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Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Treatment

“Old Jia, why have you woken me up? Didn’t I tell you that with my current diminished condition, I will not be able to be of much help…” The enormous beast had just appeared when a thunder-like voice that carried some displeasure resounded over the lake’s surface.

Jia Xingtian, who was standing on the top of the lake, raised his head and smiled at the Serene Sea Scaly Beast. He said, “Old fellow, I am not disturbing you. Look. What is this?” Jia Xingtian spoke as he waved his hand. That ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ broke through the jade bottle and was immediately suspended in front of him, flickering with a faint luster.

The appearance of the ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ immediately resulted in a rich medicinal fragrance covering this lake. The Serene Sea Scaly Beast sniffed this medicinal fragrance before it was momentarily startled. Its loud voice had an additional joy that was difficult to hide. “The Mixed Bone Molding Pill? You have finally obtained it?”

Jia Xingtian smiled and nodded. His gaze immediately turned to Xiao Yan on the shore and laughed, “Mister Xiao Yan, we will trouble you for what comes next…”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly when he heard this. His shoulders trembled and a pair of jade-green fire wings surfaced from his back. The fire wings were flapped as he slowly rushed into the sky before flashing and appearing near the enormous head of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast’s large head.

“Who are you?” The enormous beast’s eyes stared at the tiny figure in front of it. The steam that spread over the Serene Sea Scaly Beast’s body was suddenly greatly reduced. A moment later, it suddenly cried out loud, “Brat, the fire affinity aura on you is too strong. Stay away from me!”

Everyone was stunned when they saw the Serene Sea Scaly Beast react so strongly. Xiao Yan was the first to recover. He glanced at the jade-green fire wings on his back and came to a sudden understanding. This large fellow was a water affinity Magical Beast. It was naturally extremely afraid of something like the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Moreover, the ‘Heavenly Flame’ within his body was the merger of two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’. Its strength was even more frightening. No wonder it would have such an excessive reaction.

Two sounds of rushing wind suddenly appeared from below just as the Serene Sea Scaly Beast was panicking a little. Jia Lao and a curious faced little Zi Yan also rushed forward before floating beside Xiao Yan.

“Ke ke, old fellow, there is no need to panic. Mister Xiao Yan is an alchemist. The fire affinity aura within his body is naturally extremely strong. This ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ was refined by him. However, some additional methods are needed if one wants to completely activate all of its medicinal effect. Therefore, you should endure a little.” Jia Xingtian laughed.

The Serene Sea Scaly Beast was only a little quieter after hearing Jia Xingtian words. However, it still did not dare let Xiao Yan get too close. Its current condition was extremely terrible and the fire affinity aura within Xiao Yan was far from what an ordinary fire affinity Dou Qi could compare with. If any mishap were to occur, it was likely that its old life would be thrown away at this place.

“This fellow looks so big. It is really unexpected that it is so timid…” Zi Yan immediately mocked when she saw the somewhat timid Serene Sea Scaly Beast.

“Little girl, are you seeking death?” The Serene Sea Scaly Beast might be afraid of Xiao Yan but Zi Yan was merely a small little thing. It naturally did not feel the slightest fear. Moreover, its character was extremely violent. Hence, it furiously yelled out.

“Smelly g

iant worm. You dare to be fierce to me. You are the one who is seeking death!” Zi Yan’s ears were shaken by the thunder-like sound until they became numb. Little Zi Yan’s delicate hand held her small waist as she roared out angrily. When her roar sounded, there was a purple-colored glow that lingered in her gem-like eyes.

The enormous beast eyes looked at Zi Yan in front of it furiously. The Serene Sea Scaly Beast was just about to roar furiously when it suddenly saw the strange purple glow in Zi Yan’s eyes. The Serene Sea Scaly Beast immediately sensed an unusual pressure that spread out from deep within its spirit without any forewarning. The moment this pressure spread out. The former’s enormous body appeared to have received a kind of pushing force that caused it to abruptly sink.

Although its body stabilized after sinking for an instant later. However, this feeling caused a stormy sea to form in the Serene Sea Scaly Beast’s heart. The enormous beast eyes were filled with a kind of astonishment and aghast. Given its strength, it was naturally able to see that Zi Yan’s strength was merely at the Dou Wang class. However, the pressure earlier really did erupt from the latter’s body…

Normally speaking, there was only two possible reasons that a Magical Beast would sense such a pressure. One was because there was an enormous gap between the two. The other was because of one’s bloodline… the first possibility could naturally be eliminated. There was a gap when Zi Yan’s strength was compared to that of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast. If this was the case, there was only the second explanation…

The blood within Zi Yan’s body had a kind of suppressing effect toward the Serene Sea Scaly Beast. It was just like a pressure a being of power exerted on a weaker existence .

“This little girl is actually also a Magical Beast? What exactly is her original form if she could cause even me to feel pressured and afraid? Don’t tell me that she had inherited blood from the ancient times?” The enormous eyes stared at Zi Yan in front of it. It was a long while later before the Serene Sea Scaly Beat suddenly emitted a low, deep roar. If one were to carefully listen to that sound, one would feel a kind of lower-ranked feeling.

