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Chapter 181 - Secret Within the Computer

Yet Mengyao had made it clear that the network data box was between the first and second floors- Lin Yi couldn’t just go upstairs even if the general couldn’t and wouldn’t stop him. Lin Yi wasn’t the stalking and peeping type, too- he’d rather not go up if he had to do so through unauthorized methods. He’d rather do it the right way.

He went up the steps and found the network data box camouflaged by the wallpaper, quite well-hidden to the unaware eye.

Lin Yi didn’t know much about technical network stuff, but the labels inside were extremely clear and straightforward, evidently catering to the needs of richer people who had less exposure to technical stuff like this. Lin Yi only needed to follow the instructions manual and identify the switch for his room’s line.

As expected, the connection to his room wasn’t active. He switched it on, leaving the line to the phone in his room disconnected- he had a phone of his own, after all.

Having done that, he closed up the box and made his way downstairs, where Mengyao greeted him with a glance. Lin Yi had come down pretty fast, and it there wasn’t anything out of place with the general’s behavior- Mengyao turned her attention back to the tv after determining that Lin Yi hadn’t done anything he wasn’t supposed to, her eyes excitedly glued with Yushu’s to the twisting body of Xu Shihan…

Uninterested, Lin Yi went back to his room and started using Yushu’s computer.

It was an old brand, with a nice outer look, albeit a feminine one. The monitor and CPU all had a feminine customization to it, along with decorations on the keyboard and mouse, something girls mostly did.

Lin Yi, however, didn’t care about that stuff- just having a computer to use was good enough for him. He turned the computer on and got into the system in no time at all.

Yushu’s desktop was clean, without many softwares installed, save for QQ, messaging, and video players, along with other common applications.

Lin Yi opened the D drive to find two folders- one for videos and the other one for pictures.

Needless to say, Lin YI’s excitement flared up upon seeing the folders- could Yushu perhaps have recorded herself doing something intense when she was alone at home….?! He turned to look at his door knob, only clicking on the ‘videos’ folder with a trembling hand after seeing that it was locked.

Lin Yi had always found himself getting along with Yushu much better- she was the likeable type of girl, after all. She acted like a happy-go-lucky idiot, but was in actuality quite smart.

She had an easy-going, approachable air to her, in contrast with Mengyao’s prideful personality. She was essentially the bridge connecting Lin Yi to Mengyao, and it was only natural that he had taken a liking to her.

Just the thought of Yushu’s smoking figure was stimulating enough for Lin Yi to start gulping his saliva down…

Heh heh… Missy Chen! It’ll soon be my turn to threaten you with your secret!!

With lecherous eyes, Lin Yi clicked the folder only to be hit with instant disappointment… They were all Xu Shihan’s concerts and music videos!! There weren’t any recordings at all.

Lin Yi clicked a couple of them- the star was pretty, but Lin Yi wasn’t interested in investing his time and effort into a model in a different world. He’d much rather do something substantial, like teasing Tang Yin, for example… Or maybe make some playful eye contact with Yushu… Fighting with Lingshan verbally was nice too… Even getting glared at by the Miss was quite stimulating as well… Haha…… To Lin Yi, all that was far better than looking at some superstar on a screen- these were real people in his life, after all.

Lin Yi closed the video folder before turning his attention to the picture folder, pinning all his hopes on his final chance. Lin Yi wasn’t as wishful as he was with the first folder, however- chances were, this second folder had a mass collection of Xu Shihan’s pictures in there.

He clicked on it with a calm mind, but Lin Yi’s eyes shot themselves wide open upon seeing what was inside.

There were two folders within the ‘pictures’ folder… ‘Xu Shihan’ and… ‘My Album’!!

A shot of revitalization went up Lin Yi’s spine, his eyes naturally ignoring the ‘Xu Shihan’ folder and going straight at Yushu’s personal album.

They were all jpg files, evidently taken with a camera or phone… Lin Yi couldn’t be any more excited than he currently was as he doubled clicked on one of them, his heart rate increasing as his eyes widened.

It was but a mere second for the picture to load, but Lin Yi’s eyes burned right into the screen- after all, he was still a regular teenger at heart; it’d only make sense for him to be a natural pervert.

The picture loaded, but it wasn’t the sort of ‘selfie’ styled picture that Lin Yi was expecting. It was just a regular picture, with Yushu sitting on the sofa looking both lazy and elegant, pretty as ever. The date on the picture indicated that it’d been taken three years ago… Yushu had probably been a fresh tenth grader then.

Lin Yi went through the pictures- there were ones of Mengyao, of Yushu, and of the both of them, along with some pajama pics with nothing out of the ordinary. They were still private photos, but completely different from the type of selfies Lin Yi had been imagining them to be.

Even so, Lin Yi enjoyed them quite blissfully- after all, it wasn’t very appropriate for him to stare at the two young girls directly when he was with them, even he’d get embarrassed from doing that. Looking at pictures made everything a lot more convenient, however.

Lin Yi could tell how solid the friendship was just from the dates on the picture- the two had grown up and matured together. Their friendship was a very valuable thing.

The majority of the pictures were of the two girls outside- it appeared that the two would always go traveling during the winter holidays, but Lin Yi wondered who the person taking the pictures were… Could it be Li Fu? Grinning evilly, Lin Yi pictured the scene of Li Fu huffing and puffing as he followed the two girls around with a camera…

He also realized that a portion of Li Fu’s duties had been transferred onto him- Lin Yi was the follower now, and he stopped grinning. He’d probably be the one following the two around with a camera next time…

Lin Yi felt a chill- to think he was laughing at Li Fu just a couple seconds ago!

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