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Chapter 202 - Disciple of Guan Xuemin

The doctor wasn’t an Eastern doctor, but he’d learned about Eastern medicine back in medical school. Using a needle head for acupuncture was ridiculous! The needle from the bit tube wasn’t as thick as the one found in a syringe, but it still crossed the line! It was highly unlikely that a needle like that would cause no harm to the patient’s nerves and veins, and no doctor would do something like that.

There were emergency situations where other non-professional needles were used in place of proper ones, but only absolute masters of Eastern medicine would carry out such a feat!

It was something that required very solid experience and foundations, and a very stable and controlled hand. Stick the needle in too deeply or too shallowly, and it’d cause unintended harm instead of curing anything.

“This is ridiculous, who did this?!” The doctor said angrily as he pointed at Lin Yi. “Was it you? What would you have done if something had happened to the patient? Whose responsibility would it be if that happened, the hospital? Lil’ Wang, call the police!” The doctor ordered, furious.

“Okay……” The nurse nodded as she prepared to make a phone call.

While Lin Yi did know officers in the police force, he’d rather not get into any trouble. From how things stood, Lin Yi’s medical skills might even be needed for Fen’s recovery… “It’s not ridiculous- I’m Guan Xuemin’s disciple!!”

“Guan Xuemin? Who- What? The Guan Xuemin?!” The doctor paused as he stared at Lin Yi in disbelief- Guan Xuemin was known as the Dean of All Doctors, after all.

He himself was a graduate from Songshan’s School of Medicine, and it was only natural that he’d know a character like Guan Xuemin. After all, all students at that school, both Western and Eastern medicine students, took pride in getting the chance to attend one of Guan Xuemin’s lectures.

If this person really were a disciple of Guan Xuemin, then him using the needle head for acupuncture wasn’t absurd in the slightest- it had been a special situation, after all.

Lin Yi nodded. “I can give him a call if you don’t believe me.”

Lin Yi spoke with such confidence that he didn’t seem to be lying at all, and there wasn’t anything wrong with Lan Fen, too- she’d just fallen asleep. The doctor wasn’t too doubtful of Lin Yi’s claim because of that.

“You’re really the disciple of Miracle Doctor Guan?”

“I’ll make a phone call.” Lin Yi said as he pulled his phone out and dialed in the number Xuemin had left him. It’d be easier for him to work on healing Fen without interruptions if he put Guan Xuemin’s name on the table.

Xuemin had just finished an acupuncture session with Liu Zhenhu when his phone rang. He frowned- he’d told his friends about calling him between nine to eleven in the mornings, very strictly, too. All patients, friends, colleagues… All of them knew that this was the time when Xuemin worked.

He was pretty displeased, but he did just finish the session.

“Hello? I’m Guan Xuemin.” Xuemin said, his tone a little unfriendly as he spoke.

“Grandpa Guan, I’m Lin Yi.” Lin Yi said, a little taken aback by Xuemin’s hostility.

“Ah..! Mister Lin!!” Xuemin got excited instantly upon hearing Lin Yi’s voice at the other end of the phone- he’d learned so much from Lin Yi from his last visit! He’d been working on some of the cases and solutions Lin Yi had taught him, too- his teachings had really enlightened him.

Xuemin was pondering about an invitation to approach Lin Yi to visit his house, too- this unexpected call was an absolute joy.

“Grandpa Guan, I’m at Songshan’s First People’s Hospital, and I wanna help treat a patient with acupuncture. I told them I’m your disciple, but the doctor here doesn’t believe me… Could you help prove my identity to him?” Lin Yi said.

“Disciple?” Guan Xuemin paused. “That can’t be, Mister Lin- I’m the disciple here!”

Xuemin wasn’t one to put any emphasis on his status as an elder- Lin Yi was better than him, and that was that- age had no say in the matter. As a result, Xuemin would never dare claim mentorship over Lin Yi.

“Alright, I’ll hand the phone to the doctor..” Lin Yi handed the phone over, hoping Xuemin would make his position clear.

The doctor’s heart was pumping hard as he took over the phone, his eyes widening upon seeing the number on the display- it was Guan Xuemin’s home phone!! All medical students knew about the number, it could be found in the contact list for the school- it was no secret.

The doctor spoke carefully after making sure it was Guan Xuemin on the other side of the phone. “Professor Guan, I’m Wang Liguo, third-generation graduate from Songshan’s First School of Medicine! I was your student!”

Liguo didn’t care if Xuemin remembered him- it was an absolute honor that he’d been to Guan Xuemin’s lectures before. It was something people envied.

“Oh, Lil’ Wang. Lin Yi’s prowess in medicine isn’t below what I’m capable of- just listen to anything he has to say.” Xuemin was a practical man, and he didn’t want to be known as Lin Yi’s ‘teacher’ out of nowhere. He decided to just give Liguo a vague hint.

“Rest assured, Professor Guan!” Liguo said with a gulp- it seemed that Lin Yi had graduated from Xuemin’s mentorship already, to have earned praise like that from Guan Xuemin!!

Liguo’s attitude changed completely after the phone call had ended. “I apologize, Mister Lin- I didn’t know who you were. Please forgive me!!”

“It’s fine.” Lin Yi said with a wave of his hand. “It was an emergency. I didn’t have any other choice. I’ll leave the rest in your hands!”

“No problem, Mister Lin. I’ll see to her recovery myself.” It was only natural for Liguo to pay more attention to Lan Fen’s condition, now that he knew who she was associated with.

Huiping, on the other hand, had been pretty troubled over her mess-up, and the trouble she had brought Lin Yi- she was trying to figure something out when Lin Yi changed the doctor’s attitude completely with just a phone call- the guy was respecting him now!

Naturally, the most surprised of all, was Tang Yin, who stared at Lin Yi, keeping her questions to herself temporarily considering the situation they were in.

“Well, Xiaobo and I will be going back first. We’ll come back when Fen’s condition stabilizes.” Lin Yi said as he prepared to leave.

Xiaobo wasn’t very willing to leave just like that, but one glare from Lin Yi, and he followed suit.

Tang Yin and Xinwen, on the other hand, stayed to look after Fen as the two boys walked out the hospital.

“Boss, you know acupuncture?” Xiaobo asked in disbelief, letting out the question he’d been holding in.

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