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Chapter 179 - Master Bin

Li Cihua didn’t want to get yelled at, but it was a phone call he had to make- it’d be the end of his spokesperson job if he let the news get to the person first.

Li Cihua knew his position perfectly- while he did trample on everything he wanted in Songshan as a character with absolute power, that all remained on the surface. There was no doubt that the person backing him up needed only a sentence to have him replaced with a ‘Wang Cihua’ or ‘Sun Cihua’.

As a result, Cihua’s wrath was reduced into a careful humility whenever he was with this person…

“Boss……” Cihua greeted.

“Speak quickly- I’m in a meeting!” An impatient voice sounded from the other end of the phone, the only person who treated the Li Cihua like he was nothing when anyone else would with respect.

“Boss… Li Yao and Zhang Long… were in a car accident……” Cihua said carefully.

“Then send them to the hospital. Small injuries like that shouldn’t matter with their constitution, why are you even telling me this? Anything else?” The person said impatiently.

“They’re not small injuries, boss……” Cihua said, a bitter smile on his face. “Boss, the car they were in- one of the tires burst on the outskirt road, and the car fell off a cliff……”

“How serious are the injuries?” The boss said with a solemn voice, evidently paying attention to the situation now.

“They’re dead……” Cihua said.

“What? Dead?” The boss was clearly surprised judging from the voice. “Wait, let me leave the meeting room.”

“Okay.” Cihua said quicikly.

It was a while before the boss spoke again. “What’s going on? The golden class masters, dead in a car accident?”

“There’s more to the story, boss……” Cihua started explaining the events of last night, when he had sent Li Yao and Zhang Long after Lin Yi after the guy had rejected his offer…

“Lin Yi……” The Boss said, repeating the name. “He’s the one who did this?”

“I’m not sure, boss… but from the surface the guy should be at the same level as Li Yao……” Cihua said.

“Same level as Li Yao, as in the early phase of the golden class? Are you sure?” The boss asked.

“Basically, yes.” Cihua said.

“Alright, I understand.” The boss replied. “I have a meeting to get to, but don’t think you’re off the hook! Don’t mess up again. Also, lil’ Bin will be paying you a visit for a couple of days……”

“I see, I see, Master Bin! That’s great news! Rest assured, boss, I’ll make sure to greet him properly.” Cihua guaranteed immediately. Zhao Qibin, after all, was a bastard son of the boss’, something that was naturally kept secret from the public, save for a few insiders like Cihua.

Zhao Qibin’s official identity was that of a starting entrepreneur, made possible mainly due to the boss’ support.

Having hung up the phone, Cihua let out a sigh of relief- at the very least, it didn’t seem like he’d get replaced, judging from the boss’ tone. The consequences were a lot lighter than he’d imagined them to be.

Yet the bastard son paying him a visit meant that the boss was more or less displeased with Cihua- it was meant as a form of supervision.

Cihua knew perfectly well the type of person Qibin was- a classic example of a young master. He’d been especially tyrannical and cocky recently, perhaps due to the prolonged suppression of his identity.

It was a good opportunity for Cihua to prove himself- Qibin enjoying his time here at his establishments would very well mean the solution to all his problems.

With that, Cihua’s mood lightened up once more…

It was fourth period by the time Lin Yi reached class, just past the exercise break.

“Boss, you’re pretty boss, skipping class every day….” Xiaobo whispered.

“It’s the police- that whole thing still isn’t settled yet.” Lin Yi said.

“Oh, I see.” Xiaobo said, leaving it at that after hearing Lin Yi’s explanation.

“You free this weekend?” Lin Yi asked, suddenly remembering Tang Yin’s invitation.

“This weekend? Yeah, what’s up boss?” Xiaobo said, quite excited that Lin Yi had plans for them- he didn’t have anything planned himself for the weekend, after all.

“Tang Yin’s mom asked me to their house this weekend for barbeque. You coming?” Lin Yi asked.

“Seriously, boss? You’re at that stage already??” Xiaobo said, his eyes wide in disbelief as he stared at Lin Yi. “You’re going to her house already?!”

“Will you calm down?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. “I just gave her a recipe, it was probably a success and she’s just thanking me for it! You going or not?”

“I’m going, of course I’m going!” Xiaobo nodded enthusiastically.

“Then we’ll meet this weekend.” Lin Yi said, shaking his head at Xiaobo’s overly enthusiastic excitement.

Guan Xin’s work schedule wasn’t a typical one- she had a twenty four hour shift with twenty four hour rest periods between them.

She’d been in high spirits, happily waiting for Lin Yi to come for his checkup, too- but one day and night later and Lin Yi was still nowhere to be seen. She got off duty feeling down, and couldn’t help but ask an older colleague in the same department about it, learning that the guy had came for the checkup for the last time already…

Needless to say, Guan Xin was disappointed- she didn’t know why, but she looked forward to Lin Yi dropping by quite enthusiastically, even when she was resting at home, excited to be going on duty again… It was something unprecedented.

Was it because Lin Yi had shielded her? Or was it perhaps… Guan Xin wasn’t sure, but not seeing Lin Yi put an emptiness within her.

She also kept thinking about his wound- a bullet injury should be taking a much longer time to heal. With that in mind, it was safe to assume that Lin Yi hadn’t recovered yet, so why wasn’t he coming for his checkups? Could he possible be avoiding her….?

A girl’s thoughts were a complicated thing, and Guan Xin’s troubled emotions were starting to get to her…

She saw her grandpa plowing the courtyard happily, seemingly preparing it for crops.

“What’re you doing, grandpa?” Guan Xin asked as she made her way to the courtyard.

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