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Chapter 260 - Ghost Hunter Chen Yushu (Part One)

Lin Yi remembered his time in the primitive forests- every step was taken with extreme caution as poisonous bugs and large beasts surrounded him. That was scary, not child’s play like this haunted house attraction.

Would any survivor of said forest be afraid of ghosts?

“Oohh…”  A granny with bleeding eyes drifted past Mengyao, who jumped in shock as she held on to Yushu’s hand tightly, full of regret. She wouldn’t have come if she’d known how scary this would be!

“Hehe, Yao Yao, this is all fake!” Yushu reached out at the granny, and her hand passed straight through. “See? It’s fake! It’s just a 3D projection!”

“Oh……” Mengyao only started calming down after Yushu’s demonstration.

They were only at the beginning- the deeper they went the scarier it got. Other than the things flying at them out of nowhere were zombies that popped out of caskets. Mengyao did not have it easy the whole journey.

“Blerghhh…..” A rotting corpse sat up all of a sudden and sprayed black blood in Mengyao’s direction…..

“Ahh!!” Mengyao cried out as she jumped back, bumping into Lin Yi. “You... What’re you doing behind me!”

“You told me to stand behind you...” Lin Yi shrugged. “That was just a light mist, it’s not real.”

“Oh……” Mengyao was a little embarrassed- she’d asked Lin Yi to stand behind her in case something attacked them from the back, but she did realize that the black blood was yet another projection after what Lin Yi had said. Nothing was real.

She started getting braver after getting jumped on a couple times, but came to understand that everything was fake! They were only visuals, so what was there to be afraid of if she couldn’t even touch them? Yushu was skipping around swiping at the projections, and Mengyao started to follow suit, kicking and punching along with her excitedly.

Mengyao felt someone pat her shoulder all of a sudden. “Lin Yi, what’re you patting me for? Come on, I’m trying to have fun here……”

Another pat and Mengyao turned around, a little upset. “Lin Yi, you- Ahh!!!”

There was a faceless void touching her shoulder! The faceless creature wasn’t scary, but its hand was touching her, it was a real hand touching her!

“Yao Yao, what’s wrong?” Yushu turned away from her ghost slapping- there was a faceless void patting Mengyao on the shoulder.

“Hm?” Yushu found the scene odd- weren’t all the stuff here supposed to be projected images? Why did that faceless void seem so real? She walked up to Mengyao quickly and grabbed at the faceless void’s skin mask. “Hm?? It’s touchable? Did they add real props?”

“I’m faceless void… I’m gonna eat you……” Ma growled lowly, troubled that Yushu was just grabbing his face like that. Yuchu Bro did instruct him to play along, so he made sure not to act rashly and just act the part.

Lin Yi only looked at Ma, evidently intrigued. From the shoes this faceless void was wearing it was clear that this was the guy that had been tailing them earlier. He had an idea what these people were trying to achieve here.

Were they trying to scare Chu Mengyao to death by putting on scary costumes..? What were they even thinking, didn’t they know about Yushu jumping around all the time? Mengyao wasn’t too brave, but with Yushu by her side getting scared to death was next to impossible.

Yet Lin Yi could tell that this Ma was only here to scare people as a monster. He was very weak, but Lin Yi maintained his alertness all the same, ready to react the instant Ma made a move.

He reckoned that they wouldn’t go as far as to murder in a public setting… And if that really had been their intention, they could’ve done so in any other location instead of waiting for them to enter a haunted house.

“Yao Yao, this faceless void’s pretty realistic! Look at that piece of skin, you can even pull on it…..” Yushu said as she stretched the skin with all her might, pulling it a few centimeters out.

Ow…. Ma almost teared up at the pain- why wasn’t this girl scared of him at all? She was even pulling at his face, how brave was she?!

“Is that so?” Mengyao wasn’t scared anymore, and reached out to pull at the other side of the face as well. With that, the two girls stretched the face from both directions….

“I… I’m faceless void… I’m gonna eat you……” Ma’s voice was starting to shake……

“Can’t you be a little creative with your lines?” Yushu said, speechless. “Yao Yao, move aside! I’ll take care of him!”

“Alright!” Mengyao dodged to the side as Yushu shot her leg up at the faceless void’s crotch.

And Ma’s eyes rolled white as he fainted from the pain…

“Heh!” Yushu waved her fists in the air excitedly. “Look, Yao Yao! I killed a faceless void!”

“Shu, you can’t just break their model like that! What if it doesn’t move anymore?” Mengyao, naturally, didn’t think that it was a person- she thought that Yushu had broken it with her kick.

“Uh… It should be okay right? It’s your dad’s theme park, someone will fix it if it’s broken!” Yushu said after some thought.

“That’s true…” Mengyao didn’t really mind- it wasn’t anything important, after all. As far as she was concerned, they could just throw it out if it was broken.

Some distance away, Maosheng’s face twitched while Yuchu sweated. Wasn’t this girl too much..? She was pulling at Ma’s face and even sent a kick up his tender parts……

“Jin Bro, what do we do?” Yuchu asked.

“Looks like we’ll have to get violent.” Maosheng said with a cold smile. “Let’s go!”

Yushu continued waving her fists about as she searched for the next target, but learned that only the faceless void was real, much to her disappointment. Everything else wasn’t even touchable…..

Lin Yi looked at Ma pitifully as he walked by. Yushu sure was violent- she’d put down the guy before he even did anything…

All of a sudden came a zombie and vampire, surrounding Mengyao as the zombie closed in on her face. “Chu Mengyao… Chu Mengyao…!!”

alright, end of the two one-chap days...


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