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Chapter 704

Chapter 704: Wedding Day

The Misty Cloud Sect was a sea of joy today. Bright red colors lit this large mountain peak like lanterns.

The wedding of Sect Leader Yun Yun was an extremely important event to the entire Misty Cloud Sect. Moreover, the person whom Yun Yun was about to marry was Gu He who possessed an extremely great reputation. Hence, today’s wedding would undoubtedly be the most lively day of the Misty Cloud Sect in so many years.

Under this kind of joyous event, there were many people who had unknowingly forgotten about all the storms in the outside world. From the view of some people, the current strength of the Misty Cloud Sect within the Jia Ma Empire, this enormous sect, would still not feel threatened even if all the other factions in the empire were to join hands. This kind of confidence originated from their Misty Cloud Sect possessing the only elite Dou Zong in the entire Jia Ma Empire, Yun Shan!

The joyous noise resounded throughout the Misty Cloud Mountain since early in the morning. Following the slow rise of the bright sun in the sky, their joy became increasingly richer.

There were only two people sitting in a large hall within the Misty Cloud Sect. These two people possessed an extremely great reputation within the Misty Cloud Sect. The one who was seated in the leader’s seat was naturally Yun Shan while the one seated at a lower level was the main character of today’s wedding, Gu He!

“Ke ke, Gu He, you will be a member of our Misty Cloud Sect after today. If these old bones of mine were to disappear one day, I’m afraid that the Misty Cloud Sect will have to rely on you.” Yun Shan laughed as he spoke to Gu He when he heard the joyous sounds transmitted from outside.

Gu He hurriedly waved his hand and spoke with a smile when he heard this, “Sect Leader is currently an elite Dou Zong and you are currently in your prime. How can you say such ominous words?”

Yun Shan smiled. His shriveled finger gently tapped on the table as his gaze glanced outside. He spoke with a faint smile, “If I am right, Xiao Yan and the others will definitely charge up to the Misty Cloud Sect today… that fellow always coveted Yun-er. In the past, Yun-er was cheated by his sweet words and did some reckless things. Now that he has heard of this wedding he would be angry because of the humiliation and will definitely come and cause trouble.”

A glow flickered in Gu He’s eyes. A moment later, he spoke softly, “I will not allow anyone to disrupt the wedding between Yun Yun and I…”

“Ke ke, with your reputation within the Jia Ma Empire as Pill-King Gu He, it would indeed be an embarrassing thing if your wedding were to be disrupted by someone.” Yun Shan smiled when he heard Gu He’s words. His voice was filled with instigation.

“Sect Leader. If the wedding today completes successfully, I hope that you will undo the seal within Yun Yun’s body. I will bring her out to travel around. Once she comes around, she will be able to understand Sect Leader’s painstaking effort.” Gu He smiled before suddenly changing the topic.

Yun Shan fondled his beard and nodded. He said, “That’s only natural. No matter how one puts it, I raised that girl myself. I also don’t feel good sealing her like this.”

Although Gu He was unaware of how much hypocrisy there was in these words from Yun Shan, Gu He still smiled and nodded before cupping his hand and giving thanks.

“You can rest assured about today’s wedding. I have already made the appropriate arrangements. As long as that little fellow Xiao Yan dares to appear, I will use his life to commemorate your wedding!” Yun Shan laughed as he replied.

“In that case, I will thank you for your concern. There are many thing

s to do today and I shall not stay any longer…” Gu He once again gave thanks. He saw Yun Shan nodding his head before he got up and slowly exited the large hall.

Yun Shan’s gaze sent off Gu He’s back before the smile on his face was gradually withdrawn. His old eyes narrowed a faint cold glint flashed passed it.

“Tsk tsk, it is unexpected that you are actually willing to marry Yun Yun away in order to pull Gu He to your side…” The door to the large hall was suddenly shut without any forewarning not long after Gu He left. A cluster of unusual black fog seeped out from the shadows of the large hall before a strange laugh was emitted from within.

“Gu He possessed quite a great reputation within the Jia Ma Empire. This time around, we will first let him engage in a big fight with Xiao Yan and the others. Once they have fought until the both of them are terribly injured, we will act like fishermen and reap the benefits…” Yun Shan laughed coldly
TL: Act like fishermen – means to sit back and gain from two groups fighting

“I’m fine with it. However, don’t let Gu He die. That fellow has quite a strong Spiritual Strength and I think that he will be an outstanding spiritual body. Tsk tsk…”

Yun Shan knit his brows. Gu He was currently a tier 6 alchemist. The Misty Cloud Sect would greatly benefit from having him around.

“Hee hee, why? Don’t tell me that you are unwilling? Yun Shan, if our ‘Hall of Souls’ can allow you to achieve your current Dou Zong strength from your near death state back then, we can also once again let you be left with nothing. All that you currently own now has been given to you by the ‘Hall of Souls’. If the ‘Hall of Souls’ were to be unhappy one day and take all of these things back, then… tsk tsk…” The back fog immediately emitted a dark, stern laugh after he seemed to have sensed Yun Shan’s unwillingness.

Yun Shan’s expression changed a little when he heard this. He immediately laughed dryly, “Protector Wu, what you are saying is… the ‘Hall of Souls’ has done me a great favor and it is naturally impossible for me to forget about them. Ke ke, since the ‘Hall of Souls’ is interested in Gu He, you can take his spirit away after everything is over.”

