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Chapter 242 - Missed Something

Sun Jingyi curled her lips, evidently not believing Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was good- he’d proven that by beating an iron fist user of the Wu house at hand speed.

But Jingyi didn’t believe what Lin Yi had said about his mentor- world class? The best there was? Why would Lin Yi be holed up in a small city like Songshan, if that were the case… He even accepted that job where she paid him a thousand kuai for- wasn’t he a bit cheap?

World class thief- how rich would a thief of that caliber be?

And why was his mentor a master thief, but not his sifu? What was up with them?

Jingyi, as a result, subconsciously labeled Lin Yi’s words as bullshit.

“Alright then, if you’re sure half of their demands is what you want, then it’s a deal.” Jingyi said. “But you better not regret it!”

Lin Yi frowned- this girl had that weird expression on her face, and he couldn’t help but get suspicious… Was something up?

Yet there really didn’t seem like anything could go wrong… Was what they were asking for not worth much? That couldn’t be the case- why would Jingyi go out of her way to hire him if so?

He felt that something was amiss, but couldn’t quite pin it down.

“Hey, so what’s it gonna be?” Jingyi rushed. “You’re younger than me, but you’re still a man! You’re not gonna go back on your word, are you, handsome?”

“Ah…. Fine, I won’t regret it! I’ll take half of what they’re asking for!” Lin Yi said, helpless- he did announce to her that he’d accept half of their demands…

“Alright, don’t forget what you said!” Jingyi was getting a little excited- Lin Yi actually said yes. “Let’s go eat first, I’ll bring you to someplace good!”

Lin Yi’s heart dropped at Jingyi’s excited face- something really was up!! What did he miss..? He decided to stop thinking about it after straining his brain for a bit- what was the worst that could happen? Stealing some documents wasn’t a hard task- so be it if he wasn’t going to get paid for it; it wasn’t a big deal.

Jingyi’s ‘someplace good’ turned out to be a food stall in a food street, much to Lin YI’s surprise and speechlessness. He’d thought that the girl was bringing him to some high-end restaurant.

Jingyi parked her car by the roadside and got out of the car with Lin Yi. “We’re here! They have genuine spicy skewers here, they’re really good!”

“........” Lin Yi didn’t know what to say, but it was true that he personally preferred food like that.

“Boss, gimme a pot!” Jingyi was evidently quite familiar with the practice as she asked for a pot from the stall owner- she started picking some skewers out from his cart before turning to Lin Yi. “Take what you want- we’ll add up the price from the skewer sticks later.”

Lin Yi smiled, and started picking skewers out and putting them in the pot as well.

The two then found themselves a vacant table and seated themselves as Jinyi started adding seasoning onto the skewers.

“Pay up, pay up!!” Lin Yi and Jingyi were just about to start eating when a couple of tough-looking men came walking over to the stall owner.

“Scar Bro… Didn’t I just pay you a few days ago……” The stall owner’s face paled before he put on a smile to greet the men with.

“Few days ago? It was Cow Bro’s mom’s birthday a few days ago, that money was an offering to her! Today’s when you pay up the protection fee!” A man in a singlet said impatiently- there was a scar on his face.

“Uhh……” The stall owner knew that these guys might be lying about the whole thing, but he was in their territory…

Scarface here was a gangster in the area- he specialized in collecting ‘protection money’ from the stall owners here.

“Hurry up! You wanna go out of business or what??” Scarface threatened as he took a skewer from Lin Yi’s table, throwing the stick back after finishing.

“Hey, don’t throw your stick back here- we’re gonna have to pay for that.” Lin Yi frowned.

“Hm?” Scarface paused- he’d never thought that there’d be a customer ballsy enough to be talking to him like that. He was about to start yelling when he noticed Jingyi, his eyes widening and a pervy smile forming on his face. “Ah, is that so! Don’t worry about it, big bro here’s gonna treat ya. You guys, come over- we’ll eat together!”

With that, Scarface seated his ass on the chair beside Jingyi’s, his eyes fixed on her. “Hey there, girl- order what you want, big bro’s buying! Want some beer?”

Jingyi brows tightened- she hadn’t expected Lin Yi to be this good at attracting trouble. These people were only here for the protection money, and they’d leave right after collecting it… The stall owner wouldn’t even charge Lin Yi for that skewer stick in the first place, he saw what had happened! Why did Lin Yi have to say something like that?

“Did I say you could sit here? Do I know you?” Lin Yi wasn’t too pleased at this jerk trying to hit on Jingyi- the girl was his employer at the moment! How dare he do this right in front of him?

Lin Yi didn’t like to butt into other people’s business, but this concerned him directly- Scarface had sat down because of what he’d said, after all.

“The fuck you think you are, you son of a bitch?” Scarface turned to push at Lin Yi- the guy was a hindrance already, and this was a good time to get rid of him.

What answered Scarface was a slap- His hand hadn’t been quite satisfied with hitting Ruoming’s face earlier, and there were other people watching, too, the dean included.. He had to hold back a lot.

Yet there was no need for that here, and Scarface’s face bulged up like a dumpling.

“I hate people who talk about my mother like that!” Lin Yi had been motherless since a young age, and curses that involved her was a big taboo for him.

“You… You hit me?” Scarface stared at Lin Yi in disbelief as he tried to comprehend what had just happened- he was a tyrant here in this food street, and no one even dared raise their voice at him! Lin Yi’s slap didn’t seem real at all!

“Scram.” Lin Yi said with a disdainful look at Scarface- this was the type of person he looked down on the most, messing with women even on top of his protection money collecting.

“You wanna die? You don’t have enough pubes for this shit!” Scarface was so pissed that the whole thing amused him. He picked a bottle of beer on the next table and threw it at Lin Yi. “We aren’t playing games here- this is how you do it!!”

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