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Chapter 266 - Another Scheme

“I got it!” Yuchu replied, his face dark as he endured the pain caused by Yushu stepping on him. She wasn’t heavy or strong, but all-out kicks like that would hurt coming from anyone.

Maosheng’s face looked even worse- he had bandages wrapped around his head from the injury caused by Yuchu’s shoe.

He regretted his recklessness- they wouldn’t have ended up like this if he never thought up an idea that retarded.

His plan was actually executable, but the target and location he’d picked for it was way off the mark! If it were only Chu Mengyao there it might’ve very well been a feasible plan! 

Yet they’d chosen a time when Mengyao, Yushu, and Lin Yi were all there- it effectively halved the effect they’d have on them… The worst part of it all was the location they’d decided on!

Putting on scary costumes in a haunted house, after all, hinted psychologically that they weren’t real, that they were fake, just like everything else in there- any night where Mengyao was alone and they might very well have scared her to death! The saying wasn’t for nothing at all!

This sort of thing had been done before- it had been published in the papers! There was this crazy high schooler who went out late at night to scare people in a costume, and he really did manage to kill off a couple of victims that way!

Maosheng in his usual self would’ve went over the details of the plan so as to assess its practicality- he was a cautious and careful man, after all. 

Yet he was in a rush today- there wasn’t much time, and there was Yuchu who’d fanned the fires by supporting him. 

Getting hot-headed was something everyone should be wary of- even the smartest people would get caught in the moment and mess up with another hot-headed person getting everyone else excited and deluded.

Many crimes happened because of outward encouragement, resulting in recklessness they’d regret! Did people like this not know the consequences of those crimes? No!

That was how it was with this incident today- a ridiculous-looking plan like this would only have gotten through with the support and agreement of Yuchu.

Yuchu was simply too enthusiastic about getting rid of Mengyao for the sake of presenting a huge present to Master Bin- it was what made him reckless.

Maosheng, on the other hand, was thinking the same. He wanted to let his family get control over Pengzhan Industries, and time was ticking. It was what made him reckless as well.

Only after calming down did the two realize how laughable and flawed their scheme was, ripping off a real-life case from the newspapers and spilling it all over themselves… Look where that got them.

“Jin Bro, they’re going bungee jumping, what do we do?” Yuchu said, turning to Maosheng.

“We need to kill her off with one sure shot this time- no more carelessness!” Maosheng gritted his teeth.

“It’s okay, Jin Bro- I’m at fault too!” Yuchu said with a wave of his hand. “Even the great general Guan Xi lost a state back in the war of the three kingdoms because of his carelessness! Why would we be exempt from carelessness even the General of the Five Tigers was susceptible to? We’ve underestimated the enemy!”

“Yes, you’re right!” Maosheng’s mood got better upon hearing the words. It was true- even Guan Xi had made devastating mistakes- what was wrong with him messing up this one time?

“Jin Bro, I think bungee jumping is our best shot at killing off Chu Mengyao!” Yuchu said with a chuckle as he lowered his voice. He’d wanted to off Mengyao solely to get the real estate company to Master Bin so as to win his favor, but now… It got personal! Would his intestines be throbbing like this if it weren’t for Chu Mengyao?

This debt could not go unpaid!!

“Oh? How so?” Maosheng made sure to think things through as thoroughly as possible this time around.

“Jin Bro, imagine an accident happening at bungee jumping… The rope snapping off, for example… Heh heh, no one would suspect it a murder! It’s simpler to execute too, isn’t it?” Yuchu grinned as he pitched his plan.

“Yes, getting the bungee jumping rope to break off… It’s good!” Maosheng nodded. He had to say- this Zhang Yuchu was quite a crafty one. Getting suspected was a lower possibility here, and even if it were suspected to be a murder it’d be hard to find evidence. As long as they were competent, most of the evidence could be easily taken care of! The repercussions of this would be the theme park shutting down because of the incident, but something like that was but a small ripple to a large scale organization like Pengzhan Industries.

“Yeah, as long we find out when Chu Mengyao gets her turn, we’d only need to prepare a rope we’ve tampered with for her to use! It’s the ocean at the bottom of that valley- we’ll only need to delay the rescue and she’d be flushed away by the currents, her fate sealed!!” Yuchu said. “There’s less risk involved, and it’s easier, too.”

“Hm… Bungee jumping... Alright, I’ll contact the the manager and have him operate directly with Ma. We’ll keep our faces out of this!” Maosheng didn’t want to embarrass himself with the bandaging on his head.

He’d attract too much attention with the way he looked now- he didn’t want Mengyao and Yushu to be suspecting anything.

He hadn’t met Mengyao that often, but they’d at least met a couple of times during banquets. He feared that Mengyao might recognize him.

He then called Manager Zhang, the person he’d contacted earlier to have the haunted house incident coordinated. He didn’t ask for details after receiving the call, getting into contact with Ma directly to prepare the next step of the scheme.

Manager Zhang was part of the primary Jin family line of descent- with Jin Gubang watching over him, the guy had had quite his share of pocketed money from the theme park. Most of that money, naturally, went to House Jin, but his own share was plenty. Getting found out would spell ruin for him, and that meant he had to keep quiet and do as he was told by Jin Maosheng.

That was why Manager Zhang brought Ma to the control center for bungee jumping without asking anything after Ma told him about Yuchu’s plan.

Ma then changed into an employee’s outfit, now one of the people in charge of the bungee jumping section! The guy he’d replaced was Manager Zhang’s nephew, and no one would notice.

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