The transformation of the roar of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast was naturally unable to escape the notice of Jia Xingtian, who was extremely familiar with the beast. Although the latter’s face did not change drastically, his heart was quite badly shaken. His gaze vaguely looked at Zi Yan beside Xiao Yan’s side and felt an incredulous feeling in his heart. This Serene Sea Scaly Beast was considered a kind of rare and powerful Magical Beast. Otherwise, it would have difficulty reach this sixth rank. However, even it was afraid of this little girl. Just what was the status of this person?

Zi Yan only raised her nose after seeing the Serene Sea Scaly Beast submission. She gave Xiao Yan a grimace and snorted proudly.

Xiao Yan smiled and rubbed Zi Yan’s little head. After the earlier scene, he was also more curious of the original form of Zi Yan. He really did not know what kind of abnormally powerful Magical Beast she was. She was actually able to cause such a powerful Serene Sea Scaly Beast to be extremely afraid…

“Alright, let’s not waste time…” Xiao Yan smiled to Jia Xingtian. He waved his hand and the ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ on his hand also rushed to his front. After which, his eyes glanced at the Serene Sea Scaly Beast and said, “Are you ready? There might be some pain at the start…”

“Thank you very much…” Even with the arrogant character of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast, it no longer dared to act presumptuous after the scene earlier. Seeing the familiar manner between Xiao Yan and Zi Yan, it was also a little more polite when speaking to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled. His mind moved and a wisp of jade-green flame wrapped that ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’. With a flick of his finger, the flame wrapped around the medicinal pill as it flew toward the top of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast’s head.

The medicinal pill was surrounded by that flame. A moment later, Xiao Yan’s hand seal changed and the jade-green flame suddenly soared. Under that hot temperature, a dense, green light suddenly scattered from it and wrapped the large body of the Seree Sea Scaly Beast into it like a waterfall.

The body of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast suddenly began to twist following the strange light cover. That manner appeared as though it was somewhat painful as low, deep roars sounded repeatedly, lifting waves on the surface of the lake…

Jia Xingtian by the side was looking at the Serene Sea Scaly Beast’s action and rubbed his hands together somewhat anxiously. However, he did not dare to interrupt when he saw Xiao Yan’s solemn expression.

The low, deep beast roars lasted for nearly ten plus minutes before they gradually weakened. At this moment, Jia Xingtian joyously saw the various injuries that covered the body of the Sea Serene Scaly Beast’s actually began to gradually show traces of being healed. That strange green glow had an extremely great impact on those injuries…

Under that scattering green light, not only did the injuries on the surface of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast gradually heal but even its originally weary aura gradually rose at this moment…

The joy on Jia Xingtian’s face gradually became denser as he sensed the growing aura that was emitted from the body of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast in front of him. The Serene Sea Scaly Beast had helped fight for the imperial family in its younger days and it had suffered many injuries. However, at this moment, it was gradually recovering to its peak power under the effect of the ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’… this was undoubtedly a happy event for the imperial family that was worth celebrating.

The green light that scattered down from the sky continued for around an hour. During this period of time, the ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ within the dark-green flame shrank until it was a couple of times smaller than before. Clearly, most of the medicinal properties within it had been unleashed…

The scattering green light continued for another half an hour before it gradually began to weaken. The area that was covered by the light also grew increasingly smaller. A moment later, the ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ finally transformed into a pile of dust under a low muffled sound. That green glow also completely disappeared…

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when the medicinal pill disappeared. He withdrew the Spiritual Strength that he had spread out and clapped his hand before speaking to Jia Xingtian by the side with a smile, “Its injuries are mostly healed and it should be able to recover to its peak condition after resting for a period of time.”

“Thank you very much mister Xiao Yan. You can come and look for us if you need any help in the future. We will definitely try our best to help if it is within our abilities to do so.” Jia Xingtian immediately spoke with excitement when he heard this.

Xiao Yan smiled and waved his hand. He replied faintly, “There is no need for you to help. All the imperial family need to do is to do its best in the big decisive battle two days from now…”

“That’s only natural!” Jia Xingtian smiled as he replied.

That Serene Sea Scaly Beast’s tightly shut eyes also suddenly opened while Xiao Yan was conversing with Jia Xingtian. A sharp aura erupted from its body before covering the entire mountain, frightening and sending a countless number of birds flying…

Xiao Yan also nodded with satisfaction as he sensed the powerful aura of the Serene Sea Scaly Beast. This strength was indeed worthy of his intervention. Although the strength of the imperial family would definitely soar because of this, he could only hope that they would not think that they would have gained much capital because of this. If he could completely heal the Serene Sea Scaly Beast, he naturally had the ability to let it lose its fighting strength once again…

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into an arc as he looked at the excited Serene Sea Scaly Beast, which was facing the sky and roaring in its excitement. The current Xiao Yan naturally knew how to hold something back no matter what he did. Although his act of holding back might be a little vicious, everything would naturally progress in a good direction as long as the imperial family kept their word…

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