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Chapter 182 - Baseball Bat

Without much left to do, Lin Yi opened the browser and typed in ‘Li Cihua’ in the search bar. Everything was nice and proper in official news, but a couple of forums touched on the topic of Cihua’s darker side…

They weren’t very useful to Lin Yi, and he opened a new page to search about Miracle Doctor Kang. Lin Yi had planned on doing the research since he was about to make it big in the medical world himself, but the fact that the doctor was Xiaobo’s grandfather was a bit coincidental.

Men simply couldn’t have no money… The old man wasn’t very generous with him, but Lin Yi never complained about that too much, even if his payments were tens or hundreds of kuai per mission… Even the funds involved in the mission were higher than the reward!

His shifu, on the other hand, was different. He’d always sent the mission rewards to Old Lin after taking the organization’s cut from them.

Yet the shitty old men only gave Lin Yi his cut in hundreds… Lin Yi was used to it by that point- the only possibility was that Old Lin was pocketing the money. He was more or less a father figure to Lin Yi, however, and Lin Yi decided to just let it be while he pretended to be oblivious of it- the guy did raise him, after all, and he didn’t have it that bad, with clothes to wear and food to eat…

What Lin Yi couldn’t understand was why Old Lin lived life like he was poor even after pocketing the money! Was he the modern Glan Terrace or something?

(this is what showed up in google translate, no idea who that is)

He had Chu Pengzhan’s monthly salary now, but Lin Yi decided that he needed an income source of his own… Who knew what was even up with this mission, after all? He had to have some sort of safety measure in place…

He was in love with his current life, going to and coming home from school everyday… with good bros at school and nice girls to fall in love with… But what if he became unemployed..?

Judging from the comments online, the brand of ‘Miracle Doctor Kang’ was pretty solid. What the customers weren’t pleased about, however, was the shortage of the hot-selling medicine the doctor sold… The demand was overwhelming the supply, proving how miraculous the medicine was.

Lin Yi didn’t know what the golden creation medicine looked like, but he was confident that Old Lin’s recipe wouldn’t be too far off from his. The market would most likely be split into two should he carry his plan out.

Lin Yi didn’t have anything to do the next morning, and wasn’t planning on driving himself to school. Mengyao and Yushu yawned as they came down the stairs, evidently staying up for the concert yesterday. Lin Yi, on the other hand, didn’t see the appeal in the star- she was a little bit prettier than Mengyao and Yushu, but that was due to the effects and makeup she had had on her. Mengyao and Yushu were definitely on the same level with her in terms of natural beauty, and Lin Yi found that looking at the two girls he was living with was far better than looking at some superstar on a tv screen.

“That concert yesterday was sooo good!! Wonder when Han’s gonna have one in Songshan.” Yushu said, the concert still fresh on her mind.

“Songshan’s not a capital city, and not a special economic one either… It’s probably not gonna come anytime soon……” Yao Yao said. “We gotta buy the concert’s CD later, I still wanna watch more.”

“Yeah! We’ll go buy it this afternoon, see if they sell any CD’s near school…” Yushu nodded in agreement. “But the ones near school are mostly pirated… We’ll have to go to a bookstore for the official one……”

“Lin Yi,” Mengyao called, turning to face the daydreaming Lin Yi. “Go buy us Xu Shihan’s 2011 concert CD if you have time this afternoon. The first part started a month ago, so they’re definitely selling it now.”

“Uh… okay.” Lin Yi nodded as he looked at the two fans, not minding buying a CD for them- it wasn’t a big deal.

“Hah, you’re so smart, Yao Yao! We don’t have to go so far anymore now that we have Shield Bro!” Yushu was just groaning about how far the bookstore was when Mengyao handed the whole task to Lin Yi- it was a one km trip, and Yushu was nothing but overjoyed that she didn’t have to go.

“He’s not receiving a salary for hitting on girls, you know! Of course we need to give him stuff to do.” Mengyao said, curling her lips as she glared at Lin Yi.

“Ha……” Lin Yi smiled bitterly- him hitting on girls wasn’t really her business, was it..? Shouldn’t it be fine as long as he didn’t hit on the Miss herself… Even followers and lackeys needed their own love life……

Lin Yi made sure to see if Tang Yin was fine at the bus stop when Li Fu passed by the slums- he let out a breath of relief when he didn’t see the gangster bothering her today.

Zou Ruoming was pissed- yes, very pissed indeed!! Lin Yi and Tang Yin, a couple?!

Ruoming, naturally, was aware of Lin Yi’s confession and Tang Yin’s shy acceptance of his feelings- the school was only that big, after all, and there was no way a Big Four would be oblivious to an event like that.

He’d planned everything quite nicely from the start, too, thinking of starting with Tang Yin’s mom as he forged the illusion that Tang Yin was his girlfriend, forcing Tang Yin to accept him after everyone else in the school was convinced that the two were a couple!

The plan wasn’t even on the track yet when Lin Yi butted in out of nowhere, fucking everything up and even slapping him across the face, turning him into a living joke!!

The humiliation only sparked a deep hate towards Lin Yi- he had been planning on having his brother Zou Ruoguang teach Lin Yi a lesson, but decided to wait for a more opportune moment since it hadn’t been that long ago since the Heibao Bro incident…

After all, Heibao Bro was facing charges that would put him in jail! Zhong Fabai had held the whole thing back from reaching his son, but even a man like Fabai couldn’t manage to get Heibao out! It was clear proof of the gravity of the situation.

In truth, Songshan was no regular high school- it was a school with deep connections and a powerful background. Zou Ruoming could imagine Zhong Pinliang being expelled for the whole thing already if it wasn’t for his uncle on the board of directors.

As a result, Ruoming held it in, waiting for the time to come… Only to have the rumors hit him out of nowhere like a baseball bat!!

Tang Yin, accepting Lin Yi’s confession?! Seriously, what the fuck!! Ruoming couldn’t understand- that fucking Lin Yi wasn’t even that much better than him! He was equally cocky, equally tyrannical, equally infamous- so why was it that Tang Yin could choose Lin Yi but not him?!

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