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Chapter 257 - Accepting A Confession Makes You A Couple?

Xiaobo, naturally, wasn’t a match for the fatty- he fell on his ass right after the collision, and the bucket of water splashed onto the guy’s pants… It looked like the fatty had just pissed himself.

“Are you blind?!” The fatty raged right away- he’d just finished a cigarette, and out of nowhere came a bucket of dirty water! “You wanna fucking die?”

The fatty was a mini tyrant in the twelfth grade, albeit someone who was only known in his own class… He was nowhere near the level of the Big Four tyrants at the school, but pushing some regular students around weren’t beyond his capabilities.

And today, the fat mini tyrant decided to blow off some steam on Xiaobo.

“How can you blame me for that? At most we’re both at fault, couldn’t you have opened your eyes?” Xiaobo was starting to get angry as well- he was no unreasonable man, and was just about to apologize when the guy started yelling at him.

“Open my eyes? Which class are you from? Don’t you know the big name Yu Dafa?” The fatty said with a glare.

“Yu Dafa?” Xiaobo paused and took a closer look- it was Yu Dafa! Yet a sense of disdain surfaced as Xiaobo looked at the man. He looked down at the bucket, and dumped what remained of the dirty water on Dafa’s head!

“You…! Are you fucking insane?!” Yu Dafa exploded that instant as he pointed at Xiaobo.

“Hurry up and scram- my boss and sis-in-law are waiting for a bucket of clean water, so don’t blame me if my boss comes walking over because you’re wasting time.” Xiaobo said as he slapped the Dafa’s hand away.

“Your boss and sis-in-law?” Dafa paused- what the hell was this guy talking about?”

“Right behind me!” Xiaobo said as he pointed his thumb behind his back.

Dafa looked at where Xiaobo was pointing, and saw Lin Yi and Tang Yin standing not far away from them- his stomach and legs cramped up- he almost fell!

“Bro… You’re saying Lin Yi Bro is your boss..?” Dafa’s tone turned friendly that instant.

After all, everyone knew who Lin Yi was- the newest Big Four tyrant, solidly sitting on the two tyrants below him! Who was Dafa to even think about crossing a character like this..?

The head of the Big Four had graduated, and since then became a legend at the school… The last Big Four, on the other hand, was a demon in middle-school, practically flipping the school upside down after just attending the school for a couple days! He’d transferred away long ago, but still remained a legendary Big Four at the school!

There were only two tyrants from that monstrous group left, and both of them were now under Lin Yi’s feet! Lin Yi had outstandingly stepped up to the first seat, the First Tyrant of a new generation!! A mini tyrant like Yu Dafa was nothing compared to that!

After all, he was far below Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming already- how could he ever stand up to Lin Yi?

“Of course. I’m Kang Xiaobo, the sole follower of my boss- remember this face, and open your eyes next time!!” Xiaobo said with a hand on his hip.

“Yes, I understand……” Dafa nodded quickly.

“Go get me a bucket of clean water!” Xiaobo said as he handed Dafa the bucket.

“Right away!” As far as Dafa was concerned, serving Lin Yi was a form of honor, something he could boast about in the future- he could say that Lin Yi had asked him to do something before! Lin Yi was pretty much half his boss now……

With that, he waddled into the washroom and got a bucket with clean water back. “Bo Bro, I wouldn’t dare let you do the work! I’ll get this to the boss personally!”

Xiaobo nodded as he contemplated his status at the school now- he’d risen up here on Lin Yi’s boat! Would Dafa be acting like this if it weren’t for Lin Yi? Get him a bucket of water? He’d be lucky if the guy didn’t beat him up!

Dafa walked up to Lin Yi and Tang Yin with the bucket of water. “Boss, sis-in-law! Water’s here!”

“You are?” Lin Yi asked curiously. Who was this person?

“Boss, I’m called Yu Dafa! I’ve made a bit of a name for myself here in our grade, but of course, it’s nothing compared to Boss Lin Yi!” Dafa introduced.

“Oh.” Lin Yi nodded. “Alright, got it- you can go now. Thanks!”

“Don’t mention it at all, boss! Just call me if you need anything at all, I’m from class ten!” Dafa said respectfully.

Tang Yin wasn’t expecting a big shot like that to come pledging loyalty to Lin Yi- what made her even more shy was how he called her ‘sis-in-law’ as well! Tang Yin still remembered how this Yu Dafa wrote a love letter to her once, and how disgustingly mushy it had been- the guy was now practically bowing!

All this, due to Lin Yi…… A transfer student who’d been here less than a month.

“I… I’m gonna go back now- I still need to clean the curtains!” Tang Yin said to Xiaobo and Lin Yi as she picked the bucket up from the ground.

“Kay. See ya.” Lin Yi nodded, and walked back to class with Xiaobo.

Zhong Pinliang was pretty obedient- he had moved his seat to where Gao Xiaofu was, in a corner far, far away from Lin Yi’s seat. It seemed that he really did fear getting sent flying.

“Yao Yao, I just think Shield Bro’s so cool!!” Yushu said as she tugged at Mengyao’s shirt. “Look! Zhong Pinliang moved his seat right after he taught him a lesson! You don’t need to worry about getting harassed anymore!”

“Yeah, he’s so cool! Why don’t you go let him touch your boobs again!” Mengyao said, curling her lips.

“Yao Yao? Could you perhaps be jealous? Maybe you should let him touch yours next time?” Yushu said with a big grin.

“I’m not an idiot!” Mengyao said with a glare. “Is he my boyfriend? Why should I let him touch mine? You let him touch yours if you’re so willing, go ahead!”

“Well, Shield Bro did accept my confession, so I guess he does count as my boyfriend?” Yushu started thinking about it- since they were technically a couple, she didn’t really lose anything if her boyfriend was the one who had touched her. Yes, that had to be it……

Mengyao was going insane- did the girl lack something in her brain? What was wrong with her, who talks like that??

It was Saturday morning, and Lin Yi woke up to Yushu patting him. “Yo, Shield Bro! Wakey wakey, we’re going to the theme park today!”

Theme park? Lin Yi remembered then that he’d promised to go bungee jumping with the Miss and Shu- he got up half-awake and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Both Mengyao and Yushu were ready to go by the time he walked out his room.

“You drive Shu’s Beetle and follow behind us- Shu and I will use my car!” Mengyao instructed after a look at Lin Yi.

“Okay……” Lin Yi was thinking that they’d all be able to fit if they used Heibao’s old van- why the trouble with two cars? He then remembered that the Miss probably hadn’t been in a vehicle this crappy ever since that kidnapping last time.

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