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Chapter 597: Helping Hand

A couple of human figures were suspended in the air opposing each other in the distant sky outside of the chaotic battleground. Behind one group was an enormous blood ball net that was extremely eye-catching.

“Give me three minutes!” Xiao Yan’s gaze swept toward Zi Yan and the three others outside as he suddenly spoke.

Zi Yan and the three others were stunned before they immediately nodded slightly.

“Tsk tsk, with just you three Dou Wangs? Moreover, two of you only have half a foot in the Dou Wang class. Yet you hope to delay me?” Fan Lao let out a strange laugh.

“Old fellow, you really are full of crap.” Zi Yan curled her mouth and scolded. She immediately shouted to Liu Qing and Lin Xiuya beside her, “I am about to attack, the two of you should be careful!” Her voice had just sounded when the lovely little figure trembled slightly. Without waiting for a reply, she shot toward Fan Lao who was not far away. Her little fist was slightly tightened as a frightening energy was brewed on it.

Seeing Zi Yan act, Liu Qing, and Lin Xiuya both felt helpless. They hurriedly moved their bodies and followed quickly. The Dou Qi within their bodies was unleashed to the maximum. They clearly understood that their opponent this time around was stronger than any other one they had faced. If they were careless, it was very possible that they would be seriously injured or even be killed on the spot.

Zi Yan and the other two, who had suddenly rose to the air to support Xiao Yan, undoubtedly became the focus of attention of all the Inner Academy’s students on the ground. The four, who were called the peak experts among the Inner Academy students, were facing off against an elite Dou Huang. This exciting battle caused many people to feel their blood starting to boil. Some of the students who had the ability to join the fight but were unable to rise to the air had completely flushed red faces caused by the fighting intent that filled their chest. Among them were Lin Yan, Yan Hao, and the other top existences. Only people of their class barely had the qualification to participate in a fight at such a level among the students of the Inner Academy.

“A group of people from the younger generation actually dare to be so bold?” Fan Lao coldly laughed as he watched Zi Yan and the other two who shot over. His pale-white shriveled hand suddenly shook. Immediately, three waves of blood-colored Dou Qi surfaced and immediately agglomerated into three blood snakes that were as thick as one’s arm. With a flick of his finger, the blood snakes were shot out abruptly. They opened their bloody huge mouths in a savage manner. A bloody stench pounced onto the faces of the former three.

The blood snakes instantly shot out and reached them. Sensing the wild, violent, dark, cold energy that was contained in the bodies of these snakes, Zi Yan’s expression had quietly become serious. Her small fist was slowly pulled apart, and her five fingers aimed at the blood snake that had shot over. “Break!”


Zi Yan’s five fingers suddenly tightened as her voice sounded. Immediately, an invisible ripple flashed and spread out in a lightning-like manner. The air ten plus meters in front of her appeared to be molded by a frighteningly enormous cluster of air which, coincidentally, passed through the blood serpent at this spot. The blood serpent was pinched until it burst into a cluster of bloody fog in the shrunken space.

Having molded the opponent’s attack until it exploded in one move, Zi Yan swiftly drifted toward Liu Qing and Lin Xiuya who were scrambling around because of the snakes. She flicked her fingers and two gusts of wind shot out explosively, convulsing the two bloody snakes until they turned into a cluster of blood fog.

After settling the harassing blood snakes, Zi Yan’s toes pressed on the air and her lovely little body appeared in front of Fan Lao in a ghost-like manner. She twisted her waist and her delicate little leg drew a half-moon shape as it violently kicked at the latter’s head.

Zi Yan’s small leg was delicate, weak and appeared to have the feeling of breaking at the slightest touch. However, if anyone were to neglect the frightening force contained within it, it was likely that the person would receive a terribly painful and bloody lesson.

With Fan Lao’s many years of experience of muddling in this chaotic man-eat-man ‘Black-Corner Region’, it was naturally impossible for him to make such a mistake when fighting with another person. Moreover, after he saw Zi Yan blast apart his blood spear with a punch, he knew that this seemingly weak little girl possessed an extremely frightening strength!

Hence, it was naturally impossible for him to choose to ignore Zi Yan’s close-range attack.

Fan Lao’s shriveled hand swiftly danced and a wave of turbulent blood-colored energy suddenly surged out from Fan Lao’s body. Finally, it agglomerated into a bloody liquid-like circular energy barrier on the left side of his body.


Zi Yan’s leg carried a low and deep explosive sound as it violently smashed onto the sticky blood-colored barrier. Immediately, a muffled explosion sounded, and one could see ripples fluctuating swiftly on the blood-colored barrier.

The fighting strength contained on her feet caused the blood-colored energy barrier to be compressed into a frightening arc. However, just as her foot was merely half an inch from Fan Lao’s face, the force on it was finally completely resolved by the blood-colored energy barrier. Following a ‘bang’, the energy barrier that was compressed into an arc was violently reflected and bounced Zi Yan’s foot until it was far from Fan Lao’s body.

“Hmph!” Zi Yan merely snorted when her attack was blocked. Her body borrowed that reflected strength as it quietly floated up. With a flash of her body, she rushed into Fan Lao’s chest. That delicate hand of hers moved swiftly and numerous afterimages appeared. They carried incomparably forceful winds as they viciously smashed against Fan Lao’s chest.

Although Fan Lao did not adopt the attitude of looking down on Zi Yan, he still underestimated the latter’s agility, speed as well as her sharp reaction in battle. Hence, he was initially violently smashed by a couple of Zi Yan’s small fist strikes. That frightening force also caused his expression to change a little. Such a frightening physical strength was something that even some expert Dou Wangs specialized in training their physical body had difficulty possessing.

“Devouring Blood Armor!”

