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Chapter 177 - Credit

Lingshan couldn’t help but blush at the praises her subordinates were throwing at her- her thoughts were a mess as she looked at Lin Yi, lying on the ground as if the whole thing had nothing to do with him.

She ordered them to get the suspects to the police, and told them that she’d follow them a while after, before hanging up.

There was a lot of credit waiting for her back at the station, and Lingshan could already imagine the smiling face the director would greet her with… but Lingshan was by no means happy at all.

For it was Lin Yi who located the suspects, and Lingshan wasn’t quite sure what to do anymore.

“Hello?” Lingshan said to Lin Yi, who gave no reply. She stooped down and lowered her body to look at Lin Yi. “How did you do it?”

“Weren’t you following me the whole time?” Lin Yi said with half-open eyes as he enjoyed the gorgeous view Lingshan was giving her.

“......” Yes, but you were pissing me off the whole time! I don’t know anything!!

On the other hand, how was the guy even so sure about his guess?

“Observation.” Lin Yi said, naturally keeping the jade a secret. “Minute observation and daring conjecture. I was walking around randomly, but it only looked like it- it wasn’t random at all!”

“Oh?” Lingshan was starting believe the things Lin Yi said, now that he’d proven himself. So the walking around hadn’t been random at all??

“What I did was just empathize myself with the suspects!” Lin Yi continued. “When they themselves came up the mountain, they did what I did- they looked around, walking randomly as they looked for a hiding place. After all, they aren’t people who’d use the logical methodologies you people use, because unlike you, they’re not professionals. So I simply put myself in their shoes- what would I do if I were them? I moved around aimlessly, getting myself pissed off because I couldn’t find a good hiding spot. Then I placed my sights on the spot people would most likely overlook, a place where most people would never consider suspecting. Because if I were a criminal on the run, I’d go for the risk and send someone to check the cliff, see if there was a cave inside it. If yes, then I’d hide in there with them, spending my time relatively peacefully until the whole thing blows over.”

“That’s how you did it?” It sounded like a bullshit argument, but it did provide some insight to the things Lin Yi had done earlier… It also explained why he was walking around aimlessly earlier.

“How else could I have done it?” Lin Yi shrugged. “Did you see me using any high-tech equipment?”

“No.” Lingshan nodded as she believed what Lin Yi told her. “But I have to say- it was a daring conjecture.”

“Not daring- it’s just logical. These criminals aren’t as professional as you guys are, and there’s only one other possible explanation if your professional search methods aren’t getting you anybody, because they can’t be any more professional than you are.” Lin Yi replied. “It only means that they did something that would put themselves at risk.”

“Well, whatever the method, I have to thank you!” Lingshan found Lin Yi’s method to be way too simple- it was like the guy was joking with her. Yet there wasn’t much she could say, now that the suspects have been located.

“No need to thank me- I’ve been hired by Mister Chu to look after Miss Chu, so it’s only natural for me to help apprehend those with hostile intents towards her.” Lin Yi said, stopping the bullshit.

“I understand why the captain recommended you now.” Lingshan said. “But, who did you learn all this from?”

“Ah… It’s just a difference in mentality.” Lin Yi said, dodging the question. “You were looking at it from the police perspective, and I just looked at it from a regular person’s.”

“So how long are you gonna look?” Lingshan said abruptly. “Should I continue lowering my body for you? Should I maybe undo the buttons too?”

“Ah… cough cough……” Lin Yi uttered, a little embarrassed that Lingshan had caught where he had been looking- He was talking with such a serious face on the whole time, too. “I’m just looking at the sky……”

“Then continue looking. I’m leaving.” Lingshan said, straightening her body as she turned around to leave.

“I’m done. Let’s go.” Lin Yi said as he jumped off the ground before patting at his clothes.

The police weren’t posted at the entrance anymore, but two of the officers remained as they awaited Lingshan’s return.

“You’re amazing, Captain Song- you found them with just one walk up the mountain!” The officers praised, evidently having heard of the apprehension.

Lingshan only reddened at the praise- it wasn’t even her, it was Lin Yi who did everything! She glanced at Lin Yi softly only to see that he didn’t even seem to be listening…

Lingshan sighed before turning to the officers. “Alright, you guys get back to the station first. I still have something to attend to.”

“Understood, captain.” The officers said before getting in their cars.

Lingshan made her way to the car, where Lin Yi was waiting for her. She unlocked the doors, and she started the car, clearly embarrassed from the praise the officers had given her.

“Remember, the credit’s yours. It has nothing to do with me.” It was actually Lin Yi who spoke up first.

“Ah?” Lingshan blinked at the words, looking at Lin Yi curiously. What did he mean by that?

“Look at the road when you’re driving.” Lin Yi reminded. “Don’t tell anyone about what happened today, keep this between us. I’m pretty busy recently, so I don’t have time to be dealing with other stuff.”

“The police have a reward prepared for the person who provides information, two hundred thousand cash. You don’t want that?” Lingshan asked, not understanding Lin Yi’s disinterest in the credit.

“I do, but it’ll be too troublesome.” Lin Yi said. “You think those guys are the only ones involved? There’s people backing them up.”

“You’re saying you don’t want people targeting you for revenge?” Lingshan said, catching on to what Lin Yi was thinking.

“Maybe not revenge, but I know about the people backing them up.” Lin Yi shrugged nonchalantly. “They’ll naturally know about me if I ruined their plans, and there’s more to it when I talk about trouble. I’m not looking to get involved in all that- I’m under Chu Pengzhan’s employment only, do you get it?”

“So you want to mind your own business? Jeez, just say you don’t wanna help anymore, what’s with your stretched-out explanation?!!” Lingshan couldn’t believe it- this Lin Yi was just indirectly telling her not to bother him in the future!!

“Glad you understand.” Lin Yi said. “Unless it’s something important- I’ll help you out if that’s the case, but only for Jun Bro’s sake.”

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