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Chapter 178 - Ridiculous Deaths

“......” Lingshan curled her lips as she looked at how pleased Lin Yi was with himself- it wasn’t even a proper method he’d used! Sure, the guy put himself in the shoes of the suspects, but a strategy like that wouldn’t have worked most of the time, it wasn’t something that could be officially used or anything.

Lingshan, however, had no way of knowing that even Lin Yi thought of it as a stupid search method. Huaijun would never have recommended him for the job if that empathizing strategy was all he had, and he’d never have accepted the job in the first place.

Lin Yi’s lecherous gaze that constantly defiled Lingshan’s body, on the other hand, set Lin Yi up to be a man much more shameless than he actually was in Lingshan’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, Master Lin!! I won’t be troubling you unless we absolutely need it!” Linghsan said as she curled her lips, annoyed at how proud of himself Lin Yi was- the guy was just a bodyguard, what did he think he was doing, putting on airs like that?”

“Mm. Glad you understand.” Lin Yi nodded crisply. “Are you familiar with the name Li Cihua?”

“Li Cihua?” Lingshan paused as if understanding something. “You’re suspecting that Li Cihua’s the mastermind behind the robbers?”

“I’m not suspecting that- he is.” Lin Yi said.

“He is? How do you know?” Lingshan said, stunned. “Chairman Chu?”

“No, from Li Cihua himself.” Lin Yi said, not planning on hiding the information from Lingshan. The way he saw it, the more Lingshan had to work with, the faster the police would be able to take him in. It’d save him trouble if that happened.

“Li Cihua himself? He told you this?” Lingshan stared at Lin Yi oddly, finding Lin Yi’s claim a little bizarre. “Do you have proof?”

“He tried to recruit me to his side yesterday.” Lin Yi explained. “He’s a representative who talks about profits, that’s all I got from him. I rejected his offer, and as for evidence- I don’t have any, it’s my word against his. The guy was real cocky, too, as if the police tracing the whole thing back to him was the last thing on his mind.”

“So it’s him……” Lingshan’s grip on the wheel tightened. “I’ve investigated him before, but there was too much resistance- that person behind him just has too much power. Even Captain Yang couldn’t handle it, let alone me……”

Lingshan was visibly angered as she spoke, but she couldn’t be blamed for that. After all, it had been the first case she’d picked up since her transfer, a case that involved the man backing Cihua. Nothing went smoothly, and there was a lot of resistance interfering with Lingshan’s investigations- it was as if an invisible hand was pushing against her, on top of pressure coming from all directions, forcing Lingshan to give up on the case.

It had turned into a thorn in Lingshan’s heart, but she understood that hot-blooded passion was nowhere near enough to deal with a man like Cihua. The man was simply too cunning, with businesses submerged in both the worlds of law and crime. There wasn’t the slightest bit of evidence against him, and there simply wasn’t anything Lingshan could do.

“Who’s the man backing him up?” Lin Yi asked.

Lin Yi had no concern whatsoever of a person’s background or position- it was something he utterly ignored. That time back in Africa, for example, when he rescued Yi from a general from his fortress… He’d exploded the general’s son’s testicles with a kick, but neither of them dared say anything.

He’d had armies and weapons, both of which had no effect on Lin Yi at all. After all, there was absolutely nothing stopping Lin Yi from paying them a visit, something he’d proven with ease the first time he dropped by. They could resent Lin Yi, and think about revenge all they wanted, but the fact that Lin Yi could go and explode his son’s head the next time remained concretely in their minds.

There’d been too many examples of big-shots like that falling after Lin Yi had dealt with them- drug lords, mafia bosses… The man supporting Li Cihua wasn’t anything too powerful if Lin Yi wanted to make that comparison. He could very well wipe the person off the face of the planet if he wished so.

“He’s from the capital. You wouldn’t know him even if I told you.” Lingshan said without answering the question, evidently not very enthusiastic about the topic.

“Oh?” Lin Yi, on the other hand, noticed the oddity in Lingshan’s emotions as he looked deeply at her. The topic seemed to be a taboo for her.

“It’d be better for you if you didn’t involve yourself in this.” Lingshan said, considerate of Lin Yi for once. “We’re talking about someone that neither the captain or I can touch- that goes for even the director himself! You’d be putting your life at risk if you butt in. Just stick to your follower job.”

“Of course- I’ll leave him alone if he doesn’t do anything to me.” Lin Yi smiled.

Lingshan rolled her eyes at the statement, naturally seeing it as an unfounded boast.

She stopped the car in front of the school, and unlocked the doors. “I’ll remember what you did today- I’ll repay you with a dinner sometime.”

“Ok.” Lin Yi nodded with no hesitation at all.

“......” Lingshan wasn’t quite sure what to say- it was a genuine invitation, but couldn’t the guy be a little less shameless and not accept it that directly?

Lin Yi, on the other hand, got out the car and started making his way to school, not quite interested in what Lingshan was thinking of him.

Li Cihua had smashed four or five bottles of red wine back in the Solid Cloud, all of them dating back to the eighties. Su Jiaonang stood to the side as the red of the wine spread across the floor, very much like how a puddle of blood would. His head was lowered as he held a 1982 Laffe a waiter had just handed to him. “Cihua Bro, here……”

“Fucking SHIT!!!” Cihua yelled as he swerved the wine into his LED TV, shattering it and cracking the TV as red splattered everywhere.

A 1982 Laffe was a luxury, but that depended on what one compared it to!! Next to two golden class masters, the wine was worthless!! It was two golden masters, early phase and peak late phase!! They were the most powerful characters in the city, monsters!! And now they were dead from a fucking car accident????!!!!

It was something Cihua simply could not accept!! He’d have a much, much easier time admitting his loss if the two had died in combat- that would be his own fault, and also the masters’ for being bested in a fight! But what the fuck was this shit about a car accident?! He’d even sent someone to investigate it due to Cihua refusing to accept the fact, and the results were simple and straightforward…

The left tire had exploded, and the car had lost its grip on the road from the speed it was traveling at, resulting in it flying off the cliff… The cause for the puncture in the first place, however, remained unknown- for the entire vehicle had been burned to ashes.

Cihua had his suspicions- it was a possibility that Lin Yi was responsible for the whole thing, but there just wasn’t any proof… He also found it hard to believe that Lin Yi would be able to do anything at all to a high speeding vehicle…

Yet Cihua pinned the responsibility on Lin Yi all the same! Something like this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t need to have Lin Yi killed in the first place!!

Cihua’s heart was bleeding at that point- things would get a lot more inconvenient without the two golden class masters by his side… His only route now was to call the man supporting him.

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