how safe and protected she felt when Lin Yi was there for her during the bank robbery……

“Shield Bro, remember not to touch anywhere weird!” Yushu said with a grin after turning to Lin Yi, not rejecting Mengyao’s offer.

Lin Yi didn’t know what to say to that- why did this girl sound like she was welcoming that development? She didn’t want him touching her, but that look on her face made it seem that she wanted him to..? Lin Yi suddenly recalled a joke about a shameless man…...



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