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Chapter 267 - Sudden Change of Situation

Bungee jumping was an activity that saw a boom in popularity in recent years- the bungee jumper would stand around forty meters high, either on a bridge, tower, skyscraper, cable car, or even a hot-air balloon. They’d be latched onto a long rubber rope before spreading their arms to jump down head first.

The rubber was very long, and it allowed for a couple seconds of freefall before it tightened and stopped the person from falling any farther. It would then bounce the person back up after reaching the lowest possible point before letting them fall back down again. The person would then bounce up and down a couple more times before the process ended.

Lin Yi went to get three tickets, and Ma ran up in front of them as an employee, thinking that Lin Yi didn’t know who he was.

“Hm? Yao Yao, what’s with his face? It’s all puffed up!” Yushu asked Mengyao as she inspected Ma’s face.

“I dunno, maybe he got pinched by someone. Why do you care, Shu?” Mengyao’s heart was thumping as she imagined the bungee jumping that would take place soon.

She wasn’t as brave as Yushu- she’d only wanted to cleanse the bad feelings within her when she decided to go bungee jumping, but she was now moments away from jumping down forty meters!

“Oh……” Yushu continued looking at Ma. “Your face, it’s really weird!”

Ma was pissed. What the fuck, you’re the one who did it! Weird?! Ma tried to maintain the smile on his face. “Haha, I was born with this face! Alright, the three of you will need to sign an agreement and have your weight and blood pressure measured!”

There was an agreement the participants had to sign- it included some statements asking the participants about heart and sight problems, for example. Any accidents caused as a result of hiding conditions like that would not be the theme park’s responsibility.

After that was the insurance- the fees had been included in the ticket already.

Ma was there to have Mengyao killed in the first place- he didn’t try very hard at all as he measured the blood pressure and body weight. He waved a hand.

“Alright, we’re good. Who’s going first?” Ma asked after sorting the documents out.

“Yao Yao first! The first time’s for you!!” Yushu said with a big smile on her face. “We agreed, right!”

“No we did not!” Mengyao glared before speaking faintly. “Alright, I’ll go first.”

What they did agree on, however, wasn’t the order they’d go bungee jumping in… It was about them marrying the same man. Mengyao would, as the sister, naturally have the first night after their wedding day……

This sort of thing was fine when they talked about it as kids, but it was only natural that Mengyao would get embarrassed about it now…

Ma was overjoyed upon hearing Mengyao’s words. Her going first made things much easier. “Come with me!”

Mengyao walked in front of Yushu while Lin Yi walked behind the both of them, wondering if he should expose Ma now.

He didn’t know how things were with Chu Pengzhan’s side that moment, and he didn’t want to alert the enemy. He called Li Fu to see what he had to say.

“Uncle Fu, I’m Lin Yi. We’re at the theme park, and someone’s plotting against Miss Chu. Do I expose him, or……” Lin Yi asked quietly.

“Wait a moment, I’ll consult with Mister Chu.” Li Fu then got off the phone for a bit before getting back on. “Mister Lin, I’ve talked with Mister Chu. He says that it’d be best for you to hold back for the moment- he’s planning a plot and alerting the enemy would not be in our best interests.”

“Understood. I’ll see what I can do then.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Of course, this is all taking into consideration that Yao Yao’s the first priority. Please do not hesitate to remove any immediate threat to her safety!” Li Fu added.

“Of course. I’ll protect Yao Yao and Shu. But Li Fu, it’d be best for you to come to the theme park if you have time. I want to follow the enemy and see who’s behind this later.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, I’ll get there now- should be around twenty minutes if I hurry. Where in the theme park are you?” Li Fu asked.

“Bungee jumping section.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, be right there.” Li Fu said before hanging up.

Lin Yi then caught up with the girls, acting as if he’d just gotten off the phone with a friend. Someone of Ma’s caliber would never suspect anything.

As far as he could tell, Lin Yi didn’t even know that he was the faceless void from the haunted house.

Lin Yi walked up to see Mengyao putting on the gear and rope under Ma’s instruction.

He frowned at that- he wanted to stop him, but Li Fu’s words made him hesitate. Pengzhan didn't want him to alert the enemy, but he’d be unable to save Mengyao even if he wanted to should the rope be tampered with!

The best way was to jump off with Mengyao, tied together- that’d minimize the danger, but… would Mengyao agree to it?

He was trying to think of something when Mengyao started getting scared as she looked down at the waves. “I… I wanna get ready first…….”

Ma was worried that Mengyao might chicken out, but there wasn’t much he could do. The rope had been tampered with, and was only meant for Mengyao- he couldn’t let anyone else use it. He didn’t want to be doing this, but he put on a smile and tried to encourage her. “Get ready, then, don’t worry. But remember that it’s fine! Anyone would get scared bungee jumping for the first time, but just remember that all you have to do is close your eyes and open your arms- and you’ll open your eyes to a whole new world……”

Ma had went bungee jumping before, and that gave strength to his words. It didn’t arouse any suspicion from Mengyao, but Lin Yi only found it funny.

Mengyao hesitating, however, did give Lin Yi more time to handle the situation. He walked up casually and picked up the rope latched onto Mengyao for a closer look.

“What’re you doing?!” Ma stopped Lin Yi instantly. “You can’t just touch this rope, what if you break it and she jumps down with a broken rope? Would you be able to take responsibility for that?!”

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