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Chapter 703

Chapter 703: Arrival of the Big Fight

“The Serene Sea Scaly Beast has already recovered its strength. In that case, we will be able to start the big fight with the Misty Cloud Sect after Old Hai refines and absorbs the ‘Spiritual Purple Recovery Pill’ to recover his peak strength…

Xiao Yan was more idle during the remaining two days after the Serene Sea Scaly Beast had completely recovered. Although it was the big fight with the Misty Cloud Sect two days later, he had already managed to arrange all the experts on his side. Hence, it seemed that he had nothing to do.

During these two days, the imperial family, the Alchemist Association, the Primer clan, the Mu clan, and the Nalan clan had all begun to maneuver their strength and gather all the experts that they had scattered all over the place, making perfect preparations for the big fight during this two days time period.

It was only natural that the large scale maneuver of the few large factions could not escape the notice of those in the outside world. Hence, it gave a countless number of people the feeling that a disaster was about to strike. Some of the shrewd people vaguely guessed something after they joined the dots with the arrogance of the Misty Cloud Sect some time earlier. However, most of the people kept their mouths shut since this was a very big matter. They were afraid of getting into trouble…

However, what caused everyone to feel uncertain was that the Misty Cloud Sect was still completely quiet despite the large factions gathering experts from all over the place. It was as though the storm in the outside world had nothing to do with them.

Time swiftly flowed by like the sand between one’s fingers in this storm filled city. If one counted the time, there was merely a day’s gap to the decisive fight two days from now!

The backyard of the Xiao Mansion.

Xiao Yan was standing on a tall building in the backyard. His gaze swept across the well lit enormous city. Finally, he looked at the distant mountain peak hidden in the black night. The hand under his sleeves was unknowingly tightened. Tomorrow… will be the time of the decisive battle. He had lost and fled like a dog that had lost all hope last time. What would be the ending this time around?

Xiao Yan pursed his lips as he shifted his gaze down. He looked at the Xiao Mansion, which was repeatedly emitting a low cry from the training conducted, and slowly exhaled. Although the current Xiao clan had tried its best to strengthen itself, its safety and development in the future was going to be decided by the decisive battle tomorrow. If he won, the Xiao clan would naturally become an established and noble clan within the Jia Ma Empire. If he lost, it was likely that they would truly descend into the danger of being annihilated…

Therefore, the fight tomorrow was extremely critical to the Xiao clan!

The night wind blew over Xiao Yan’s hair. He suddenly smiled, turned his head, and spoke faintly, “I have not seen your figure for two days and thought that you had already left…”

Xiao Yan words had just sounded when there was sudden ripple in the air. A bewitching cold figure slowly appeared. It was surprisingly Queen Medusa.

Medusa who had just appeared heard Xiao Yan’s words. She glanced at him before speaking in an indifferent tone, “You have not refined the ‘Soul Recovery Pill’. Yet you want me to leave?”

“Do you really have a great desire to kill me?” Xiao Yan suddenly turned and looked at the cold moving face before suddenly asked.

This sudden question caused Medusa to reveal an instantaneous expression. Her face immediately turned cold as she said, “You have used an underhanded tactic to take my body. Should I not kill you?”

Xiao Yan smiled and slowly wa

lked nearer Medusa. His gaze was somewhat unafraid as he observed the cold, glamourous face which appeared as though it would break when it was blown against. He smiled and said, “The matter back then was not my intention. Honestly speaking, I was also forced to do it. Of course, you will think that I am finding excuses no matter what I say now… as for the ‘Soul Recovery Pill,” I will naturally help you refine it at the time that we have agreed on. It is up to you whether you want to consume it or not at that time.”

“Why would I not consume it? As long as I consume the ‘Soul Recovery Pill’, the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ would no longer have any influence on me. At that time, I will naturally not hesitate a little when I kill you!” Medusa did not hesitate as she spoke after hearing this.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw Medusa’s firm expression. He softly said, “Is that really the case? Although you have always said that you will attack me and you have not done it because of the spirit of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’, I do not believe that a Queen Medusa would actually be influenced by it to such an extent. If you really have a killing intent within your heart, there are many times for you to attack… you are not a despicable person… I believe that.”

Medusa’s pretty, bewitching, long eyes narrowed slightly. Her cold face was immediately filled with an allure as she glanced at Xiao Yan and coldly said, “Don’t tell me that you think that I will still have feelings toward you? This Queen is not a human female who would gradually descend after her body is taken by someone! The act you have done to me will only cause the hatred between us to become greater!”

Xiao Yan spread his hands in a noncommittal manner. He leaned against a pillar and his gaze lazily looked at Medusa. A moment later, he suddenly said, “If you really want my life, you actually do not need to wait until after you consume the ‘Soul Recovery Pill’. Even I don’t have the confidence of victory in this decisive fight with the Misty Cloud Sect. If I am not careful, I might die in Yun Shan’s hands. At that time, you will also be free..”