“Sect Leader Yun Shan does indeed understand the situation. You are worthwhile for our ‘Hall of Souls’ to spend so much effort grooming… today, your Misty Cloud Sect is faced with quite a great amount of trouble. You should pay more attention and don’t end up capsizing your ship in the sewer…” The black fog finally emitted a dark, cold laugh after hearing those words.
TL: capsizing your ship in the sewer – something completely unexpected

“Thank you for your reminder Protector Wu. I will make the appropriate arrangements on this point…” Yun Shan spoke with a smile.

“In that case, I shall watch a good show today. Hopefully, you will not disappoint me…” The black fog formed a couple of ripples before it gradually became illusionary. A moment later, it completely disappeared from the large hall.

Yun Shan watched the black fog completely disappeared. Yun Shan’s skin twitched and a ruthlessness flashed over his lowered eyes before completely disappearing.

The joy over the entire Misty Cloud Sect finally gradually climbed higher in the sky as the sun rose before finally reaching the peak. A countless number of joyous cries gathered before charging to the clouds.

The enormous open ground had been decorated until it was completely red in color. The Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples, who were dressed in red, were just like a red-colored wave that filled one’s eyes.

The middle of the open ground had a enormous wedding stage that was built on it. Yun Shan was seated on the leader’s seat on the stage. At this moment, he was wearing a smile and chatting with the guests that had came to congratulate the surrounding people. Given Gu He’s reputation in the Jia Ma Empire, there were naturally quite a number of experts who had come forward to congratulate now that the news of the wedding had spread.

Gu He, who had already changed into a bright red robe, stood under the stage. He was full of smiles as he cupped his hands and thank the surrounding people who had repeatedly surged over to congratulate him.

“The bride has arrived!”

A clear voice finally sounded in the incomparably noisy open ground when the sun reached the middle of the sky. A countless number of voices were immediately lowered. Numerous gazes followed the voice and looked over only to see a lady wearing a red-colored wedding dress with a red cloth covering her face. She slowly walked toward the wedding stage in the middle of the open ground while being clustered by over ten beautiful female servants like stars supporting a moon.

The laughter on the open ground became much richer upon seeing the other main character for today. A countless number of people cupped their hands and congratulated Gu He on being able to marry such an outstanding woman. Even though the other party was Gu He, there were still quite a number of people who felt envious.

However, just as everyone was congratulating him, no one noticed that the bride was being supported by the female servants as she slowly walked. Her footsteps had the stiffness of a wooden puppet.

Gu He smiled and thanked all the guests who came to congratulate him. After which, he swiftly walked toward the bride and his gaze swept over the latter’s face. However, he was unable to see even her slightest expression because of the red cloth.

Gu He took the red knot from the female servant beside him and held it in his hand before the pair to be wedded slowly walked to the wedding stage in front of a countless number of gazes in the open ground.

“Ke ke, today is my beloved disciple’s wedding. Yun Shan will represent the Misty Cloud Sect here to thank everyone for traveling great distances to arrive in this place!” Yun Shan on the wedding stage smiled and looked at the pair to be wedded below before raising his head. He laughed clearly to everyone in the open ground.

The open ground immediately emitted waves of torrent-like congratulations after hearing Yun Shan’s words.

“Yun-er is the next sect leader of my Misty Cloud Sect. She naturally holds quite a high position. However, with Gu He’s current status, he is compatible with her. Ke ke, therefore they can be said to be a good match.” Yun Shan spoke with a smile.

Gu He smiled and handled the surrounding congratulations from below the wedding stage. Occasionally, he would glance at the bride beside him,who had not spoke a single word ever since she had appeared. The smile on his face was quietly withdrawn with him realizing it. A dark haziness flashed through his eyes.

“Today, the old me will announce that I will marry my beloved disciple to Gu He in front of all the experts within the Jia Ma Empire!” Yun Shan glanced at the somewhat unnatural expression of Gu He below and smiled as he spoke.

The open ground once again erupted into waves of voices upon hearing Yun Shan’s laughter. A countless number of congratulations were tossed toward that pair of newlyweds.

Yun Shan raised his head, looked at the sky before waving his hand and laughing out loud.

“The auspicious hour has arrived. Begin the wedding!”

The joyous atmosphere of the entire Misty Cloud Sect had undoubtedly reached a peak at this moment.


The sharp sound of rushing wind suddenly sounded in the sky just as the joyous torrent erupted. Immediately, a black figure abruptly flew through the air as it shot toward the front of the wedding stage.

The sudden sound of rushing wind immediately attracted the focus of all the gazes. Yun Shan’s expression sank while everyone was startled. The figure flashed and appeared below the wedding stage. A terrifying force surged out with a wave from Yun Shan sleeves before smashing heavily on that black figure.


The sound of metal colliding sounded and the black figure was forced back by Yun Shan before finally twirling through the air and heavily inserting itself into the hard ground. Everyone’s gaze swept over it only to realize that it was an enormous black-colored heavy ruler.

“Ke ke, Sect Leader Yun Shan, why do you need to be in such a hurry? It is yet to be decided whether the Misty Cloud Sect will be holding a wedding or a funeral today!”

The clear laughter of a young man slowly resounded across the sky as the black ruler landed in the ground.

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