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Chapter 256 - Why Don't You Change Your Seat

“What’s the matter with you, are you deaf? I told you not to block my way.” Lin Yi said coldly as he stood behind Pinliang.

Truth be told, Lin Yi would’ve disintegrated the guy into ashes long ago if he weren’t looking for a peaceful, stable life in Songshan.

“You…..” Pinliang was about and turn around to say something when he was suddenly airborne- he landed with a smack on the teacher’s desk and cried out in agony.

“Why don’t you change your seat, this isn’t a good spot for you. Don’t make me kick you out the window next time.” Lin Yi warned after kicking Pinliang’s chair away.

This kid had better know his place and leave Mengyao alone- he didn’t want Yushu to be summoning him to beat Pinliang up so much.

Pinliang stared at Lin Yi with toxic rage, but kept his mouth silent- for whatever he said now would only prompt further beatings by Lin Yi!! He had nothing he could do against him right now, and all he could do was wait.

Pinliang kept quiet as Lin Yi walked past him, issuing yet another warning. “Remember what I said. Sit in front of me and I’ll make you fly all the time.”

“......” Pinliang gritted his teeth- when had he ever been threatened like this?!! There just had to be this Lin Yi, someone neither he nor even the Heibao Bro he was so proud out could beat!! He couldn’t do anything to the monster, nothing at all!!

He didn’t want to change seats, but Lin Yi had spoken- Pinliang himself understood also the validity of his threat should he keep his current seat.

That bastard Lin Yi was an absolute madman!! He trampled on anything he wanted to without one shred of concern when he got cocky, even slapping Zou Ruoming in the face right in front of the dean!! The news had spread throughout the entire school at this point, and Pinliang knew his place- he was in no position to be pissing someone as crazy as Lin Yi off…

It seemed he’d had to stay away from Mengyao from the time being… That was the only way to get out of the bastard’s line of sight, to move to a corner. He’d just move his seat back after Lin Yi got taken care of!

Lin Yi was the only one who’d dare go against his wishes in the class, anyway- he could move his seat to wherever he wanted to, and no one would say anything.

“Boss, I’m really starting to doubt your background- Are you really from the mountains?” Xiaobo asked as he walked out the classroom with Lin Yi.

“I have an elder here, he’s in the board of directors for the school.” Lin Yi explained simply.

“Oh, so that’s why! That’s why even the dean couldn’t do anything to you!” Xiaobo said, understanding everything instantly. “The luxury car you were in that morning, does that belong to this director as well?”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Damn!!” Xiaobo was starting to get excited. “I never knew how powerful your background was! I always thought you were a poor student like me!”

“Ha…..” Lin Yi only smiled, refraining from explaining anything.

One’s background, in actuality, didn’t have too much an effect- Zhong Pinliang was a good example of someone with a strong background, why couldn’t he slap people in front of the dean?

At the end of the day, Wang Zhifeng was helpless against Lin Yi because he had his secret against him!

“Ah, boss- weren’t you going to the toilet?” Xiaobo asked, wondering why Lin Yi wasn’t heading in the washroom’s direction.

“I was just getting annoyed at Zhong Pinliang, wanted an excuse to teach him a lesson.” Lin Yi said honestly- he didn’t need to go at all, and Xiaobo would notice if he did walk to the washroom with an empty bladder.

“Ah, I see. Ha, Zhong Pinliang… That’s what he gets for being so cocky all the time!” Xiaobo said violently, as if he were the one who beat Pinliang up.

“Weren’t you going to the toilet?” Lin Yi asked.

“I just wanted to come take a walk with you. Fen’s stuff is quite troubling.” Xiaobo explained.

“Alright, let’s walk then.” Lin Yi nodded as he strolled with Xiaobo in the hallway.

The twelfth graders usually all had something to do- they were either on duty cleaning the classroom or just studying. Even those with family connections, or even the ones who just weren’t planning on going to college, were either playing basketball or at internet cafes playing video games. No one just went for a walk in the hallways.

They reached class five’s door and saw Tang Yin walking out with a water bucket and heading to the bathroom to have the dirty water changed.

Xiaobo walked over quickly. “Sis-in-law, let me……” (tell me if you prefer ‘Miss Lin’)

“Ah?!” Tang Yin jumped, almost dropping the bucket. “Wh-what did you call me?”

“Sis-in-law!” Xiaobo repeated, as if there were nothing wrong with it. “Didn’t boss announce who you were to him in front of so many people yesterday? You didn’t deny it, sis-in-law!”

“Don’t call me stuff like that!” Tang Yin’s face reddened as she handed the bucket to Xiaobo. “Hurry and go get clean water!”

“Oh, heh heh, sure thing!” Xiaobo said as he waddled over to the washroom, bucket in his hands…

“Don’t mind him- the guy’s just like that.” Lin Yi said as he put both his hands on the wall, surrounding Tang Yin in.

“Yeah… I know……” Tang Yin said shyly. “S-Stop that… We’re at school……”

It was an unconscious movement, but Lin Yi realized how lovey-dovey he was being with her upon hearing Tang Yin’s words- it was as if he were leaning for a kiss. He pulled his hands back awkwardly. “What if we’re not at school?”

“I… I… Let’s not talk about this…….” Tang Yin, naturally, didn’t want to discuss that topic with Lin Yi. She’d been troubled enough as it was the past few days because of the guy, especially last night, where she couldn’t fall asleep as that scene of Lin Yi slapping Zou Ruoming while holding her hand kept popping up…… Did this… count as her falling in love with him? Tang Yin didn’t understand, but couldn’t stop herself from thinking about it……

“Haha……” Lin Yi laughed a bit, but stopped teasing her. To Lin Yi, Tang Yin was completely different from a woman like Sun Jingyi- Jingyi was like a cunning fox, and Lin Yi, naturally, wouldn’t do stuff like this to her. Tang Yin, however, was the type of young girl he just wanted to pamper with care.

“Ah…… look, Xiaobo seems to have gotten into trouble……” Tang Yin was panicking and looking left and right, afraid that someone might see her together with Lin Yi, when she noticed Xiaobo get in trouble.

Xiaobo was about to walk in the washroom when he collided with a fat student who was coming right out the door...

sorry im late, was rewatching GATTACA

so i forgot to add book two (volume two), thats why chaps 251-254 couldnt be seen. book 2 ends at 500 chaps

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