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Chapter 180 - A Nurse In Pain

“Welcome back, Xin Xin!” Xuemin said happily as he took a break from work. “Just plowing the place to plant some Eastern medicine in them.”

“Oh, you’re in a pretty good mood, grandpa.” Guan Xin said, forcing a smile. She was in rather down spirits herself, but that didn’t mean she should ruin her grandfather’s good mood- it was a rare occurrence, after all.

“Haha, well, I met a little miracle doctor yesterday! He’s opened quite a lot of my most troubling confusions I’ve been stuck with in the field for half my life!” Xuemin said, his pleasant mood still strong from his meeting with Lin Yi the other day. “What an amazing young man.”

“Young man? Miracle doctor?” Xuemin, on the other hand, took the news with shock- her grandfather was a titan in the medical world, dubbed by others as Miracle Doctor Guan! Just what kind of character did it take for Xuemin to dub him a ‘miracle doctor’? According to her grandpa, it sounded like this was a young person they were talking about?

“Age is of little importance in the learning process.” Xuemin said with a wave of his hand. “My relationship with him, while not in name, is that of a pupil and mentor- with him, grandpa’s the student.”

“Student?” Xuemin’s eyes widened as she stared at her grandpa in absolute disbelief. She didn’t think that he was joking- was there truly a doctor of this caliber?

“He’s a good lad, Xin Xin. I’ll find a day to invite him over, when you’re off duty- you can cook a couple of your best dishes for us then!” Xuemin said with a smile. “You’re growing up to be a fine woman now, Xin Xin… It’s time for you to think about marriage plans……”

“Grandpa……” Guan Xin fidgeted shyly at the statement, her head lowered in embarrassment and the image of Lin Yi flashing across her mind for some reason…

Guan Xin understood where her grandpa was getting at- his admiration towards the little miracle doctor made it clear too: he wanted to get them together. Guan Xin, however, wasn’t too keen on the idea, because firstly she’d never met the guy, and secondly… Just the thought sent a blush up her face.

“Haha……” Xuemin, naturally, had no idea what his granddaughter was thinking about. He assumed that she was getting embarrassed at the idea, and decided to stop talking about it. “Well, why don’t you go get some rest? You were on night duty yesterday, weren’t you?”

“Yeah…… Well, I’ll go up first then grandpa……” Guan Xin nodded, sighing as she made her way into the villa and up to her room.

Lin Yi was planning on driving himself home in the Beetle when school ended. He made his way to the food street after parting ways with Xiaobo, having already texted Yushu and Mengyao that he wasn’t going home with them in Li Fu’s car tonight.

Lin Yi was thinking of getting details on where Mrs. Tang lived, but the barbeque stand wasn’t here today.

He drove back to the villa district, but went to Yushu’s place first instead of Mengyao’s, planning on taking her computer for better access to information online.

Yushu’s villa had the same basic structure like the one Mengyao’s had, with even the same style of renovation. The two buildings were probably renovated at the same time.

In the living room were panties and bras strewn all over the sofas, and Lin Yi sweated as he avoided looking at them the best he could- he didn’t want her thinking he was a pervert or anything, even if she wasn’t there to catch him.

He went up to the second floor, finally getting a look at what it was like on the upper floor of the villas. There were four rooms, and Lin Yi maintained a respectable attitude as he looked for the computer, finding it in the study before taking it away with him. He locked the villa door up before leaving.

He’d made sure not to touch anything else- this Miss Chen wasn’t someone he wanted to mess with, after all. He didn’t need anything new for the girl to be threatening him with.

Much to his surprise, Mengyao and Yushu were both watching the television in the living room when he stepped into the villa- they had always went straight upstairs after getting home up until this point.

Both Mengyao and Yushu shot a glance at Lin Yi before turning their attention back to the TV, seeing that Lin Yi had a computer in his hands.

Lin Yi looked at what was on- it was a concert, and a pretty lady was dancing around on the stage, and Lin Yi wasn’t too satisfied with how much clothing she was wearing…

“Hey, you wanna watch this concert with us? Xu Shihan’s in it!!” Yushu said without taking her eyes off the screen.

“Oh, I’m good. You girls have fun.” Lin Yi said, not very interested in superstar concerts- there were simply too many negative news and drama circulating them. That girl on the stage, too- Lin Yi felt that she was putting on an obvious ‘innocent’ act, for the sake of appealing to young girls like Mengyao and Yushu.

Mengyao and Yushu, on the other hand, didn’t really mind Lin Yi’s disinterest- it was their idol, after all, not Lin Yi’s.

Lin Yi brought the computer to his room and plugged it in, finding that the wifi display wasn’t lit. The wifi line in his room probably hadn’t been connected yet.

He poked his head out his room. “Yao Yao, where’s the router? My room doesn’t have a connection.”

“It’s upstairs, do it yourself- I’m watching a concert.” Mengyao said, a little impatient as she waved her hand dismissively. It was normal for the line in the room that had always been vacant to be disconnected.

“Me? Go upstairs?” Lin Yi was stunned- wasn’t he prohibited from going upstairs? What was with the sudden exception? The two girls were downstairs, but Lin Yi had came to understand the second floor as a sort of private paradise of the two girls…

“You can’t go to our room! You’ll find the network data box in the middle of the staircase. General, follow him and make sure he doesn’t go anywhere beyond that! Bite him if he does.” Mengyao said with her eyes glued onto the screen, so fixated with the concert that even Lin Yi going upstairs didn’t bother her anymore. Yet she wasn’t as dumb as to let him go up unsupervised, hence the General… although, it didn’t seem like it’d be of any use at all.

General Wei Wu only whimpered softly, shaking his tail at Mengyao’s feet.

“What? You wanna watch the concert too?” Mengyao assumed. “Pervert doggy!”

“Woof… woof……” Wei Wu whimpered, troubled as she went in Lin Yi’s direction.

Yet it made sure to keep his distance when he got to where Lin Yi was.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, had heightened and mixed emotions- he’d been to the second floor in Yushu’s villa earlier, but there wasn’t anybody living there anymore, it was different! There simply wasn’t anything to get excited over there.

But right upstairs was the place where Mengyao and Yushu slept every night… Lin Yi couldn’t help but get excited at the thought...

OH??? praise da looord

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