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Chapter 264 - Puked On

“Man, you have it rough, Jianwen Bro. Taizao Bro just killed you with that.” Yushu commented with a shake of her head, feeling sorry for the unlucky Jianwen.

To tell the truth, she wasn’t very fond of An Jianwen at all. There was this darkness to him, and the guy was chasing her Yao Yao, too! Her impression of him simply wasn’t a good one……

After all, she was going to marry the same man her soulmate married! She’d have to marry An Jianwen if Mengyao married him, and she didn’t want that! So it was actually good news if Jianwen just died off, as Mengyao couldn’t marry him anymore. Since he’d be dead.

Although, Yushu didn’t think that Yao Yao would go full retard and marry the bastard, but the two were childhood friends! Jianwen was clearly interested in Mengyao, too- what if Uncle Chu wasn’t thinking straight one day and decided to marry Mengyao off to Jianwen?!

So Yushu found herself to be pretty lucky for Jianwen to be dying. She didn’t want to seem like a bad person, however, and decided to pin it all on Su Taizao.

“Shu! What’re you saying!!” Mengyao didn’t know how to react to this- this soulmate of hers was making jokes at a time like this! Yet Mengyao understood what Yushu had in mind quite clearly herself- she didn’t like An Jianwen either, naturally. He was only a brother figure to her; that was all there was to it.

Yet she couldn’t just let Jianwen die in front of her! Putting the relationship of their families aside, the guy had still treated her really nicely when she was a kid… Even if her father didn’t blame her she’d still feel bad. After all, she’d never had a real brother to put up with her young miss tantrums… Chen Yutian and An Jianwen were the closest she had gotten.

“What? It’s true! Jianwen Bro’s gonna die because of what Taizao Bro said!” Yushu said seriously. “I know. Taizao Bro’s still secretly angry at Jianwen Bro, that’s why he wants him dead! Why would he stop Shield Bro from saving him otherwise?”

Chen Yushu was a girl who wanted the world to burn- she wanted chaos. For that end, she turned Lin Yi’s unwillingness to save Jianwen into Taizao causing Jianwen’s death out of his hate towards him.

“Shu, what’re you saying?! Why would I be angry at An Bro?” Taizao knew what kind of personality Yushu had, but he also knew that this wasn’t a woman he could afford crossing. As pissed as he was, he could only try to explain himself.

“Because An Bro stole your girlfriend!” Yushu said with a grin.

“......” Taizao’s face darkened as Yushu hit the mark- all of a sudden he didn’t look so good, but he managed to keep his emotions in check. “I’ve long forgotten about the stuff from school, let alone still hate him for it…..”

“Taizao Bro, Shu! Stop talking about that!!” Mengyao was starting to panic as she looked at how raggedly Jianwen was breathing on the ground. She turned to Lin Yi. “Come on, Lin Yi- save him, alright?”

“Is this part of my job?” Lin Yi asked.

“Yeah……” Mengyao hesitated. “Think of it as a personal request……..”

“Alright then!” Lin Yi didn’t want to butt into someone else’s business, but he couldn’t really reject Mengyao asking for his help.

Lin Yi might’ve felt some friction if Mengyao had told him it was an obligation, but he’d still do it. Mengyao making it a personal request only gave him more cause to save the guy’s life.

Lin Yi walked over to Jianwen unwillingly before pulling up his eyelid. He turned to Taizao. “Hey, come get him up for me!”

“Okay……” Taizao didn’t know what Lin Yi’s profession was, but the guy did manage to pinpoint the exact cause of the epilepsy. Even Chu Mengyao had asked for his help- it was all he could do to pin his hopes on Lin Yi at this point.

It had been ten minutes already, and the ambulance was still nowhere to be seen. Lin Yi might’ve been right about Jianwen dying off before the ambulance even arrived.

Taizao hoised the guy up, and Lin Yi started pressing some of the acupuncture spots on Jianwen’s back casually while Mengyao and Yushu watched from the side, one of them worried and the other curious.

“Move back!” Lin Yi said as he raised his head at Mengyao and Yushu.

“Ah? Oh, okay……” Mengyao and Yushu didn’t know why, but listened to Lin Yi’s instruction regardless.

“What about me?” Taizao didn’t know if that applied to him as well.

“Wouldn’t he fall if you backed off?” Lin Yi said, rolling his eyes. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I… don’t……” Taizao said after a pause. What was the guy talking about? Why would he mind holding Jianwen up?


Taizao had just finished his sentence when Jianwen opened his mouth to spurt out the food he’d eaten, spraying it everywhere and landing most of the contents tragically on Taizao, who was holding him up right in front of him… 

His face now had a layer of puke on it, but Taizao held on and endured it after freezing and almost letting go.

“Su Bro……” The feminine man was a sort of follower for Taizao. He walked over with tissues in panic after Taizao got puked on……

Taizao was as disgusted as he could be, but waved a dismissive hand to the tissues anyway, because Jianwen’s eyeballs were now rolling. He was about to wake up soon.

He naturally didn’t want Jianwen waking up to him busy focusing on wiping his face. “An Bro, how are you feeling?”

“Taizao….. I feel much better…..” Jianwen said, weak as he managed to form a sentence.

Lin Yi then moved away, not bothering to give Jianwen another look. “He’ll live. Have him get a gastric lavage and he’ll be fine.”

A complicated expression flashed across Jianwen’s face. Naturally, he was aware that Lin Yi had saved him… He was in pain, but not unconscious, after all. He didn’t know what to feel about Lin Yi’s help from the standpoint as his love rival.

He might’ve been dead if it weren’t for Lin Yi, but he couldn’t just lower his head to him and give up on Mengyao… It was something he simply could not bring himself to do. He hesitated for a while before speaking to Lin Yi, his voice still weak. “Mister Lin, thank you for what you did… I’ll remember this and repay you one day!”

“No need, I don’t need you to repay me.” Lin Yi said with a wave of his hand, utterly uninterested in Jianwen paying him back.

He’d saved him solely because of Mengyao.

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