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Chapter 270 - Trouble

Lin Yi walked over and lowered his head, positioning his lips to Mengyao’s ear……

“W-What’re you doing?!” Mengyao panicked at how intimate Lin Yi was acting- the way he breathed in her ear gave her a peculiar sensation, too.

Mengyao moved her head to the side subconsciously, feeling quite troubled- was the jerk still not satisfied after toying with her soulmate?

“Uncle Fu’s gonna be here soon, so don’t panic if anything happens to me and Shu later. Stay here and don’t move. Wait for Uncle Fu.” Lin Yi said quickly, not answering Mengyao’s question.

“Huh?” Mengyao blinked. She was just about to ask Lin Yi what was going on when he started walking to the edge with Yushu again after giving her a smile.

Pengzhan wanted Lin Yi to improvise because he didn’t want to be going to war with Jin Gubang officially- his plans were still incomplete, and Gubang was quite a force in the company… Breaking with Jin Gubang openly wouldn’t end well.

Yet never would Pengzhan have imagined that these people were after Mengyao’s life! He’d never have let Lin Yi jump off if he knew their intentions, even if that meant breaking with Jin Gubang.

Yet Lin Yi didn’t really care- they weren’t gonna die from jumping down anyway. This could actually turn out to be leverage for Pengzhan to utilize at the company. An accident like this was a pretty big deal.

They could say that it was just an accident, but it could also be said that Jin Gubang had the responsibility to pay as the overseeing manager of the theme park. He wouldn’t be getting off easy.

“We’re ready.” Lin Yi said to Ma.

“Alright, I’ll count to three. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon- you can close your eyes at the beginning.” Ma was being quite ‘professional’ with his instructions.

Lin Yi nodded. Bungee jumping had no thrill value to him anymore… There were oftentimes situations during missions where he had to jump off cliffs and into the ocean, and Lin Yi had long since gotten used to it.

Yushu, on the other hand, was a little spooked- Lin Yi could feel her breathing getting ragged as a layer of sweat formed on her face from the fear…

“One, two, three!” Afraid that Yushu would have second thoughts, Ma decided to just straight up push the two down.

Lin Yi had wanted to drag on a little while for Uncle Fu to get here, but he didn’t expect this Ma to be so rushed- did his employer really want them dead this much?

Ma only pushed Yushu, so Lin Yi could very well have stabilized the two of them if he wanted to. It’d open up conflict with Ma, however, so Lin Yi decided to just fall off with the momentum.

They were in public, and Lin Yi couldn’t kill the guy off directly even if he wanted to. Breaking with Ma here would only alert the people behind him that he was on to them.

Lin Yi didn’t know the specifics of this mission, but Pengzhan was his primary employer- he had a responsibility to him, and going along with his plans was a priority.

“AH-!!!” Yushu shrieked as her hands wrapped around Lin Yi involuntarily, completely forgetting about how the bungee jumping signs said that one should spread their arms open when falling…

“Shu… you’re strangling me…..” Lin Yi said, hurting from Yushu’s arms around his neck.

“Ahhh!!! Shield Bro, I’m so scared!!!” Yushu screamed as she plummeted with Lin Yi. They reached the lowest point before bouncing back up.

“It’s okay, you can open your eyes now.” Lin Yi said as he calculated when the rope would snap- Ma was most likely planning to have the two of them fall into the sea.

Lin Yi had wanted to find a place to land on the wall of the cliff, but it was regrettably too slippery. The design was to reduce the chances of jumpers hurting themselves should they crash into the walls, after all.

Mengyao stared blankly at the empty edge the two had jumped off from, Lin Yi’s words still fresh in her mind…

‘“Uncle Fu’s gonna be here soon, so don’t panic if anything happens to me and Shu later. Stay here and don’t move. Wait for Uncle Fu.”’

What did he mean? Would something happen to them? Did Lin Yi find out about something? Or was it meant to scare her, as a prank? Mengyao was getting confused when she heard someone call out.

“The rope snapped!!”

“Shit, shit!!”

“They’re in the water!!”

Mengyao jumped- she was just about to ask when people started squeezing in her direction for a better look. Mengyao got up quickly and looked where everyone else was looking…

The rope had snapped, dangling in midair with Yushu and Lin Yi nowhere to be seen! Mengyao’s mind went completely blank that instant!

Lin Yi and Yushu, just like that..?!!

“Shu!!! Lin Yi!!!” Mengyao tried to force her way past the crowd as she yelled the names at the top of her lungs.

“Young lady, were those your friends?” A mother asked as she looked at Mengyao compassionately. “I’m sorry… I heard that their heads never even surfaced after falling in… The sea swept them away……”

Mengyao felt all her strength drained away in that instant… She only stared at the raging sea below her, her eyes empty…..

“What the hell’s with this park? Where’s the rescue team, are they just gonna let them disappear? Who the hell’s gonna come bungee jumping anymore?”

“I know, I’m so glad I didn’t jump yet!”

None of these people bothered to jump down after Yushu and Lin Yi, but that wasn’t because they were cold… It was because they’d die long before they got to save anyone.

Mengyao then remembered the things Lin Yi had said to her before jumping with Yushu, the things that didn’t make sense then… Had Lin Yi realized something?

Why else would he ask her not to panic should something happen to Yushu and him?

That jerk!! Did he jump down knowing an accident would happen?! He even dragged Yushu down with him!!


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