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Chapter 183 - Zhong Pinliang's Scheme

Zou Ruoming was really starting to panic at this point- Tang Yin was the an absolute rarity- one of the best gems he’d seen! Her beauty was natural, different from the girls who relied on makeup and pretty clothes- her radiance was something that came from within!!

There were really only three gems in Songshan’s First School, two of which Ruoming simply wasn’t in a position to be touching! He was no idiot.

Chu Mengyao’s father was the chairman of Pengzhan Industries, a character who shook Songshan with every step- only people with a background like Zhong Pinliang’s could even try chasing her. Even Pinliang, however, had to watch himself- that was how dangerous Mengyao was.

Chen Yushu, on the other hand… was a girl that even Zhong Pinliang himself dared not cross- Wu Xiaocan’s tragedy was still fresh in their minds.

But Tang Yin was nothing like those young misses- Ruoming had made sure to investigate her family before even laying hands on her. Both her parents were workers at the bottom of the pyramid, and the father was even bedridden from an injury, while her mother worked a barbeque stand on a food street!

How would a family like that have any power at all, when the father couldn’t even afford medical bills? From what Ruoming could see, Tang Yin was as good as his to take- he could even go rough on her and her parents wouldn’t utter a word, not with the type of family they were!

It was because of this that Ruoming let himself loose on Tang Yin, forcing her back to the wall. As far as he knew, she’d have been his girl long ago if Lin Yi hadn’t shoved himself in out of nowhere.

And now Tang Yin had accepted Lin Yi’s confession- the damsel in distress scenario was as cliche as it got, but it was still very effective. Ruoming playing the villain that other day must’ve given Lin Yi his golden opportunity!

Ruomin couldn’t help but regret how things turned out- he would’ve played the hero, ordering one of his lackeys to act the villain if he’d known how effective this method was!

Ruoming sighed as he sat down under a basketball pole, troubled. His lackeys were aware of his bad mood as well, and made sure to stay silent as they stood around Ruoming…

“Ming Bro, what’s wrong? You look troubled.” Pinliang said, noticing Ruoming’s frowns and teeth-gritting from some distance away. Naturally, he had a pretty good guess why the guy was feeling down, and he recognized an opportunity to teach Lin Yi a lesson.

“Oh, Liang.” Ruoming raised his head to see Zhong Pinliang, thinking that the guy was more or less as worse off as he was. He got fucked up by Lin Yi, too, and even got his father’s top man sent to the police station. “Here to laugh at me, I suppose?”

“Ming Bro! What’re you saying? I’ve always respected you, Ming Bro.” Pinliang said, patting on one of Ruoming’s lackeys, signalling for him to open up a spot for him. He sat down next to Ruoming.

“It’s a slap across the face, Liang!!” Ruoming spat, sighing. “Everyone student here knows I’m chasing Tang Yin, and Lin Yi goes and takes her for himself! I can’t swallow this shit, man.”

“Ming Bro, I think you were just too reserved!” Pinliang said with a slightly pained expression on his face. “Tang Yin’s family has practically no power at all- nothing’s gonna happen to you if you do things rough! It would’ve been really easy to make Tang Yin your girl if you had made the first move and conquer her the hard way, right? I mean, I myself can’t do that even if I wanted to- you know how Chu Mengyao’s family is. They’re even stronger than mine!”

“Man, you’re right- you don’t know how much I’m regretting not doing that.” Ruoming said, his face darkening. “Shit, I should’ve done that!! It’s my specialty, and I’ve even done it before, too.”

“I know!” Pinliang said. “That bastard child wouldn’t have been able to do anything if you took her as your woman from the start!”

“But it’s too late now… Shit!!” Ruoming had been keeping these emotions to himself, but he didn’t need to do that now that a fellow Big Four showed up. Lin Yi had put the both of them through the same shit, after all- they had a common enemy now.

“I have to disagree there, Ming Bro.” Pinliang said suddenly. “It’s like that saying- good rice doesn’t go bad when cold! You’re not too late at all! Lin Yi isn’t so fast as to conquer Tang Yin in two and a half days, right? You still have a good chance!”

Pinliang wasn’t a very educated person, and he wasn’t sure if he’d used the proverb correctly, but the same went for Zou Ruoming- the guy had no idea what ‘good rice doesn’t go bad when cold’ even meant, but he did see the obvious sense in Pinliang’s words.

He slapped his thigh as he called out joyfully. “That’s right- how come I didn’t see that? It’s not too late! I force myself on Tang Yin now, and Lin Yi’s out of the game!! You’ve really woken the dreamer with one shot here, Liang!”

For the sake of displaying his knowledge of proverbs, Ruoming made sure to make up a one-liner on the spot as well.

“Good job on getting new hope for your path of love- I still gotta work hard on mine!” Pinliang said, overjoyed at Ruoming’s acceptance of his advice. Lin Yi would be quite troubled indeed if Tang Yin got messed up by Ruoming… Hahaha…… Yet Pinliang made sure to still look melancholy and helpless on the outside.

“Liang, I’ll make sure to repay you if things go well!” Ruoming said, holding the hope tightly in a fist. “But, you gotta help out when I ask you for advice, alright?”

“Of course! Don’t worry!” Pinliang said happily, glad that Ruoming wanted his schemes- it was his specialty, after all.

With that, Pinliang made his way back to the classroom, humming a small tune as Ruoming started playing basketball happily with his lackeys…

Pinliang was almost at the door when he saw Zhang Naipao charging in his direction, his eyes lighting up as if seeing a messiah upon spotting Pinliang.

“What’s up, Pao? You training for a marathon?” Pinliang joked, his mood quite pleasant from what had happened.

“Liang Bro…… Please, I beg you, save my dad… save my little brother……” Naipao said before kneeling with a splat before Pinliang.

Pinliang was stunned at what the guy was doing- where was this coming from?

“What’s wrong, Pao? What happened to your dad and brother? How do I save you, can you explain?” Pinliang frowned, confused.

“Liang Bro, I beg you! Promise me you’ll say yes!!” Naipao begged, still kneeling.


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