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Chapter 201 - Intermittent Psychosis

Kang Xiaobo, Tang Yin, and Liu Xinwen stared in shock.

This was how it was with Fen’s sickness- she’d hallucinate and go crazy for a while before settling down, falling asleep and forgetting everything that had happened after waking. Her suicide attempt this time around was but one example.

Lin Yi sighed faintly, it was intermittent psychosis. Fen had had a very serious emotional trauma, and that had developed into a sickness- it had worsened to this point due to a lack of proper treatment.

Yet intermittent psychosis was different from a mental illness: it was just a symptom, something that could be cured completely with proper guidance and acupuncture.

Huiping looked at Xiaobo after hearing Kang Zhaoming’s name- a confused look on her face.

They did look alike… Huiping frowned as she recalled the suicide scene- so that was why Fen jumped, it was because of this Xiaobo!

Although, it seemed pretty ridiculous to blame Xiaobo for being born with that face- the guy was her daughter’s savior, and she shouldn’t be hating him at all.

“You still love me, don’t you? Zhaoming?” Fen continued as she looked into Xiaobo’s eyes. She tried getting down from the bed, the tube connected to her arm almost falling off as she moved.

Xiaobo jumped at the movement- he rushed over to stop her when Fen trapped him in a hug, not letting go.

“Zhaoming, you came back!! You won’t leave anymore, right? You’ll treat me good forever, right??” Fen asked softly as she embraced Xiaobo.

“Uh……” It was an awkward situation for Xiaobo- it was a scene he looked forward to, being locked in an embrace with Fen… It was something he could only fantasize about not too long earlier, and it had become a reality! Yet Xiaobo was nowhere near happy.

For Fen had another man in her heart- he was a mere replacement for Kang Zhaoming! Fen couldn’t even see him as Kang Xiaobo!

Xiaobo wanted to let go of Fen- this wasn’t the type of embraced he had wanted. He wanted a true, genuine one, one where Fen was conscious and willing.

“Aunty Song……” Xiaobo raised his head to Huiping.

“I’m sorry… I hope you don’t mind……” Huiping said, helpless as well. “Wait for me, I’ll go get the doctor.”

There wasn’t much else Huiping could do, after all.

“Wait!!” Lin Yi said with a sigh. He’d been involved with the whole thing already, and he couldn’t just ignore the situation when he could help it.

There were only that many options for the hospital to tranquilize Lan Fen- it was either via injection or shock, both of which would damage the body. Fen’s body was weak enough as it is, and stuff like that would only worsen her condition.

Lin Yi didn’t wait for an answer as he made his way to Fen’s bedside. He pulled the needle out of the bit tube, sealed it, and used the needle on Fen’s hegu, jianshi, shenmen, baihui, and dalin acupuncture points. Lin Yi operated with speed and precision, and it wasn’t long before Fen let go of Xiaobo and slipped back into bed quietly…

“Uhh……” Huiping wasn’t very happy with Lin Yi poking at her daughter with a needle, but he’d been too fast- he’d finished by the time Huiping had made a sound.

Tang Yin, Xinwen, and Xiaobo were all equally stunned as well as they stared at Lin Yi, not sure what he had been doing.

“Boss……” Xiaobo decided subconsciously that he’d trust Lin Yi. He cared for Fen a great deal, but intuition told him that Lin Yi wouldn’t harm the girl- there was a reason for what he’d done.

“Just simple acupuncture.” Lin Yi shrugged. “She’ll calm down and fall asleep, and she’ll return to normal after waking up.”

“Ah? Acupuncture?” Xiaobo started at Lin Yi in disbelief. “Boss, you know acupuncture?”

Tang Yin and Xinwen looked at Lin Yi in surprise. The guy knew acupuncture??

Huiping put her finger under Fen’s nose, relieved after making sure there was no problem. Lin Yi had solved the problem so quickly and cleanly, and she’d been saved the trouble of calling the doctor, in addition to the extra medical fees. Her daughter had been sedated without any harm, too.

Tang Yin didn’t know who this man in front of her was anymore…… She’d thought of him as a tyrannical young master, but that wasn’t the case- he was much more tyrannical than the other tyrannical young masters! He never went easy on his victims.

Yet he knew about barbeque recipes, and it only took him one class to have one written out…

There was also what happened when Lan Fen’d jumped off the building, too. Others might’ve missed it, but Tang Yin saw- could Lin Yi have helped Xiaobo catch Fen?

That suspicion hadn’t been resolved yet when Lin Yi smacked his acupuncture onto the table! She felt like she had to reevaluate him… He really was different from the type of young master Fen had been with!

So what if he’s different? Tang Yin had decided that her first priority would be the exams- it didn’t matter what kind of person Lin Yi was, she couldn’t afford to be distracted with romance at a time like this.

She almost remembered to remind herself that it was all part of Lin Yi’s plan! The guy was trying to lure her in!! Hmph…

Yet what had happened attracted the attention of the doctors- one of the patients’ visitors might’ve went to a doctor when all the commotion had taken place. “What happened? Is the patient all right?”

“It’s okay now, doctor, thank you- everything’s okay now!” Huiping said hurriedly upon seeing the doctor.

“Okay now?” The doctor paused. Wasn’t the patient illness acting up?

“This boy here helped put my daughter to sleep. With acupuncture.” Huiping added, afraid that the doctor wouldn’t believe her.

Lin Yi groaned internally. Come on… I’m gonna get in trouble for that…

As expected, the doctor’s face changed instantly. “Acupuncture? How? How could you mess around in the hospital like that, what would you have done if something irreversible had happened??”

“Messing around..? It was just the needle from the bit tube…” Huiping said carefully, startled by the doctor’s reaction.

“What??!” A vein popped in the doctor’s forehead- what kind of doctor did the guy think he was??! Using the bit tube needle for acupuncture? Just how insane did his teacher have to be, to have taught him something so absurd?

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