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Chapter 223 - Father and Son of House Zou

It was evident that Li Erlan had spotted Lin Yi and Tang Yin- he paused for a bit, but kept walking on past them without so much as a word.

He had more important things to take care of today, for Master Bin had just arrived at Songshan. He needed to bring a couple of his bros and get on his side! As for Lin Yi and Tang Yin… it was a matter he’d resolve in due time.

He hated Lin Yi to the core, but Erlan believed that taking care of Lin Yi would only take a couple minutes with Master Bin supporting him, and Tang Yin would become his plaything.

He turned his head back with a furious glare at Lin Yi before continuing to walk on. He knew why Master Bin called for him, and he was having second thoughts… It didn’t feel right at all to turn on his fellow slum members.

But Lin Yi’s appearance made him determined to go to Master Bin…

Lin Yi didn’t know what Li Erlan was thinking about, and couldn’t help but wonder why he’d just walked past them without saying anything. “He doesn’t bother you anymore?”

Tang Yin was curious as well, but shook her head. Not to answer the question, but because she didn’t know what was up with Erlan too.

Lin Yi walked Tang Yin to her doorstep, but didn’t go in. “I’m leaving then?”

“Yeah…” Tang Yin was a bit irritated- couldn’t the guy just leave if he wanted to, what was he asking her for? Did he hope that she’d invite him in for a cup of tea? Wasn’t he just forcing her to do that with a question like that? Yet it’d be pretty rude for her to not invite him at this point, and Tang Yin hadn’t much of a choice. “You wanna come in for a bit?”

“It’s fine, I’m going back.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Oh……” Tang Yin’s irritation only grew- she’d dropped her pride and invited him in already, only to get rejected?! What the hell! She turned away from Lin Yi and quickly ran inside…

It was Monday, and a very excited Zhong Pinliang called Zou Ruoming out to meet.

“Liang, what’s up?” Ruoming wasn’t in a very good mood because of what had happened yesterday- his plans got messed up! He had looked to get his brother to send some men his way, to help kidnap Tang Yin so that he could have his way with her… But he found out that both his brother’s hands were destroyed when he got home! It’d take quite a while to heal, and he had to postpone his plan!

He’d returned home yesterday to see his old man Zou Tiandi sitting there, a pissed-off look on his face.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Ruoming asked, curious why his dad looked like someone had robbed him of his money.

No one took his money, but he did get robbed of a hospital room! He wasn’t a titan in Songshan, but he was a man with strong connections! Losing a hospital room to some random dudes- he’d get laughed at if word got out!

How would he survive in Songshan’s upper society if that happened?

For that, he told Zhao Guangdong to dial his eldest son up, Zou Ruoguang of the northern district- so that his rage could be unleashed on those fuckers!

He was waiting for good news from his son when bad news came! Ruoguang had gotten beat up in the hospital room, and was coming back home with very big losses!

It’d been a long time since he’d experienced something like this, ever since the success of his KTV business! Life was especially good after he’d sponsored his eldest son and got him a gangster leader position in the northern district!

“Go do your homework! You’re the only educated man we’ll have from the Zou family- I’ll need you to manage the company when you grow up!” Tiandi barked after a glare at Ruoming.

He had high hopes for his younger son- after all, both he and Ruogang weren’t gentlemanly people… They had to go into society from a young age, and there was simply no time for education- it was too late for them, but not for Ruoming, whom they’d pinned their hopes on.

Tiandi learned firsthand how important a manager was the larger his KTV business grew- he could hire one, but it wouldn’t be as optimal as having a family member in that position. It was why he wanted Ruoming to study hard- his KTV would only grow larger with a trusted manager at his side.

Ruoming acted the part at home, as if he were a good student who listened to his father… It hadn’t even crossed Tiandi’s mind that his eldest son loved his brother so much he’d been spoiling him, helping him with bad deeds and even hiding it from Tiandi!

“Okay……” Ruoming said, closing the door after entering his room. He wasn’t doing his homework, but he did have an ear to the door as he waited for his brother to return, planning on eavesdropping on their conversation…

It wasn’t long before his brother returned, and much to Ruoming’s surprise, Ruoguang’s hands were thoroughly bandaged!

“Ruoguang…” Tiandi had been a gangster in his earlier years as well, and was no stranger to the violent side of society… But something like this hadn’t happened in so long after Ruoguang conquered the northern area…

“Dad, the guy’s a master- I can’t beat him!” Ruoguang said candidly, still very afraid of Lin Yi. “None of my men are a match for him! From what I can see, even if he’s not at the golden class he’s definitely almost there! He might even know acupuncture!”

“What? That strong? Are you sure? Those two bastards can’t be over twenty, how could he possibly be a master?” Tiandi asked doubtfully.

“Dad, even I don’t believe it- but he’s really strong. Let’s just leave this behind us… It’s not like we have big beef with him……” Ruoguang shuddered as he remembered Lin Yi.

“Fucking- Useless!” Tiandi hmphed coldly. “Where are your guts?! Even that useless brother of yours is braver, look at what he did to that girl in his class first year in middle school! What have you done? I’ve really made the wrong decision, I should’ve let you get an education and given the gangster role to Ruoming!”

Ruoguang only lowered his head, afraid to look his father in the eye.

“So what if he’s strong? Four fists is trouble for two hands, haven’t you heard of that saying? You think they just made that up for fun? You think it gets to be passed down for so many generations for nothing?” Tiandi said with a hmph. “Your Uncle Yan, he’s a golden class as well, but he’s lost to special ops all the same! Look at what I went through just to bail him out!”

(that saying sounds weird in English, but it looks important lol)

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