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Chapter 222 - Terror

The yellow-haired man didn’t doubt the explanation- this was a right-hand man who had followed him for years, and was the only lackey whom he knew for certain would never betray him.

His face turned ugly as he stared at the man standing before him- this guy was obviously one of those legendary masters.

The yellow-haired man wasn’t a master himself, but he’d heard about the division classes, about the sky, earth, mystic, and golden fighters. These were people who could run up walls and jump from rooftop to rooftop!

He didn’t know which division class Lin Yi belonged to, or if he was even in one, but just from what Lin Yi had done to his hand, he knew for a fact that he was no regular human. His right hand lackey’s explanation also contributed to that fact.

He didn’t think Lin Yi was that strong, but as far as he was concerned, he was no match to Lin Yi at all! Even if the guy wasn’t a firstgrade golden class, he had to be at least halfway there. With that in mind, the yellow haired man switched from his aggressive mindset to a defensive one.

“Wow, your right hand looks like shit. Let’s mess with your other hand then! You’ll be able to answer some questions since you’re awake now.” Lin Yi squatted down and pulled the man’s left hand over to play dislocation with.

“Don’t… Bro, don’t, I’ll tell you everything……” The man begged, his face full of terror as he looked at Lin Yi.

“Oh, okay- did that Zou something send you guys?” Lin Yi asked.

“Yes.” The man said quickly.

“Okay, you guys can go. Tell that Zou something that I’ll be coming for him.” Lin Yi said.

“Yes sir, bro, I’ll make sure to tell him.” The man said.

A crack sounded, and Lin Yi let go of the man’s left hand- it got dislocated as well.

“Gah-!! B-Bro, I told you everything… why……” The man jumped off the ground at the pain, his face a little pitiful as he looked at Lin Yi.

“I have a kind face, so I don’t want you thinking I’m not a violent guy or anything. You might come back here again for trouble if I don’t prove a point.” Lin Yi said with a smile void of compassion.

“.........” The yellow-haired man felt like crying at that point. “Bro, I know how violent you are now, don’t worry, I won’t come back again……”

Lin Yi was warning him not to come back to the hospital looking for trouble, but he didn’t even dare to in the first place! He was a gangster, but that didn’t mean he was stupid- why would he ever go up against a guy clearly stronger than him just to get beat up?

“Alright, you can go then. See ya.” Lin Yi said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

The dean had long been at the scene, watching the whole thing at the door, understanding now why Lin Yi had asked for doctors beforehand- the people coming out really did need medical attention!

Lin Yi was very perceptive- the fear coming from the yellow-haired man was genuine, not the type of fake submission and fear some people put on to deceive him with. Some people submitted and surrendered, accepting the loss while others pretended to as they began plotting their revenge.

Should the yellow-haired man really be planning revenge, then Lin Yi wouldn’t mind wiping him off the face of the planet out of nowhere- it was something he was famous for doing back in his war days, after all. Anyone who went after a team member of his would find their entire family targeted by Lin Yi.

He didn’t have those teammates with him after returning to the cities, but he did get himself quite a few friends, whom Lin Yi protected the same way he did his teammates.

Tang Yin, on the other hand, had eyes wide with shock and a hand over her mouth, and even a tigress like Xinwen was staring in disbelief. Meanwhile, Song Huiping was covering Fen’s eyes…

Lin Yi was too brutal! He was dealing with bad men, but his methods were still too gory!! Only Xiaobo’s eyes shined with excitement at the scene!

He’d been in a fight by Lin Yi’s side on the balcony before, and men had mostly boiling blood and recklessness instead of terror and fear when involved in a fight.

“Guys like that need a lesson they’ll remember- else they’ll just keep on coming.” Lin Yi shrugged, a little embarrassed as he explained his situation- everyone was staring at him.

“Boss, you’re so cool! Can you teach me that move from earlier? You ruined his hand with just a crack…” Xiaobo said enviously.

“I could, but who should I demonstrate it on?” Lin Yi smiled as he looked at Xiaobo.

“Ugh… nevermind then……” Xiaobo said, shaking his head as he pulled his hand back weakly.

The tense atmosphere in the room relaxed from the comedy between Xiaobo and Lin Yi, and even Huiping laughed along with Fen, who had probably seen her share of life and death scenes as well.

Mrs. Tang had to set her stand up that afternoon, and Tang Yin, naturally, had to help out. Having sorted Fen’s stuff out, she prepared to leave. Lin Yi didn’t see any point in staying here without Tang Yin, and left with her.

It was only Xiaobo and Xinwen left with Fen. Xiaobo seemed to have made his mind up- he was a hot-blooded eighteen year old boy, and didn’t take into consideration Fen’s flaws……

Lin Yi may have been a bit more rational than Xiaobo, but not by a lot- something like this in school life had a strong appeal to him, especially after the bloody days he’d been through, which he was starting to leave behind…

He glanced at Tang Yin sitting in the co-driver seat, silent with her head lowered. He grinned at how she always looked like Lin Yi was bullying her all day every day.

He drove into the slums and parked his car at the same spot as yesterday.

The slums were bustling with life- there were old people chatting with their neighbors, kids playing tag… all of them turned to look at Lin Yi’s car as he drove in.

Fen’s suicide attempt had blown past them already.

“I’ll walk you home?” Lin Yi frowned as he spotted Li Erlan walking their way casually.

Tang Yin nodded after some hesitation. “..Yeah.” She’d rather be with a gentleman asshole than an unreasonable asshole.

Tang Yin felt that Lin Yi was being pretty reasonable and gentlemanly with her, never forcing anything in his attempt to make her his girlfriend, even tolerating her tantrums once in awhile. Her defense against Lin Yi weakened- she believed that Lin Yi wouldn’t do anything crossing the line without her nod of approval.

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