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Chapter 595: Chaotic Great Battle

Two human figures surfaced in the sky in a strange manner. One of them was in a golden robe while the other was in a silver one. However, if one were to look carefully, one would be able to discover that the faces of the two were basically identical. They had white hair and beards, and their features appeared to be carved out from a mold.

The names of these two people were not unfamiliar even to the Elders within the Inner Academy. It was due to this that their expressions changed slightly. The so-called Mister Gold and Mister Silver were two of the top experts ranked on the ‘Black-Corner Ranking’ in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Due to the two of them being twins and their Qi Method were completely the same, these two people, whose strength were similar to only a peak Dou Huang experts when they were apart, were able to complement each others strength when they fought an opponent together. They possessed quite a great chance of victory even when facing an Dou Zong. Hence, the names of these two were extremely renowned throughout the expert level of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. This caused even the Elders within the Inner Academy to have heard of them.

“You are also thinking of intervening in this matter?” Su Qian slowly spoke in a dark and solemn manner.

“We were tasked by others. Each of us has what the other needs, and it cannot be helped.” The old man who was wearing gold robes smiled and spoke to Su Qian.

“Old Su, I will tell you that it is better to give the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to Han Feng. If your Headmaster were around, we would not agree to this transaction. Unfortunately, there is no news of that old fellow after so many years. No one knows if he is dead or something.” The silver-robed old man laughed in a somewhat mean voice. That tone was actually similar to the gold-robed old man.

“Hei, what wishful thinking. I want to see just how great the Gold Silver Elders who are rumored to be able to fight an opponent across a class are. Even if the Headmaster is not around, it is not up to all of you to come and behave atrociously!” Su Qian laughed coldly.

“If that is the case, it seems that there are insufficient experts in your Inner Academy.” The gold-robed old man laughed. Although Han Feng’s side was fewer in number, they won in terms of their strength having far surpassed the Elders of the Academy. If they were to really fight, it was possible for them to deal with two at once or even three…

Su Qian’s expression was icy-cold. However, he was too lazy to say any more nonsense. Both of his hands rotated slightly and a majestic Dou Qi spat out from his palm, shaking the air until it began to tremble a little.

“First Elder Su Qian, I will ask you one last time. Are you going to hand over the ‘Heavenly Flame’ or not?” Han Feng’s patience had completely worn down as they dwindled in this manner. His eyes Su Qian and the others before asking faintly.

Su Qian was expressionless. He merely waved his sleeves in the face of Han Feng’s inquiry. A powerful Dou Qi pillar suddenly shot out from his sleeves and rushed directly at Han Feng!


Han Feng’s expression gradually turned cold when Su Qian took the lead to attack. He snorted and flicked his finger. A deep-blue flame surfaced in his palm. Finally, with a gentle swing, it collided violently with the Dou Qi pillar.


A low, deep explosion appeared and the energy ripple that came spreading over shook Han Feng until he hurriedly took a step back. Only then did he stabilize his body. Although he had the help of a ‘Heavenly Flame’, Su Qian was still an elite Dou Zong. The former was unable to gain any advantage in a head on collision.

Su Qian’s body did not pause for a moment after throwing out a strike. He turned into lightning that instantly shot toward Han Feng.

“Ke ke, Old Su, you should come and play with us.” The gold and silver figures instantly flashed and appeared in front of Han Feng, parting their mouths they gave Su Qian a smile. The hands of the two of them tightened and an extremely powerful pale-green Dou Qi shot out explosively.

Su Qian’s twisted his body to dodge the pale-green Dou Qi that shot over explosively. His body moved and appeared in front of both the Gold and Silver old men. Immediately, the wind from the palms of the three parties were exchanged with one another, and a low, deep, muffled thunder-like sound of the palm’s wind was repeatedly emitted from the afterimages that caused one to be dazzled.

Han Feng’s gaze turned to Hu Gan and the others upon seeing Su Qian being pestered by the Gold and Silver old men. With a wave of his hand, he turned around and laughed toward the large group of people behind him, “Next, I would like to trouble everyone to stop the remaining people. I will go down and undo that seal.”

“They are but some Dou Wangs. It is fine if you leave them to us. Moreover, the taste of the fresh blood of the Elders within the Inner Academy is something that I have yet to taste.” The sect leader of the Blood Sect Fan Lao stared at Hu Gan and the others in a dark manner filled with malice. He parted his mouth and revealed his somewhat sharp teeth. Ever since his only son was unknowingly killed within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and the search for his murder turned out futile, Fan Lao’s originally gloomy character had become somewhat temperamental. The moment he acted, he would kill and obtain blood, appearing extremely violent.

“Ke ke, in that case, thank you very much everyone. Han Feng will definitely thank everyone heavily once this matter is successful.” Han Feng cupped his hands to Fan Lao and the others. The dark-blue Dou Qi wings behind him flapped and he immediately landed next to the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’.

“Stop them!” Hu Gan waved his hand upon seeing his. The nearly thirty plus experts of the academy behind him immediately rushed out from all directions, blocking Han Feng’s route.

