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Chapter 258 - Suspecting That It Might Be An Insider

Lin Yi drove behind Mengyao’s Audi S5 silently as he kept an eye on the rear view mirror.

Someone was following him again- Li Cihua’s men? A cold smile formed on Lin Yi’s lips as he recognized the car. It was the one that had followed him last time- did they think he wouldn’t notice with tailing skills like that?

This Cihua person was quite interesting himself, sending more men after getting two of them killed that night.

Lin Yi didn’t confront the stalkers and acted as if he didn’t even know. He wouldn’t mind giving them a car accident if they did anything suspicious.

Songshan Theme Park was located in the southern district of the city, built at the end of the year 2000. It had had a couple hundred million rmb invested in it, and was one of the most popular attractions within the city.

Mengyao parked her car in the underground parking lot of the theme park while Lin Yi parked to the side. He was following Mengyao into the elevator when he saw the black SUV that had been tailing them drive in as well- they didn’t take a parking ticket, much to Lin Yi’s surprise, only showing a small plastic identification card at the counter.

Lin Yi found that odd- did the people in that car have some sort of connection to the themepark?

“Yao Yao, is this theme park private or public?” Lin Yi asked.

“It’s a jointly owned attraction, both public and private. Why?” Mengyao didn’t understand.

“Jointly owned? Invested by what company?” Lin Yi continued, maintaining the topic.

“It’s Uncle Chu’s, Shield Bro!” Yushu said shortly.

“Oh?” Lin Yi paused- so the people in that car were from Pengzhan Industries? That had to be the case, that was why they weren’t charged for parking their car! It wasn’t a military or police car, too, since it had a normal licence plate.

“Dad’s company invested in it, but it’s being managed by a sub-company.” Mengyao explained.

“Then we could have free parking, right?” Lin Yi asked.

Mengyao looked at Lin Yi as if he were an alien- she was a young mistress, but calling Uncle Fu for a parking ticket that costed a few kuai? Wouldn’t that just be trouble?

“Ha……” Lin Yi smiled faintly- the people in the car probably didn’t care about that money either, since they’re working with Chu Pengzhan and all…

But having free parking was a proof and representation of status- it had to be what they were going for.

And Lin Yi was right!

Inside the SUV was Zhang Yuchu, who had a wide smile on his face. “Amazing, Jin Bro- you don’t even need to pay for parking!”

“The theme park’s built with our company’s investment, and I happen to be in charge of that.” Maosheng said casually as he pocketed his card. “Of course I’d use a privilege like this if I have it.”

“Of course!” Yuchu said with a laugh. “But, since we’re in Jin Bro’s territory it’ll be much easier! I was still worried about how we should go about this, but there’s no problem now!”

“I wasn’t expecting them to come to the theme park either.” A cold smile formed on Maosheng’s lips. “I’ve some trusted people in here, I can get them to help later!”

“These trusted people… Would they keep quiet about this?” Yuchu was still worried- murder was a big deal, after all.

“Keep quiet? They wouldn’t dare say anything.” Maosheng said disdainfully. “They’re all getting their money illegally- I throw the number of their pocketed money out and it’s a death sentence for them.”

“It’s fine then!” Yuchu nodded. They wouldn’t need to worry about getting betrayed if they were in the same boat.

“Get someone with some wits to tail the three, and constantly report their location. I’ll see what I can do for the accident.” Maosheng said.

“No problem.” Yuchu called out to a very common looking youth at the back of the car. “Lil’ Ma, you’re up!”

“Yes, Yuchu Bro!” Ma said as he got out of the car to tail the trio.

Maosheng’s face turned dark for an instant- he was an extremely cautious man. He didn’t know who this Ma person was, but the guy had seen his face today- his first course of action after finishing the job was have him offed. He couldn’t allow even the slightest risk to exist.

The person behind Li Cihua was a godly figure, but even he wouldn’t help Master Bin out if things got real serious. The man was his bastard son, but his wife’s house was a powerful family as well. A bastard son this grown up would cause big shit should he ever get found out. Maosheng understood that, and made sure to constantly have backup plans.

“Yao Yao, do we go bungee jumping now?” Yushu was very much looking forward to the bungee jumping- the attraction was part of Pengzhan Industries, but this was the first time the two have visited ever since the opening. The bungee jumping valley hadn’t been properly constructed yet.

“Bungee jumping from the start?” Mengyao had been pretty pent up these past couple of days, and as much as she’d like to blow off some steam, bungee jumping right away wasn’t something she could take very well.

It was a dangerous and exhaustive thing, after all- Mengyao wanted to have some fun at the other attractions first.

“Then let’s walk around first. Ah, Yao Yao! Why don’t we go to the haunted house? I heard they built one, it’s really scary!” Yushu suggested.

“Haunted house?” Mengyao frowned- why did Yushu like childish attractions like that? Haunted house? Who’d ever get scared at the stuff inside, they were all fake. Who’d even go there in the first place?

“Yeah, it’s really scary! I heard that a lot of young couples go there, and the guy gets to take advantage of the girl when she gets scared!” Yushu said seriously.

“Shu, are you crazy?” Mengyao was speechless. “So you wanna go with Lin Yi and let him take advantage of you?”

“Nope, I’m not scared… but I think you’d be, Yao Yao!” Yushu said.

“Me, scared?” Mengyao got even more speechless. “You think I’d get scared at the kid stuff inside? Well let’s just go in and see who’d get scared then! But let me tell you now, Shu, don’t get pissed or anything when you get felt up!”

“Hehe, don’t be so sure who’s gonna get felt up, Yao Yao! You never know!” Yushu laughed. She’d looked at Pinliang’s recording of the haunted house on his phone before- she wouldn’t be afraid because of that.

Mengyao had been there as well, but she couldn’t care less about Pinliang, so only Yushu watched. Pinliang had actually wanted her to help persuade Mengyao into going into the haunted house with him, but Yushu never did such a thing after finishing the video.



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