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Chapter 240 - Public Slap

“Mr. Wang- you mind if I take up some of your time?” Lin Yi said with as smile.

“Ah… Not at all, not at all……” Zhifeng was quite troubled- it was all because he couldn’t keep himself in check and let Lin Yi catch him doing it in the office… He wouldn’t have to go through all this otherwise!

Lin Yi nodded, and brought the panicking and struggling Tang Yin over to Zou Ruoming- there was no way she could get herself out of Lin Yi’s grip!

She couldn’t believe what was happening- she was holding hands with a boy right in front of the dean, the last thing she wanted to happen!! She might even get expelled from the school at this point..! Although, the dean did look as if he didn’t see anything, that smile still on his face as he looked at Lin Yi.

To be honest, the fear Tang Yin had towards Zou Ruoming was the traumatic and constant type- she had no idea what the guy would decide to do to her on a whim all of a sudden…

Yet she never had the same kind of fear towards Lin Yi since the start- not in the past, and definitely not now… or ever.

A slap sounded as Lin Yi sent a hand across Ruoming’s face.

Wang Zhifeng was taken aback, Zou Ruoming’s lackeys were stunned, and even Tang Yin stared at Lin Yi in disbelief.

Did this guy just slap Zou Ruoming in front of the dean..?

Genuine anger and terror reflected in Ruoming’s eyes after he recovered from the shock… He was really starting to fear this Lin Yi now- he was more than just violent, he was a monster!

“Remember that slap, and remember this: Tang Yin’s my woman! You so much as touch her again and I’ll wipe you off the school.” Lin Yi threatened, actually meaning to say ‘face of the earth’ instead of ‘school’.




These were what the students present thought of Lin Yi.

Slapping someone in front of the dean… Who else could do something like that? Who’d even dare..?

Yet Lin Yi did exactly that, and the dean wasn’t even saying anything!!

The guy even announced that Tang Yin was his woman right in front of Wang Zhifeng..!!! This was an absolute first in the school’s history!!

Even that legendary head of the Big Four wasn’t this tyrannical, was he..?

Tang Yin’s face was a bright red, a little furious with a tint of happiness… Lin Yi just called her his woman right in front of the dean…

Tang Yin never expected to have that tint of rebellious happiness towards something this insane… She’d always been a goody-two-shoes in the school…

“Alright, Mr. Wang, carry on. These guys are just looking for a beating, don’t you think?” Lin Yi turned to Wang Zhifeng as if it wasn’t him who slapped Ruoming across the face.

“Haha…….” Zhifeng chuckled dryly before waving the delinquents away as Lin Yi went back into the school building with Tang Yin.

“Let go……” Tang Yin struggled after recovering from the shock.

Lin Yi was afraid she’d run earlier, after all. He let go of Tang Yin’s hand.

“Why’d you say I was your… your woman?” Tang Yin’s eyes were wide open as she looked at Lin Yi. “What am I supposed to do now after all that?”

“Ah, I just wanted you to see.. Zou Ruoming isn’t scary at all.” Lin Yi said, avoiding the question. “I felt your fear towards him, so I wanted to let you know practically that I could beat him up any time I wanted, even if we were right in front of the dean.”

“Ah……” Tang Yin blinked- she hadn’t expected Lin Yi to have done that for her sake… It touched her, and it was true that Ruoming didn’t seem that scary anymore…

An asshole who Lin Yi had shoved off of his altar… who could do nothing but stay silent after Lin Yi had slapped him across the face…

Tang Yin didn’t approve of Lin Yi’s use of violence, but as the saying went: violence against violence.

“But you didn’t have to say that in front of so many people… I’m still a girl, alright..? I’m not as shameless as you!!” Tang Yin said as she tried to hide her feelings.

“Ah……” Lin Yi didn’t respond to that. “Let’s get going, class is starting…..”

“Yeah……” Tang Yin just wanted to give a retort, but she didn’t really feel like treating Lin Yi the way she’d done before anymore… She didn’t even feel against it when Lin Yi had made the announcement. “Ah, right… How’d you… get the poison out of me yesterday?”

Things had been pretty chaotic yesterday, and she never had the chance to ask.

“Ah, that. It’s one of the medical massages Eastern doctors do, it’s like acupuncture.” Lin Yi said, naturally leaving the Art of Dragon Mastery part out. She wouldn’t understand all that anyway.

“Oh... I see. Then, Lin Yi, do you think you’ll be able to heal Fen’s condition?” It was something Tang Yin had been thinking about- she didn’t know where Lin Yi learned his medical skills, but the guy had proven himself to be quite effective.

There was that time when Fen’s illness was acting up, and the way he’d removed the poison from her yesterday. This meant that Lin Yi was good- he might be able to heal Fen.

“I should be, but I can’t do that yet…” Lin Yi didn’t have anything that could target the nervous system with him at the moment- they were back with Old Lin, who had used it to strengthen Lin Yi’s constitution.

To cure Fen’s leg, he needed both that and acupuncture- just acupuncture alone wouldn’t do much.

“Oh……” Tang Yin nodded disappointedly, assuming that Lin Yi was saying he wasn’t capable of a medical feat like that yet.

The school bell rang, and both Lin Yi and Tang Yin quickened their steps. Tang Yin increased her pace all of a sudden as they neared class nine, evidently trying to put some distance between Lin Yi and her.

Lin Yi smiled, but didn’t try to catch up to her- he waited until she got to her class before walking back to his own.

“Boss, you were so cool!” Xiaobo gave Lin Yi a thumbs-up right after he’d seated himself.

“What’d you mean?” Lin Yi paused, wondering if this guy had seen something.

“I was looking out the window from the corridor- you slapped Zou Ruoming right in front of the dean! Boss, you’re amazing!” Xiaobo’s admiration towards Lin Yi was growing once more.

“Did anyone else see me?” Lin Yi frowned, not expecting Xiaobo to have seen him.

“Nope, just me.” Xiaobo replied with a shake of his head.

“Good.” Lin Yi let out a breath of relief- it’d be fine as long as the Miss didn’t see it… He’d have more trouble to deal with otherwise when he went back home. “By the way, what did you want to talk to me about?”

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240, huh? time sure flies

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