Those picture-like eyebrows twitched. However, Medusa’s face was as indifferent as it was before, “I will be grateful to Yun Shan if you really die in his hands…”

“Ke ke, hopefully that will be the case…” Xiao Yan laughed. He waved his hands toward Medusa before saying, “It is already late. Go and rest first. The big fight will begin tomorrow. Life or death, victory or defeat. Let’s leave it up to fate…” Once Xiao Yan said this, he decisively turned his body and headed down the stairs before slowly disappearing from Medusa’s sight.

The indifferentness slowly disappeared on Medusa’s face as she looked at the gradually disappearing back. She tightened her delicate hand and a struggle appeared between her eyebrows. A moment later, the struggle transformed into a soft sigh that contained a complicated emotion which slowly reverberated across this building…

A large hall in the Imperial City.

“Great-grandfather, the imperial family’s hundred thousand elite soldiers have already been placed at a spot not far from the Misty Cloud Mountain. We will seal up the mountain once the big fight begins tomorrow. At the expert level, there are three additional expert Dou Wangs whom we have groomed for many years on top of great-grandfather and the Serene Sea Scaly Beast. These are already the main strength that our imperial family is able to take out.” Under the lamp light, Yao Ye knit her brows slightly and softly spoke to Jia Xing Tian.

Jia Xing Tian nodded slightly. At this moment, this old man with extraordinary experience also appeared somewhat uneasy. This time around, the stakes of their bet were a little too large. If anything wrong were to happen, it would implicate the entire imperial family.

“You guess… what is the chances of our victory this time around?” Jia Xing Tian finally asked softly a moment later.

“Great-grandfather need not be overly concerned. The strength of our current alliance is not weaker than the Misty Cloud Sect. Moreover, there is mister Xiao Yan’s teacher. Isn’t he also an elite Dou Zong. We will definitely win this big fight.” Yao Ye smiled and replied. However, her smile was a little forced, exposing the uncertainty in her heart.

“Ugh… hopefully. This time around, I have gambled the entire imperial family…” Jia Xing Tian sighed and spoke slowly.


The Primer clan.

“Old Hai, we have already gathered all of our clan’s elites. Once the order is given tomorrow, they will gather with the other few sides and begin the life and death fight with the Misty Cloud Sect.” Ya Fei stood in a large hall and looked at Hai Bodong who was standing beside a window with his hands behind him. She smiled while she spoke.

Hai Bodong also turned his head around when he heard Ya Fei’s voice. He smiled and nodded before letting out a long sigh, “Everything is already in place. Next, we will have to see just which side the heavens will stand on in this big fight…”

Ya Fei quietly nodded. This big fight would determine the life and death of two large factions. Should one party be defeated in such a big fight, that party would be beyond redemption. This kind of ending was not child’s play…

Ya Fei’s pretty eyes swept toward the window. She looked in the direction of the Xiao Mansion and smiled slightly. She had a strange confidence in that young man…

At the same time, the alchemist association…

The Mu clan…

The Nalan clan…

Many people did not sleep this night.

When the first morning sunlight broke through the shackles of the clouds and landed on this enormous capital, quite a large amount of human flow began to appear on the empty streets.

Xiao Yan, who was seated cross-legged on a bed, suddenly opened his eyes. His body shook and strangely disappeared.

At this moment, there were over a hundred black-clothed individuals who were standing quietly in the originally empty compound in the front yard of the Xiao Mansion. The dense bloody aura lingered and gathered together. A timid person would be struck by terror when looking at it.

Lin Yan, Zi Yan, Old Yin Gu, and the other strong people were standing quietly in front of these black-clothed people. An unusual pressuring aura covered the courtyard.

“Is everyone prepared?” The quiet atmosphere was suddenly broken by a laugh. Immediately, a black-robed human figure suddenly flashed and appeared on the stairs. He laughed toward everyone below.

“Bang!…” A sound appeared as over a hundred black-clothed individuals orderly knelt with one knee on the ground. They did not speak and their aura was not the least bit weak.

Xiao Yan smiled with satisfaction when he saw this. Threads of heat gradually surged in his dark-black eyes. Today was the decisive life and death fight!

Fighting intent surged in Xiao Yan’s chest as the jade-green fire wings appeared behind him. He flapped them slightly and his body was suspended in the air. He abruptly raised his head and let out a clear roar!

The roar was like thunder that reverberated throughout the entire city for a long time, causing many to throw him a sidelong glance.

A couple of other spots in the capital also suddenly emitted a couple of roars in response not long after Xiao Yan’s roar was emitted. These roars were covered by a powerful Dou Qi and continued to resound through every single corner of the city.

“The Misty Cloud Sect is arrogant and despotic, intending to launch a revolt. The imperial family is willing to lend a hand to the Xiao clan to wipe out the traitors!”

“The Primer clan is willing to lend a hand!”

“The Alchemist Association is willing to lend a hand!”

“The Mu clan is willing to lend a hand!”

“The Nalan clan is willing to lend a hand!”

“The X clan is willing to lend a hand!”

“The S clan is willing to lend a hand!”

“The Y clan is willing to lend a hand!”

A prideful aura was aroused from the roars that had begun sounding from all over the place. Xiao Yan’s black hair hung loose. His laughter spread like thunder and the great pride within it caused everyone in the city to shake!

“Misty Cloud Sect, Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan is here to collect your debt!”

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