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Chapter 596: Fighting Fan Lao

The thunder-like roar that suddenly appeared on the horizon also caused Xiao Yan’s entire body to tremble. He hurriedly turned around, only to find a blood-red human figure swiftly expanding within his eyesight.

“This is bad. How did this old fellow discover me?” Xiao Yan had clearly heard Fan Lao’s cry. Therefore, he was stunned in his heart. At the same time, the wings on his back flapped swiftly, and his body flashed in a lightning-like manner with the intention of shaking off Fan Lao.


Xiao Yan’s body had just turned around when a sharp wind flashed toward him. A chill appeared in his heart as he forcefully twisted his body and he narrowly dodged the blood-red force. His body shot back as he scolded angrily in his heart, “Old dog, you are really vicious.”

Fan Lao’s face was green, and filled with a poisonous look. His eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan as the blood-colored wings on his back flapped. His body transformed into a bloody figure that shot explosively toward Xiao Yan. A dense, chilly, blood-colored Dou Qi swiftly agglomerated in his hand.

Although Xiao Yan also had the help of a flying Dou Technique, its flying speed was unable to compare with true Dou Qi wings. Hence, in merely the blink of an eye, Fan Lao flashed and appeared above Xiao Yan’s head. The blood color in his hand smashed down violently. At that instant, even the air shook intently. Clearly, Fan Lao did not show any mercy in his attacks. He was completely using fatal moves!

“Return me my son’s life!” Lao Fan’s expression was ferocious as he grinned and spoke. He could sense Xiao Yan’s strength. He was merely a little Dou Ling, it was definitely as easy to kill him as it was to flip one’s hand.


As the bloody glow came curling over from all directions, a faint thunder noise suddenly sounded. Xiao Yan’s body, which was standing quietly in the air, suddenly trembled a little. His entire body also became illusionary at this instant.


The bloody glow came surging down explosively and firmly smashed onto Xiao Yan’s body. However, Xiao Yan did not spit out blood and become seriously injured as he had expected. That bloody glow passed through Xiao Yan’s body without any resistance. After which, that body… slowly disappeared.

This body was actually an afterimage!

Xiao Yan was panting as he suddenly flashed and appeared around a dozen meters from where the bloody glow surged. He laughed coldly at the surprised face of Fan Lao as he said, “It is not so easy to kill me, old dog!”

Fan Lao waved his hand and scattered the blood glow that had curled out. His gaze watched Xiao Yan in a dark and solemn manner as his voice said in a dark and evil manner, “‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’? Looks like the one who killed my son was indeed you!”

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared at Fan Lao. No matter how one put it, the other party was an elite Dou Huang. If he had not displayed the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ and caught the other party off-guard earlier, it was likely that he would not escape being killed on the spot. After all, the gap between him and the latter was really too large.

Waves of powerful Dou Qi flowed out unceasingly from the Dou Crystal within Xiao Yan’s body. Finally, it began galloping within his Qi Paths like flood water. The feeling of being filled with the energy that it carried caused Xiao Yan to quietly feel a little emboldened in his heart.

“Good! Very good!” Fan Lao flapped his blood-colored Dou Qi wings slightly. The perniciousness of his laughter caused one’s entire body to feel cold, “Once I capture you, your death will not be too simple. I will rear you as my blood slave who will provide me with the freshest blood day and night. Otherwise, I will not be able to face my dead son!”

“Old dog, why don’t you come and try!” Those dark-black pupils had a dark coldness gradually brewing in them as Xiao Yan slowly spoke.

Given Fan Lao’s status, being called ‘old dog’ repeatedly by Xiao Yan also caused him to become extremely furious. He immediately decided to let Xiao Yan suffer a fate worse than death.

Both of his somewhat sharp palms moved slightly and threads of blood-colored Dou Qi began to surge out like fresh blood. Finally, they formed tens of thousands of blood threads that surrounded Fan Lao’s body as the latter began to breath hurriedly.

Xiao Yan’s face had also become extremely serious as he sensed the frightening aura that was gradually rising within Fan Lao’s body. As long as one made the slightest mistake when fighting with an expert of this class, one would end up with a miserable death.

The fight between Xiao Yan and Fan Lao in the sky within the extremely chaotic battleground naturally aroused the attention of a countless number of Inner Academy’s students in the distance. All the faces of these students immediately became ugly. They were unclear of the situation but from the looks of it, it appeared that Xiao Yan had stepped forward to help contribute by fighting with a powerful opponent! Hence, quite a number of people felt respect for Xiao Yan within their hearts. After training for so many years within the Inner Academy, they did possess quite the feelings toward this place. Now that there were strong enemies attacking them, it was natural that they felt a similar feeling of fighting against a common enemy. However, due to their strengths and other reasons, they could only just stand at this place and watch battle, powerless to do anything.

Xiao Yan, who had just stepped forward, undoubtedly became someone whom they entrusted. Hence… numerous ear-shaking deafening threatening sounds also shouted out loud in an excited manner from the countless number of students in the distance. At this moment, it must be said that Xiao Yan’s reputation had truly exceeded Lin Xiu Ya, Liu Qing, and the others!

Xiao Yan was also startled when he suddenly heard the threatening sound that reverberated through the air. His gaze drifted in the direction where the voices came from and was immediately somewhat speechless upon seeing the fieriness and respect on the faces of these students. If he was not discovered by Fan Lao, he would have long ago fled afar. Who would be willing to take such a big risk and fight with a Dou Huang?