“Tsk tsk, your opponents are us…” Over ten human figures carrying dense bloody auras suddenly flashed and appeared before forming an opposite situation with the experts of the Inner Academy.

Han Feng laughed. His body turned and he continued flying toward the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. The thirty plus experts from the academy had just acted when the ten plus top experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ came flashing out in an orderly manner. Immediately, the incomparably powerful wind they carried came knocking violently. Finally, the group of thirty plus experts were completely scattered in a short instant when the human figures rushed forth.

The battle in the sky arrived suddenly and intensely. All the students in the distance were not exactly clear what happened in the sky. However, after the battle erupted, the repeated sounds of energy explosions caused their expressions to change. Only now were they able to guess that the mysterious person who had suddenly arrived had ill will.

Although they understood this in their hearts and some of the students wanted to lend a hand, the battle in the distant sky caused them to feel that they were powerless. Hence, they could only just watch the wild, violent, chaotic battle that had erupted in the sky, as their hearts repeatedly prayed that the Elders in the Inner Academy could expel these unwanted guests.

Han Feng flapped his wings after the chaotic battle erupted in the sky and appeared at the top of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. He eyed the dark, dim glowing energy film below and was just about to act when a sharp rushing wind sound suddenly sounded above his head!

Han Feng frowned slightly. He flapped his wings and dodged the wind attack before slowly raising his head, only to see Hu Gan staring at him with an icy-cold face.

“You can forget about having delusions of the ‘Heavenly Flame’!” The powerful Dou Qi in Hu Gan’s hand swiftly agglomerated as he spoke in a deep voice.

“It is likely that you cannot block me with just you alone.” Han Feng felt a little surprise as he watched Hu Gan, who had actually escaped the battle circle of the large group before immediately speaking with a smile. With his strength and with the help of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, there was basically hardly anyone among the Dou Huang class who were a match for him. Hence, Han Feng was not too afraid of Hu Gan despite the latter’s strength being at the peak of the Dou Huang class.

“In that case, you can come and try.” Hu Gan laughed coldly. He did not say any nonsense as a powerful aura came spreading out from his body. Dou Qi wrapped the frowning Han Feng as it erupted. The two people immediately turned into blurry figures as they intertwined and fought with each other.

Hence, the sky had completely descended into a chaotic fight. A fiery battle was basically occurring wherever one looked. The sound of energy explosions were like firecrackers that let out repeated ‘bangs’.

Xiao Yan was somewhat stunned as he watched the chaotic battle in the sky from the ground. Su Qian was already delayed by the so-called Gold Silver Elders. Hu Gan, and Han Feng had also sunk into an intense battle. All the Elders were being repeatedly and forcefully stopped by the sect leaders of the Blood Sect and the various other sects, who were fighting two at the same time. Yet they were actually managing to gain the upper hand in this situation where they were outnumbered. It must be said that the difference between elite Dou Wangs and Dou Huangs was quite big.

Xiao Yan’s gaze was slightly dizzy because of the dazzling fight. He merely inquired bitterly within his heart, “Teacher, what do we do now?”

“We can only wait. You cannot go and break the seal yourself during this great battle between both parties. You will attract the attention of both parties if you do that.” Yao Lao’s voice sounded swiftly.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He could only do as he was told and once again hid his body under the cover of the flame. However, just when he had hid himself again, the sharp sound of rushing wind suddenly shot explosively from the sky, shocking the former. His Purple Cloud Wings moved abruptly and his body flashed to the air to dodge the wind.

Although this action allowed him to dodge the attack, it also caused his body to be revealed. However, it was fortunate that some of those people who were alerted did not adopt any offensive stance toward Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan also did not dare to stay in this sky that was filled with chaos. He immediately began to hurriedly wrapped his body within a green-colored Dou Qi before withdrawing.

Just as Xiao Yan was about to withdraw, the Sect Leader of the Blood Sect, Fan Lao, who was enjoying himself fighting with three experts Dou Wangs at a certain spot in the sky, suddenly turned his eyes and randomly swept them over. His gaze suddenly paused!

A human figure that was wrapped in green flame… This back that appeared to be one that he was familiar with caused a bloody redness to instantly surge up in both of his eyes. He borrowed a certain sense that enabled him to know that this back was definitely the same as the back of the murderer that appeared in the mirror he had refined from the blood of his dead son!

After being unable to find the murderer of his son after all sorts of methods, it was unexpected that he would meet the murder in this kind of place!


A bloody redness agglomerated within his eyes as a roar that was filled with fury and killing intent exploded out from his mouth. A powerful bright red Dou Qi abruptly surged. The three expert Dou Wangs, who were caught off guard, were shaken until they bodies flew back.

The instant the three Dou Wang Elders pulled back, the wings on Fan Lao’s back were flapped, and his body appeared to be like a blood-colored light as it shot explosively toward Xiao Yan at the corner under a countless number of shocked gazes. A sharp roar shook the horizon.

“Little bastard, you really gave me a hard time looking for you. Go and die with my son!”

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