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Chapter 265 - Change of Impression

There was vomit on the floor, but the owner never uttered a single word- this was way, way better than having someone die in his restaurant, especially from the food he served.

“No matter what, I still have to thank you! I’m a guy who doesn’t like owing anyone favors- I’ll repay you one day!” Jianwen announced, not minding what Lin Yi had said.

The two had been enemies- Lin Yi saving him was completely due to Mengyao, and Jianwen recognized that.

He then turned to Mengyao gratefully. “Yao Yao sis, I haven’t been good to you for nothing!”

As for Yushu… Jianwen didn’t have anything to say about that, since that was just how the girl was, always messing someone up as long as said person pissed her off. Jianwen didn’t know how he’d gotten on her bad side, but she seemed to not like him very much.

“It’s nothing, as long as you’re fine.” Mengyao breathed out in relief after seeing Jianwen safe and sound. “But you should still go to the hospital to do what Lin Yi said, so that there won’t be a problem.”

Mengyao now treated Lin Yi like an encyclopedia- at some point, Lin Yi’s words had started to heavily influence Mengyao.

“Of course……” Jianwen smiled while his heart throbbed in pain. He remembered the old days where Mengyao listened to him like a good little girl, always treating her big brother’s words as absolute. Anyone who said anything against him would receive aggression from Mengyao, but nowadays she had a new man in her life……

It was a regretful development. Jianwen had thought that he’d be able to start dating Mengyao officially after returning to Songshan- the Chus would never have let Mengyao get into a relationship this early, and that gave Jianwen complete confidence. It was why he’d met up with Su Taizao, who was part of the four Young Masters before even visiting Mengyao or asking about her at all.

He’d never expected to coincidentally bump into Mengyao like that at a theme park’s restaurant, only to find out that she now had a partner…… A man who looked so average that Jianwen wondered if she was at the rebellious stage, getting herself some poor guy just out of teenage angst. 

Yet what Lin Yi had just revealed changed that impression instantly!

Just one look at his soup and the guy was able to root out the problem, forcing all the food he’d consumed out with just a couple of presses on his back! There was nothing average about that!

Mengyao’s conversation with Lin Yi only solidified that fact- Jianwen now understood that he’d been blind: Lin Yi wasn’t as simple as he seemed.

‘Lin Yi, can you save Jianwen Bro?” “Oh, I could, but I don’t want to.’

Those simple words implied that Lin Yi was beyond just that capability! He was capable of much more- saving a life was nothing more than a mere gesture to him!!

This prompted Jianwen to immediately reassess what level his opponent was at- he now replaced his disdain and confidence with acknowledgement.

The ambulance’s siren sounded from afar, unhindered even in the theme park. It was late despite that because of the distance between the hospital and the park.

Some hospital staff came out of the ambulance and walked in. “Where’s the patient?”

“Here!” Taizao waved. “Food allergy, but he’s vomited it out already. He needs a gastric lavage!”

“Alright, are you a friend or family member of the patient?” The staff were about to put Jianwen on a stretcher when he waved a hand to signal otherwise.

He’d rather be in pain than to embarrass himself in front of his love rival.

“I’m his friend.” Taizao said. “No need for the stretcher, I’ll help him.”

With Taizao supporting Jianwen, they exited the restaurant before the owner had someone clean up the vomit.

Even so, many of the restaurant’s customers still decided to leave. The scene that had just taken place was a bit too disgusting, after all.

Mengyao and Yushu had lost their appetites as well- they were just about to call Lin Yi to leave when they realized that he was still stuffing his mouth at the table. Mengyao didn’t quite know what to say to that- was he not disgusted at all?

Lin Yi actually didn’t find that the least bit disgusting- he’d seen worse things, and still had had to eat regardless of his appetite.

That actually made the owner feel bad- he refunded the money to Lin Yi, since the guy even solved a huge problem for him. He didn’t feel good about Mengyao and Yushu losing their appetites, as well.

Mengyao didn’t scold Lin Yi or anything as he enjoyed his meal- she just watched him quietly until he finished. She found this man more enigmatic the longer she knew him- he seemed like someone who knew nothing and everything at the same time.

He seemed to be both shameless and a pervert, but also a person with very strong principles.

Mengyao was no idiot- not everyone could just maintain top ten grades in a school like Songshan’s First School. She’d resisted Lin Yi and even gotten mad at him the first time her dad assigned him to her, very troubled why he’d even gotten her a farmer in the first place.

But she came to realize as time went on that Lin Yi was a capable person. She didn’t want to admit it, but it was something she acknowledged.

“You guys aren’t eating anymore? I’m taking everything then?” Lin Yi asked as he looked at the two remaining sets of food.

“Yeah, eat it all.” Mengyao nodded.

And Lin Yi swept everything into his mouth.

“Woah, Shield Bro!!” Yushu blinked, surprised as she watched Lin Yi clear the bowls.

“Let’s go bungee jumping then.” Mengyao didn’t let what had happened earlier get to her mood after losing her appetite to it. Jianwen seemed like a stranger now, especially with how he was acting. There was his hostility to Lin Yi on top of that, and Mengyao felt irritated- the big brother image Jianwen had built up crumbled abruptly that day.

“Ah…… Okay.” Lin Yi then walked out with Mengyao and Yushu, glancing at a guy with a puffed up face with a faint smile before leaving.

“Yuchu Bro, they’re going bungee jumping!” Ma said as he massaged the cheeks Yushu had messed up- he couldn’t even talk properly now...

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