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Chapter 263 - See Who Dies First

“Haha.” Jianwen laughed as he pulled over a chair to seat himself at the table. “Mind if I ask what it is you do, Mister Lin?”

“Oh, didn’t I just tell you? I’m a follower.” Lin Yi smiled. “You?”

Fucking-!! Jiangwen wanted to curse at this person- the guy was just blatantly taunting and disregarding him at this point! He didn’t have to shove his boyfriend status at his face all the time, did he? He wasn’t even a boyfriend approved by Chu Pengzhan!

Jianwen didn’t think that Chu Pengzhan would ever acknowledge Lin Yi, there was just no way! He didn’t know what kind of bullshit luck this kid had. How’d he win Mengyao’s favor?

And Lin Yi’s ‘you?’ only pissed him off even more- everyone knew about him back in those glory days, he was one of the four Young Masters of Songshan!!

Five years. Five years of moving around and the young people had all forgotten about the young masters! Now he was even asked what he did for a living!

“Just came back from studying overseas. Planning to invest and start a company.” Jianwen said faintly, a sliver of pride in his voice.

“Oh, start a company, huh. That’s nice, I’m planning to start one myself.” Lin Yi said casually.

A taint of rage flashed across Jianwen’s face. ‘I’m planning to start one myself’? Did the guy think it was that simple, that he could just start a company? Did he even have the funds for that?

“Oh? What kind of company are you thinking, Mister Lin?” Jianwen said, a tint of mockery in his tone.

“Not sure yet.” Lin Yi didn’t feel like explaining it to Jianwen- he was planning on starting a medicine-making company; it was something he’d decided on long ago.

“Haha, okay, remember to contact me after you’ve decided, Mister Lin! I’ll make sure to help out wherever I can for lil’ sis Yao Yao’s sake.” Jianwen said earnestly.

Help out, huh? Lin Yi curled his lips, completely not buying Jianwen’s supposed earnesty.

Jianwen then prepared to get up and leave- there wasn’t any point in staying there talking with Lin Yi. He thought that he’d go back and look into Lin Yi’s background before anything else. After all, knowing thy enemy was the best way to win. It was always the motto Jianwen used when dealing with things.

He wasn’t two steps away from the table when Jianwen grabbed his stomach, his breathing growing ragged as beads of sweat rolled down his face. He was just about to say something when he collapsed all of a sudden, all his muscles contracting as foam came out of his mouth…

“Big bro Jianwen……” Mengyao rushed over worriedly after a pause- the two people who were with Jianwen rushed over as well.

“Call the ambulance, hurry!” The man in the white shirt evidently knew of Jianwen’s condition. He was tense, but didn’t panic. The feminine man, on the other hand, pulled his phone out and called the ambulance.

Mengyao turned to the guy in the white shirt as he made his way over. “Taizao Bro… Jianwen’s condition…”

“Where’s the owner? Where’s the owner of this restaurant! Get the hell out, it’s a food poisoning!” The man in the white shirt was Su Taizao, also one of the four Young Masters of Songshan.

A man with a belly walked out, evidently scared as he looked at Taizao. “Mister, it isn’t for certain that this is food poisoning…..”

“Not for certain? We told you not to add any coriander and celery! Didn’t you listen?!” Taizao said with a violent glare. “Anything happens to An Bro and I’ll make sure this restaurant dies!”

“We didn’t add coriander and celery… I even told the kitchen specifically not to add those……” The owner said carefully.

“There’s no coriander or celery, he’s not lying.” Lin Yi said from Jianwen’s previous table as he inspected their food. “But there’s chrysanthemum in the soup- if I’m not wrong, An Jianwen should have an allergy to vegetables with a strong smell like this, resulting in an epilepsy if he ever consumes them.”

“Chrysanthemum?” Taizao paused after turning to the owner. “There’s chrysanthemum in the food?”

“Yes, there is.” The owner nodded. “We’ve always added chrysanthemum to our soups, it helps cool off during the summer……”

Taizao frowned. “Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Yet he understood that he couldn't blame the owner for this- he hadn’t said anything beforehand, after all. Using chrysanthemum in soups was very uncommon in the north, and Taizao had only thought about the coriander and celery that always came in massive amounts… Who knew that there just had to be chrysanthemum!

Lin Yi walked back to his seat after that, preparing to continue his meal. He’d only checked Jianwen’s food because he didn’t have a good impression of him- he didn’t want the owner to be dragged into Jianwen’s problem.

The owner glanced at Lin Yi gratefully- if it weren’t for Lin Yi rooting out the problem, he’d have a hard time managing the restaurant with that ‘food poisoning’ label on it…

“Lin Yi, can you save Jianwen bro?” Mengyao was aware of the subtle tension between Jianwen and Lin Yi earlier, but Jianwen was still a brother figure from her childhood, and their families were closely connected as well… She wouldn’t feel good in the slightest if anything happened to Jianwen right in front of her eyes.

Hearing Lin Yi identify the cause for Jianwen’s epilepsy prompted her to pin her last hope on Lin Yi subconsciously. She didn’t know when it had started, but Mengyao now saw Lin Yi as an existence capable of anything…….

Cooking, parking, sweeping out gangsters and delinquents… Even Yushu getting stuck in a fence was something she’d go to Lin Yi for without hesitation! As long as Lin Yi was there, any problem or request she had could be taken care of! As a result, Mengyao had developed a form of reliance on Lin Yi!

“Oh, I could, but I don’t want to.” Lin Yi said with one glance at Jianwen.

“You……” Taizao was getting angry at what Lin Yi said. “What’s the matter with you, you’re gonna just sit there and watch? Do you know what family An Jianwen is from? Let them find out about this and you’re good as dead!”

“Oh. You guys wait for the ambulance then- I’m sure this guy can survive the next ten minutes.” Lin Yi said as he looked at Taizao as if he were a retard. “Let’s see if he’s as good as dead or I am!”

“You-!” Taizao couldn’t find a retort to that- it was a threat he was used to throwing out, especially with how tyrannically he lived his life… He wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to be immune to that. 

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