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Chapter 203 - Whoever Loses Confesses

“Just a bit.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Boss, is it like what they show on TV? Are you able to cure everything with just a needle?” Xiaobo asked curiously.

“Yes, but my abilities are limited.” Lin Yi said with a laugh. “Eastern medicine runs deep- that saying isn’t false, but it’s a real rarity for people to master the art.”

“Oh……” Xiaobo nodded. “Then… about Fen……”

“Her illness is psychological. She’ll be able to recover with the proper treatment.” Lin Yi said.

Xiaobo only asked out of curiosity, and Lin Yi’s answer sated it. He left it at that. “But boss, why’d you pull me out… I wanted to wait for Fen to wake up……”

“Didn’t you see what happened just now? She’s unstable, she thought you were Kang Zhaoming, even.” Lin Yi said. “You want her to go through that one more time when she wakes up?”

“I……” Xiaobo paused- why hadn’t he considered that? It was true that both incidents had occurred because Fen had seen him.

The first time had made her jump off a building, and the second one had taken place in the hospital room. Both were Xiaobo’s fault.

“We’ll come see her when she’s more stable.” Lin Yi said.

“Okay. Where are we going now? Do we go back for the barbeque?” Xiaobo asked.

“Barbeque?? Dude, Tang Yin’s in the hospital, you think it’ll be okay if the two of us just go back to Mrs. Tang for lunch?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. “Maybe next time.”

“You’re right… Well… The day isn’t all bad……” Xiaobo was still quite excited for having ‘physical contact’ with Fen earlier.

“Are you and Kang Zhaoming related?” Lin Yi asked suddenly as they got in the car.

Lin Yi had noticed Xiaobo’s expressions when Xinwen mentioned the name- the two looked alike, and had the same surnames, so it was a pretty easy guess.

“Boss……” Xiaobo made a fist with his hand. “I’ll tell you- he’s the grandson of that grandpa I told you about. He’s my second cousin……”

“I guessed so.” Lin Yi nodded. “What do you think?”

“I……” Xiabo lowered his head, going silent.

Lin Yi didn’t push him- focusing on the road instead……

“Xu Shihan’s concerts are so gooood!! It’d be so nice if we can go to one of her concerts!” Yushu said as she turned the TV off. “Yao Yao, big sis! Maybe you can tell Uncle Chu to sponsor her for a concert in Songshan?”

“You think dad’s company is for playing house?? He can’t just do that.” Mengyao said, tapping Yushu on the head. “Big chest and no brain, huh Shu?”

“My boobs aren’t big okay? It’s just that yours are too small! You know whose boobs are too big? Song Lingshan’s!!” Yushu said, convinced that there was nothing wrong with her body- it was the perfect ratio and proportions!

“Mine aren’t too small!! I just hit puberty late, okay?” Mengyao said angrily. “Those boobs of yours are gonna become a burden sooner or later!”

“Hehe…… Don’t be too sure!” Yushu said, making a face at Mengyao and changing the subject. “What should we play, Yao Yao?”

“How should I know?” Mengyao said, still pissed.

“Maybe we can go shopping?” Yushu suggested.

“We can’t.” Mengyao was still the more dominant one, the ‘bigger sister’. “We almost got in trouble the last time we went to a bar, and my dad’s company is in trouble. We can’t give him more problems to worry about.”

“Oh…..” Yushu said, a little disappointed. “Shield Bro went out so early, too.. We’d be completely safe if he were here!”

“You think he’s invincible??” Mengyao curled her lips. “He’s just good at teaching people like Zhong Pinliang a lesson- he’s just one person! What can he do if he meets the real bad guys?”

“Shield Bro’s pretty strong from what I can see……” Yushu said, disagreeing. “Didn’t he come back safe and sound that day?”

“Probably a fast runner.” Mengyao said. “Shu, you like him, don’t you?”

“Like him? Uncle Chu hired him as a partner candidate.” A slight blush formed on Yushu’s cheeks. “Okay okay, let’s stop talking about him, Yao Yao.”

“You’re the one who brought him up.” Mengyao said, exposing Yushu mercilessly.

“Hehe……” Yushu blinked at Mengyao. “Maybe we should play hide and seek?”

“Hide and seek?” Mengyao stared at Yushu. “Hide and seek how? In here? There’s nowhere to hide, it’s too small!”

“Isn’t there the garage and yard?” Yushu was a very active girl- she didn’t like lounging around. “Let’s each hide once, and we both get a ten minute seek period. The one who doesn’t find anyone loses.”

“Ooh, it’s more fun with a time limit.” Mengyao said, recalling their hide and seek sessions from when they were kids- they were pretty nostalgic memories.

“Hehe, right?” Yushu said, happy that Mengyao liked the idea. “Let’s bet something too, it’ll be more exciting!”

“Bet something? What do you wanna bet?” Mengyao asked. “Forget it if it’s money, I’m not interested.”

After all, it was only natural for the two girls to have no interest in money- putting a hundred kuai or two on the table wasn’t worth it.

“Betting money? Come on, that’s so boring.” Yushu said, shaking his head. “Let’s bet something with more thrill!”

“Thrill how?” Mengyao was starting to get interested- after all, twelfth graders didn’t have that thrilling lives. The most interesting things were their trips during holidays, but even those stopped when they became seniors.

It was always school and home- tasteless and dull.

“The one who loses confesses to Shield Bro tonight. How about it?” Yushu suggested, her eyes playful as she looked at Mengyao.

“WHA-?” The words threw Mengyao off balance. She took a moment to catch up before turning to Yushu. “Shu, why’re you so bad? Aren’t you scared at all that you might be the one losing??”

“Hehe, how’d you know I’ll lose? But I’m not guaranteed to win either, so we both have a fifty-fifty chance! That’s what makes it exciting!” Yushu said.

“But isn’t that a little too extreme..?” Mengyao said, hesitating. The thrill and excitement were there, that was for sure, but wasn’t it a bit… too exciting and thrilling? What if she lost?

Confess to Lin Yi? She’d rather let someone kill her!

“Yao Yao, think about it- you’re at a big advantage here! It’s your villa, you know it better than I do, right?” Yushu said, trying to tempt the girl.

“I… Well…… Okay then……” Mengyao found herself agreeing- it was her home, after all. She had the advantage.

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