“I will reduce your reputation in their eyes to dust. Don’t tell me that a mere little Dou Ling can flip the sky?” Fan Lao laughed coldly. He immediately waved his hand abruptly. The blood-colored energy threads which shrouded around him immediately curled out in all directions. The sharp rushing wind sound repeatedly let out a ‘chi chi’ noise.

The blood-colored energy threads that came from all directions nearly covered all the space Xiao Yan could use to dodge. Fan Lao was clearly aware of just how shockingly agile the person in front of him was after having practiced the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’. Hence, he had restricted the other party’s speed the moment he attacked.

Xiao Yan’s gaze was focused as he eyed the blood-colored energy threads that came from all directions. He exhaled a deep breath of air and suddenly emitted a low cry. A turbulent green-colored flame surged out explosively and finally wrapped his body within.

The appearance of the green-colored flame immediately caused Fan Lao’s expression to change. With his experience, he was naturally able to see just what kind of background this flame had. However, his attack had already been activated. He could only continue no matter what kind of attack the opponent used. Moreover, even though Xiao Yan truly possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame’, attempting to unleash its strength would depend on his own strength. Hence, the appearance of the green-colored flame may have caused Fan Lao to be shocked, but he did not feel any sense of panic.

The blood threads that came from all directions passed through the sky in a lightning-like manner, appearing in front of Xiao Yan in the blink of an eye. However, just as the blood threads were about three meters from Xiao Yan, the hot temperature suddenly erupted. The blood threads, which were of the dark and cold affinity immediately melted into nothingness!

Although the green-colored flame had some ability to restrain the dark, cold blood threads, those blood threads were coming from all directions, and were showing no sign of being exhausted. Hence, Xiao Yan’s flame was gradually shrinking back as it was pounced by the unceasing amount of blood threads.

Fan Lao coldly laughed as he watched Xiao Yan’s flame, which was gradually shrinking. He waved his hand, and the blood threads all over the place twisted strangely. They intertwined with one another before coiling into a blood ball net. Within the net was Xiao Yan, who was putting up a resistance!

“So what if you have a ‘Heavenly Flame’? With your strength, you are unable to unleash its full potential.” Fan Lao laughed in a dark, cold manner. He eyed Xiao Yan who was bitterly resisting the corrosion of the blood threads. He tightened his hand and the blood-colored energy agglomerated before eventually solidifying into a blood-colored long spear that had a flickering cold glint.

“Little bastard, go and die!”

Enmity surfaced on the corner of his mouth. Fan Lao laughed in a dark manner as his hand shook abruptly. Immediately, the blood-colored long spear tore through the air in a lightning-like manner as it carried a sharp wind and shot explosively toward the blood ball net Xiao Yan was trapped in.

“Old fellow, aren’t you embarrassed at fighting a Dou Ling as an elite Dou Huang?” A tender voice suddenly sounded in the air just as the blood-colored long spear was about to shoot into the blood ball net. Immediately, a lovely small figure suddenly appeared outside of the blood ball net. A pale-purple ponytail was flung as a tender little fist was thrown forward violently. Immediately, the air in front of her was pressured into an invisible air bubble that collided with the blood-colored long spear!


The air ripple spread quickly with a low, deep explosion shaking the air until it fluctuated slightly.

Fan Lao’s gaze was like that of a poisonous snake that firmly locked onto the lovely little girl which had appeared outside of the blood ball net. His expression sank as he cried, “Are you seeking death?”

Zi Yan curled her mouth. Her little fist gave out a few punch that formed some wind. A low, deep sonic boom formed under her fist. She raised her head and faced Fan Lao without the slightest fear, “Old fellow, who is going to help me refine Yaowan should you kill Xiao Yan?”

Fan Lao’s expression sunk. He was too lazy to say any nonsense. Given his character, he would not show the slightest mercy killing when he was angry even if the person in front of him was a baby, much less a little girl. Hence, the blood-colored energy once again agglomerated ferociously as his palm fell.

Zi Yan’s carved jade-like little face became slightly serious after appearing to sense the killing intent that was rising within Lao Fan’s body. Her little fist also slowly tightened.


Another two rushing wind sounds appeared just as Fan Lao was about to act. Two figures flashed through the sky and appeared beside Zi Yan’s body. At a glance, the two of them were surprisingly Lin Xiu Ya and Liu Qing. At this moment, the two of them had a pair of somewhat thin and illusionary Dou Qi wings. With the exception of Zi Yan, it was likely only the two of them could rise to the sky to fight among the entire student population of the Inner Academy.

“The disaster of the Inner Academy is not just your problem alone.” Liu Qing turned his head around and looked at Xiao Yan, who was struggling to resolve the blood thread imprisonment. There was actually a faint thread of respect in the former’s gaze.

“Ke ke, Liu Qing is right. You should settle your trouble first. We will delay him.” The longsword in Lin Xiu Ya’s hand shook gently as he added, “Honestly speaking, however, you really have no fear. If you had not chosen to take the lead and step forward, it’s likely that even I would not dare to intervene in such a situation.”

Xiao Yan watched the three of them outside in a stunned manner. He immediately laughed bitterly and shook his head. He did not stand out intentionally…

“Looks like… I can only go all out…” Xiao Yan muttered softly as he stared at Fan Lao, whose eyes were filled with killing intent.

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