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Chapter 262 - Chu Mengyao's Admirer

There were a couple of very well dressed men in a corner of the restaurant.

“An Bro, isn’t that your lil’ sis Chu?” A man in a white dress shirt said as Mengyao walked in with Lin Yi and Yushu.

An Jianwen paused as he looked at Mengyao. He’d just returned to Songshan, and had planned to make an official visit to Mengyao’s house after meeting some of his friends first… He didn’t expect to see Mengyao and Yushu with a strange boy at the theme park together- he felt a stab of pain inside.

“I’ll go say hi.” Jianwen said to the two people with him.

“Want us to go and help?” The white shirt guy asked. “Look at that guy, he looks like some poor boy- he even lets Mengyao pay for food! What the hell?”

“I know, right? How’s this guy An Bro’s competitor?” A feminine-looking man spoke up as well.

“It’s fine, I’ll go alone.” Jianwen waved his hand dismissively before standing up and heading in Mengyao’s direction.

“Yao Yao, long time no see! You’re such a big girl now!” Jianwen greeted with a shining smile, as if he were a big brother figure.

“You’re… big bro Jianwen?” Mengyao said a little happily after a pause. “You came back to China?”

“Yeah, just yesterday. I’m with some of my friends today, didn’t expect to see you here! I was still thinking of visiting Uncle Chu and lil’ sis Yao Yao this weekend!” Jianwen seated himself in Lin Yi’s seat elegantly before turning to Yushu. “Shu, still as cute as ever. Still remember this big bro Jianwen?”

“Yep, you lost to my brother, right? Hehe!” Yushu waved with a smile on her face.

Jianwen’s eyes softened for an instant before the smile returned to his face. “Yeah, Yutian Bro’s a soldier now so it’s pretty hard to meet him… We’ll need him to come back for us four Songshan Young Masters to be back again…”

Jianwen’s face turned nostalgic at the thought. “Ah, I remember those glory days back when Yutian Bro led us! But everyone’s grown up now, right? Haha!”

“Jianwen bro, are you planning to stay in Songshan this time?” Mengyao asked casually.

“Yeah, I’m planning on living here now- I have my little sister Yao Yao here!” Jianwen had a warm smile on his face as he looked at Mengyao.

Mengyao didn’t know why, but she felt a little depressed… She didn’t feel passionate the way she used to feel whenever Jianwen would talk to her like that. They didn’t feel that close anymore, and Jianwen’s attitude was actually making her a little uncomfortable.

“Ah, is that so... Welcome back then…..” Mengyao said after forcing on a smile.

They were just talking when Lin Yi walked over with a food tray. The restaurant only had sets, so he just quickly picked three types for them to choose later.

As for An Jianwen, however, Lin Yi had made sure to keep an eye on him all the while. Mengyao knew him, but that was no guarantee that the guy wouldn’t have any ill intentions.

“Mister, you’re sitting in my seat. You can ask a waiter to get you another chair if you’re planning on staying here.” Lin Yi said as he put down the tray on the table. It was a three person table, and while a chair could be added, it’d make the space quite cramped.

“Haha, Yao Yao sis, who’s this? Aren’t you gonna introduce him to me?” Jianwen sounded polite and friendly, but his eyes darkened slightly as he spoke, evidently pissed off that Lin Yi would just ask him to get up from the seat like that.

Jianwen didn’t move as he spoke, not intending to give Lin Yi the seat at all. It was clear to him that Lin Yi simply wasn’t a competitor!

The guy had a shirt worth a couple dozens of kuai, and some casual black pants on- everything he was wearing couldn’t be worth more than two hundred. What did a guy like this have against one of the four Young Masters of Songshan that would give him a chance with Mengyao?

“Oh, he’s Lin Yi, Yao Yao’s bodyguard plus shield!” Yushu said crisply.

“Bodyguard plus shield?” Jianwen paused, not quite understanding what that meant… It’d be simple if the guy was just a bodyguard; rich young misses didn’t lack those, but what did that ‘shield’ part mean… Shield? What kind of profession was that?

“He’s her boyfriend, basically!” Yushu explained with a smile.

“Shu!!” Mengyao glared at Yushu helplessly, but didn’t deny or explain it for some reason……..

Yet Mengyao’s glare looked like a displeased one to Jianwen- as far as he could tell, Mengyao and Lin Yi’s relationship was currently a secret! It was only natural that Chu Pengzhan wouldn’t want his daughter to be dating some poor guy who needed the girl to pay during meals, and that meant the relationship hadn’t gone public yet!

Yet Yushu had spilled the beans about that, and Mengyao could only glare at Yushu for that. This displeased Jianwen… Fuck, this guy thinks he can just get into the high life by latching onto her? Is he dreaming?

“Ah, so he’s Yao Yao sis’ boyfriend!” Jianwen only stood up then. At the end of the day, the guy was already Mengyao’s boyfriend- this meant that he was a competitor, albeit one at a lower level.

But Jianwen wasn’t about to let his guard down just because of that- him being able to win Mengyao’s favor was solid proof of his ability. He reached his hand out towards Lin Yi. “Hi, I’m An Jianwen, Yao Yao’s big brother. We grew up together- we’re childhood friends.”

Jianwen was expecting Lin Yi to panic and not know what to do after hearing his name, but the guy didn’t seem to know him at all! He couldn’t help but feel disappointed at that as Lin Yi offered his own hand. “I got some soup on my hand, Mister An. I hope you don’t mind?”

“I……” Jianwen’s face froze as he looked at that oily hand of Lin Yi’s, speechless as he realized the position he was in. Shaking the hand would dirty his own, but he was the one who’d initiated it in the first place… It’d be pretty boorish of him to pull his hand back now.

Helpless, he grabbed Lin Yi’s hand for a handshake, his face bitter as he did so.

“Lin Yi. I’m Chu Mengyao’s follower.” Lin Yi introduced.

Follower? What the fuck, another term? What the hell, was the guy trying to taunt him? Bodyguard, shield, and now follower? Was he just trying to show off that he was Mengyao’s boyfriend?


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