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Chapter 261 - Ghost Hunter Chen Yushu (Part Two)

“AH!!!” Mengyao cried out- how did this zombie know her name?

All the stuff from before couldn’t compare with this- how could she not be scared if the monster knew her name?!

“Eh?” Yushu was curious. “Yao Yao, how come this zombie’s intelligent? It even knows your name!”

“How am I supposed to know… Shu, I’m starting to get scared…” Mengyao was starting to find it eerily odd- how could this zombie know her name?

“Maybe the employees here recognized you as Uncle Chu’s daughter and changed the programming to give you a better experience? So you’ll praise them in front of Uncle Chu?” Yushu suggested after thinking about it- there weren’t really other possibilities she could think up, since they didn’t even register their names when they bought the entrance ticket.

“Shu, I’m a little scared… Let’s get out of here?” Mengyao didn’t want to stay in a place like this anymore- it was starting to make her really uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, Yao Yao, I’ll kill this zombie for you!’ Yushu said excitedly as she charged at the zombie. “Lalala, I’m a… GHOSTHUNTER!”

With that, she planted a heavy foot on the zombie’s back, sending him tumbling to the side. Yuchu cried out in pain as he moved away.....

“Yeah! Yao Yao, look! I sent the zombie running!” A wide grin appeared on her face as she looked at the fleeing zombie triumphantly. “They’re so good with the programming! Ask Uncle Chu to praise them a bit- the zombie even knows how to run after getting kicked!”


Yushu had put Mengyao in a good mood once again, and she started thinking that Yushu’s explanation was pretty plausible- they might’ve realized who she was and wanted to impress her with their product!

She wasn’t that scared anymore because of Yushu- one look at the fleeing bunny zombie and Mengyao issued an order to Lin Yi. “Lin Yi, go capture that zombie for me!”

“Kay.” Lin Yi nodded.

Things weren’t looking good for Yuchu- this miss wasn’t thinking up more ways to mess him up, was she? He quickened his steps to get out as soon as possible when someone stopped him at the neck… He was airborne the next second, landing in front of Mengyao and Yushu’s feet with a thump.

“Ha, the zombie’s back! Yao Yao, come on!” Yushu said as she jumped on the zombie’s belly, up and down and up and down…

Yuchu wailed in agony- he felt like his intestines were gonna explode! His eyes rolled back a moment after and he passed out as well…

“Boring…” Yushu uttered after stepping on the zombie a few more times- the zombie wasn’t wailing anymore! Unstatisfied, she jumped off of Yuchu. “This zombie’s pretty low quality, I only stepped on it a few times! Wonder what company it’s from, maybe we should have Uncle Chu make a complaint!”

“Haha……” Mengyao found Yushu’s thought process amusing- it was supposed to be a model to scare you with, of course it’d get destroyed if you jumped on it!

Maosheng blinked at the half-dead Yuchu- this Chen Yushu girl seemed to be tougher than the Lin Yi bodyguard…

The plan wasn’t gonna work anymore at this point- Yushu had messed it all up. Mengyao definitely wouldn’t be scared of him if he tried to continue the plan on his own now…

Maosheng found it to be unfair- Mengyao was very afraid of ghosts, that much was clear- she looked terrified when Ma just patted her on the shoulder! It was feasible that they could give her a traumatizing scare if they’d coordinated with Yuchu properly!

He could tell that Mengyao was especially scared of stuff like that… The only problem here was that girl Chen Yushu, who’d exploded Ma’s nuts and rearranged Yuchu’s intestines! What the hell!!

Could their luck possibly get any shittier than this?!

He was disappointed at how the strategy turned out, but there was no point on continuing it anymore.

With that in mind, Maosheng decided to leave and formulate another plan to have Mengyao killed. It must be done today!

He was just turning around when Yushu called out from behind him. “Vampire! Get back here!”

Maosheng’s face darkened- he couldn’t even run now?! He started quickening his steps and ignore the crazy woman when something smashed against the back of his head- what followed was piercing pain and unconsciousness as he fell to the floor…

“Yes!! Headshot! This vampire’s way too weak, right Yao Yao?” Yushu said as she did a victory dance…

The projectile she’d thrown at Maosheng was Yuchu’s shoe…

“Shu, do you see that blood coming out from the vampire’s head?” Mengyao asked curiously as she looked at Maosheng.

“Yeah, it’s really realistic!” Yushu didn’t know what was going on there, but didn’t really care. “Well, let’s go! We still have more ghosthunting to do!”

“Oh… Okay…” Mengyao nodded as she walked onward with Yushu…

Lin Yi didn’t know what to say as he looked at the two dudes lying on the floor… The idiots did have it pretty bad, getting treated like toys by Yushu…

Failing to find any more tangible opponents for the remainder of their journey left Yushu unsatisfied. “Only three fightable monsters, isn’t that too little… Yao Yao, suggest to Uncle Chu that there should be more of them! We’ll come again next time!”

“More of them for you to break?” Mengyao still didn’t know that those were real people…

“Heh.” Yushu stuck her tongue out. “Man, I should’ve brought a dv today! I could’ve recorded everything and show off my heroics!”

The haunted house had taken an hour- add that up to the queue time and it was almost noon.

“Yao Yao, let’s go get something to eat and then go bungee jumping?” Yushu said, feeling a bit hungry.

“Alright, I’m getting hungry too.” Mengyao concurred- the haunted house did exhaust her a bit.

There were a lot of fast food restaurants at the theme park. The girls found one that looked good and seated themselves at a table.

“Lin Yi, go get us something to eat.” Mengyao said as she pulled out two hundred kuai and handed it to Lin Yi.

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