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Chapter 221 - Fate of a Pervert's Hand

“Of course not!” Tang Yin said with curled lips. “You’re helping your follower get with a girl, that’s what you’re doing!”

“That too, I guess.” Lin Yi said, not denying it.

Tang Yin hmphed, not speaking another word- her relationship with Lin Yi was getting really confusing and blurry at this point, and it didn’t seem like a relationship she could cut off anymore. Just thinking about it gave her a headache, and the best way to deal with that was to not think about it at all.

It wasn’t long before the dean himself pushed Fen into the room in a wheelchair. Lin Yi smiled faintly at the scene- the guy must’ve thought he was really close with Guan Xuemin.

The dean took his leave after setting things up for Fen, and the room was silent once more- Zou Tiandi and his group weren’t in the corridor anymore.

“Eh? Boss, that Zou dude, he left just like that? Didn’t he dare us to stay?” Xiaobo said, not understanding why the guy had just left.

“He’s probably getting some manpower?” Lin Yi didn’t think Tiandi would just let things end this way. “Or maybe he left first so that the guys he sent wouldn’t be traced back to him.”

Xiaobo was nodding when loud footsteps sounded outside the room, and the door was kicked open with a burst. A man with dyed yellow hair barged in the room with four to five gangster-looking men. “All the dudes in here, get out!! Eh?”

The yellow-haired man wanted to order all the men in the room out when his gaze froze on Tang Yin- he wasn’t expecting a girl this pretty in here!

This man was a huge pervert- he’d planned on teaching these kids a lesson, but seeing Tang Yin changed his mind. He glanced at one of his lackeys- he couldn’t just voice his thoughts out loud. He was the leader, after all. He had an image to keep.

The man he glanced at was his right-hand man, and he understood his boss’ intentions immediately. He pointed at Tang Yin. “You come out too!”

Tang Yin paused, understanding immediately that the yellow haired person had his eyes set on her. A little panicked, she glanced at Lin Yi, who was casually standing there as if nothing was happening.

She calmed herself down- she should be fine if Lin Yi was here, right? She always complained about Lin Yi treating her nicely with ulterior motives in mind, but still wanted Lin Yi’s protection when situations like this arose.

It was weird.

The yellow-haired man nodded at his lackey’s attentiveness. With that, he reached his hand towards Tang Yin, thinking of picking her up and out of the room.

Startled, Tang Yin stepped back and bumped into Lin Yi, who was suddenly standing behind her. She was about to ask him what he was doing when he caught the yellow-haired man’s hand in his palm.

“What’s with your hand?” Lin Yi said faintly as he looked at the man. “Even I didn’t get to hug her yet, get in line!”

Tang Yin’s face reddened at Lin Yi’s shamelessness- ‘didn’t get to hug her’? Did this guy not remember feeling her body up that one time?!

“Kid, that means you’ve no business with her, yeah? Don’t try to chew something you can’t swallow.” The man said, his expression cold as he tried to pull his hand out.

“I’m pretty unpredictable, I think I’ll be fine. Your hand, though…” With that, Lin Yi tugged at the hand violently, followed by a loud crack and cries of agony.

“Ahhh…. My hand… My hand…!!!” The man was on the verge of tearing up as piercing pain intensified in his palm.

“Come on, I just pulled at it, grow some balls. Hey, that Zou Tiandi person sent you, right?” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting the guy to start crying over a broken hand- it wasn’t even that bad.

“My… gaah… my hand……” The man continued crying without answering the question.

“......” Helpless, Lin Yi pushed at the hand, sending another crack reverberating throughout the room. “Okay, I pushed it back in, it’s fixed… just answer me…”

The four lackeys with the yellow-haired man stared at the scene- what kind of person was this? Did he think they were doing acrobatics? Casually dislocating a hand and pushing it back into place?

They hesitated- their boss hadn’t given any orders yet, and he was still at the enemy’s mercy…

“Get him, all of you get him! KIll this kid..!!” The man yelled, the pain not as intense anymore.

Another crack sounded, and the palm was dislocated once more.

“Ghh!!!” The man gritted his teeth- Lin Yi had applied even more force this time around, and his hand was beyond dislocated, twisted at a horrifying angle…

He whimpered before rolling his eyes back and falling to the ground, unconscious.

“Shouldn’t have pushed it back in.” Lin Yi turned to the other people walking towards him, hesitating as they stared at their boss. “You guys, any pervy hands there?”

The four lackeys were staring at their boss’ deformed hand, shivers running down their spines. What the hell was with this guy, did he have no mercy at all?

“N-No……” The lackeys shook their hands subconsciously, not very keen on ending up like that guy lying on the ground.

“Kay. Alright, you!” Lin Yi pointed at the guy who’d told Tang Yin to come out. “Tell me, did that Chairman Zou call you here?”

“Uh……” The lackey was the yellow haired man’s right-hand man, and he couldn’t bring himself to betray his boss- he looked at him, and turned his rageful eyes to Lin Yi. He flashed a dagger out and charged at Lin Yi, yelling as he did so.

Just as he was about to reach Lin Yi, his body turned and the dagger sliced through the air, straight at Tang Yin.

Tang Yin cried out, and tried to get out of the way when the dagger closed in on her. His body continued turning, however, and he tumbled down towards the yellow-haired man the next instant, the dagger inserting itself into his deformed hand.

The yellow-haired man woke up with a jump, his eyes wide open as he stared at his lackey and the dagger in his hand. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!!!”

He didn’t know where the will and courage came from, but the yellow-haired man used his left hand to pull the dagger out, pointing it at his right-hand man. “You’re betraying me..?”

“Boss… I wasn’t… It wasn’t me… I was aiming for that kid and that girl. I didn’t know why but the kid kicked at me, and I fell…” The lackey explained as he waved his hands in front of him. “I don’t know how the knife went into you…”

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