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Chapter 241 - You Sure You Want Half?

“It’s about Fen……” Xiaobo said.

“What, have you made your mind up?” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting it to be that fast.

“No, that’s not it….” Xiaobo shook his head, a little embarrassed. “This kind of thing is a big deal. I need to consider it carefully and spend some time with her first… I want to make some money for Fen to be treated!”

‘You wanna make money for Fen’s medical fees?” Lin Yi blinked- Xiaobo was willing to do that before he even confirmed his feelings for her? Was he this great a guy?

Lin Yi had, since a young age, learned to keep out of things that weren’t his business- his environment and the ways his two mentors trained him gave him a cold personality. He wouldn’t bother if it didn’t concern his friends or himself.

“Yeah…” Xiaobo nodded. “Boss, you know anywhere I can work a job?”

“It’s gaokao soon, how’re you gonna work?” Lin Yi said, not quite sure what to think of Xiaobo’s decision.

“Gaokao… It’s actually not that important. As long as there’s money I’ll be able to get in college- a lot of them are associated with high schools.” Xiaobo said with a sigh. “Boss, with my grades, it’s pretty much impossible for me to get into a better college. I won’t have very good job opportunities if I graduate from a bad college.”

Lin Yi nodded- Xiaobo was making sense, but not everything he said was right…

“But, that job isn’t gonna get you enough at all- you won’t even be able to use that to get into an associated college, let alone pay for Fen’s bills!” Lin Yi wasn’t trying to discourage him, but that’s how it was- even two to three thousand kuai a month was considered a high alary.

Xiaobo was a bit disappointed and disheartened from the words, but Lin Yi was right- it wasn’t enough. “My grandfather’s just too old fashioned- if he’d opened a medicine factory as well then things wouldn’t be like this! That recipe’s registered under my second grandfather’s name now, I can’t sell it even if I wanted to now!”

“Ah……” Lin Yi didn’t say anything, but a plan started brewing inside his head.

He was eating lunch with Xiaobo in the canteen when Jingyi called him again.

“Lin Yi, have you decided? Can you help me?” Jingyi’s voice was a little rushed- it had to be quite a pressing matter for her to have called again so soon.

“Miss Sun, shouldn't you be the one deciding? Have you agreed to my terms?” Lin Yi responded with a question.

“Your terms…..” Jingyi remembered Lin Yi asking for half of what the opposing party was demanding- she’d thought of it as a joke, but it seemed like Lin Yi was serious. “You… sure about this?”

“Absolutely! I’m sure!!” Lin Yi said. “That’s the rule for us Grand Thieves, it’s what I’ve been taught. If you can’t accept my terms then let’s stop here- I still need to get back to lunch!”

“Wait, Lin Yi- where are you? I’ll treat you to lunch, let’s talk about this!” Jinyi said quickly, afraid that Lin Yi would hang up on her again.

“Oh. Then wait for me at the food street behind Songshan’s First School- I’m there.” Lin Yi, naturally, wouldn’t turn down money delivered to him.

“Alright, I’ll leave right now- be there in ten minutes.” With that, Jingyi hung up.

“You have something to do, boss?” Xiaobo asked, not understanding Lin Yi’s conversation with Jingyi.

“Yeah. You eat first- there’s something I need to do.” Lin Yi said as he walked out of the canteen.

Ten minutes later and Lin Yi spotted Jingyi, who came in a red Audi A41. He wasn’t expecting Jingyi to have her own car- he remembered her arriving at the bar in a cab.

Thinking about it, no one went to a bar in their own car- how’d they get home if they got drunk?

Lin Yi wasn’t wearing his school uniform today- it was with Tang Yin. Jingyi, as a result, wouldn’t think that Lin Yi was a student here- she just assumed that he happened to be having lunch there.

“Get in!” Jingyi said with a wave of her hand, to which Lin Yi responded by getting into the co-driver seat.

He sized Sun Jingyi up- she was looking more elegant than she had been in the bar, and more dignified in her white collar shirt.

“Where are we eating?” Jingyi had noticed Lin Yi’s gaze, but didn’t really mind- she was actually feeling pretty proud over it. “What’s wrong, little handsome? Like what you see? Maybe help this big sis out then?”

“You’re not over twenty.” Lin Yi said faintly. “You think pulling your hair up makes you a big sis?”

“......” Jingyi almost crashed her car into a wall. “How… How did you know?”

“You’re making yourself look older for the sake of talking business, right…” Lin Yi said, dodging the question. As someone adept in Eastern medicine, Lin Yi was able to estimate a person’s age by looking at the details in the neck and face, for example.

“Alright then- but you have to admit, I’m still older than you!” Jingyi said, not dwelling on the topic- talking to this man would only be disadvantageous to her, and she had to readjust herself.

“Older than me by two years? They say that doesn’t count- you have to be at least three years older.” Lin Yi shook his head. “Man, your age is a bit in that weird spot- the spot I just happened to not have any interest in…..”

Jingyi’s eyes were wide open- was this guy trying to piss everyone off when he talked? What was he even talking about, not having interest in her because she was two years older instead of three?

“Tell me- what do I have to do for you to help me?” Jingyi said through gritted teeth- she’d have kicked him out the car if she didn’t need his help.

“Help you? It’s simple, I gave you my terms. It just depends on if you agree or not.” Lin Yi adjusted his seat into a more comfortable position- Jingyi must not have had a lot of men in her car- the gap for the legs wasn’t very big.

“You know what their chairman’s terms are?” Jingyi asked, not quite sure if she should be laughing or crying.

“They’ve gotta be a lot harder to accept than just hiring me with a huge compensation to steal their stuff. I don’t know what kind of units they’re going by, so how am I supposed to know if your compensation’s high or not?” Lin Yi repsonded with a question of his own.

“Then you sure you want half of what they’re asking for?” A nice little plan came up as she blinked her eyes like a sly fox.

“I’m sure. It’s my mentor’s rule.” Lin Yi nodded, looking pretty serious and solemn as he did so.

(‘mentor’ here has the same characters as ‘mentor’s mentor’, which i translated as grand mentor last time.. The meaning here doesn’t mean mentor’s mentor, but more like uncle sifu instead of main sifu)

“Your mentor’s a grand thief as well?” Jingyi asked curiously. “Then what about your sifu?”

“My mentor’s a world class master thief, the best there is, but my sifu doesn’t steal stuff.” Lin Yi said faintly.

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