Although he suffered a couple of firm punches that caused the blood aura within his body to become a little more superficial, Fan Lao was still a battle experienced expert Dou Huang no matter how one put it. Hence, he recovered his senses within an extremely short amount of time. His hands moved in a lightning-like manner, and a bloody force flowed. A fresh dark-red seemingly solid blood-like armor appeared on his body.

“Qiang, Qiang!”

The afterimage’s fist violently smashed on the dark, bloody liquid-like armor. Waves of metal collision sounds immediately sounded. That armor’s defense was extremely strong, and was actually able to endure without breaking under Zi Yan’s wild and ferocious smashes.

Fan Lao’s body repeatedly pulled back in the sky. Although the armor dispersed quite a lot of the strength, the remnant force still caused his body to withdraw swiftly. He was actually being beaten so miserably by a Dou Wang class little girl under this kind of environment where countless of people were staring at him. This also caused his expression to become increasingly darker, more solemn and even more furious.

Countless numbers of students in the distance watched Zi Yan who was showing her might in the sky. All of them were extremely shocked. Zi Yan had seldom fought within the Inner Academy. She did not reveal any overly great strength even during the Strong Ranking Grand Competition due to various reasons. Therefore, quite a number of people who did not know her background had a doubtful attitude toward her strength. Today, however, that kind of doubt was destroyed without being attacked. A person who could force a Dou Huang back. With such strength, her position as first on the ‘Strong Ranking’ was indeed something that no one could touch!


Another vicious punch landed on the armor. That armor, which was already about to break, finally cracked apart completely. Zi Yan did not have the time to rejoice when the armor cracked apart before a wave of surging blood aura erupted from within Fan Lao’s body. The strength of that aura even shook Zi Yan until she took a couple of steps back.

Zi Yan had yet to have any reaction after body was shaken back when she heard a dark, low cry that suddenly sounded by the side of her ear, “Blood Demon Hand!”

Wild wind suddenly blew in the sky as the cry sounded. The wind even contained a trace of the bloody aura.

Zi Yan swiftly raised her head. Her small face changed involuntarily as she saw a twenty foot large enormous blood-colored hand suddenly appearing not far above her head and violently slamming toward her.

“Great Splitting Mountain!”

A loud cry was suddenly heard just as the enormous bloody hand violently shot toward Zi Yan. The sharp sound of rushing wind suddenly resounded, and a pale-gold sharp wind shot explosively into the sky. Finally, it collided heavily with that bloody palm. A thunder-like explosion immediately reverberated throughout the horizon as a turbulent energy ripple overflowed and shook the air until it swiftly vibrated.

The Dou Technique attack which Fan Lao had agglomerated for a while was actually scattered by an attack, causing him to be very shock. He glanced at the pale-faced panting Liu Qing and the shock in his eyes became even more dense. These students of the Inner Academy were actually so strong? That earlier attack of his was something that even an ordinary expert Dou Wang would be seriously injured if he was to endure it. It was really unexpected that this attack was scattered by a little fellow who only had half a step in the Dou Wang class. This caused him to involuntarily feel extremely shocked.

“Green Submerged Sword Strike!”

A pale-green human figure suddenly flashed above Fan Lao’s head just as the latter was absent-minded. The clear ring of a sword sounded from the longsword in his hand. Dark-green energy agglomerated swiftly. In the blink of an eye, the entire sword was covered by an energy sheath. There were actually a countless number of wild winds that appeared and rotated around the body of the sword.

As the cold cry sounded, the longsword suddenly left his hand and coagulated with the ten plus rotating storms. Finally, it turned into a silent vague shadow that directly shot toward Fan Lao’s head in a lightning-like manner!

Lin Xiuya’s sneak attack was as fast as lightning. By the time Fan Lao sensed it, the frightening force that pricked one’s skin had already reached the top of the head. At that moment, he could only give up on using a Dou Technique to oppose it. His body shook and bloody aura immediately surged out from his head and scattered in all directions, much like a sea of blood.

The green-colored sword shadow instantly penetrated the sea of blood. The frightening force that it contained caused the sea of blood to fluctuate intensely.


Fan Lao’s cold cry suddenly sounded. The sea of blood fluctuated abruptly, and the sword figure that was about to penetrate through it appeared to have met a quagmire at this moment. Its movement in its trajectory was increasingly difficult.

As the viscous force contained within the sea of blood grew increasingly stronger, that green-colored sword figure finally completely came to a stop just as it was merely two feet from Fan Lao’s head.

The attack which contained Lin Xiuya’s full strength was actually unable to cause any actual harm to Fan Lao. This caused the former’s expression to change slightly. The gap between him and Fan Lao was really too enormous.


A rushing wind sound was suddenly emitted from the sea of blood just as Lin Xiuya was feeling shocked in his heart. A bloody palm suddenly erupted from it and heavily struck the former who could not dodge in time.


A mouthful of fresh blood was immediately spat out from Lin Xiuya’s mouth after receiving such a heavy attack. His body fell shakily, and the pair of vague Dou Qi wings on his back had also begun to become illusionary. Clearly, this sudden attack of Fan Lao had caused him to be quite badly injured.

The expression of Liu Qing also changed as he saw Lin Xiuya being seriously wounded. He had just moved when another bloody palm shot out explosively from the sea of blood.

The speed of the bloody palm was so fast that it was terrifying. After having unleashed his strongest attack, Liu Qing’s body had also become much slower. Hence, he could only watch with his eyes as the bloody palm moved increasingly closer to him!

A lovely little body suddenly flashed and appeared the instant Liu Qing was about to be struck. A little fist violently smashed forward. The air was once again swiftly compressed before the invisible air let out a bang and erupted under the pressure of the force. It collided heavily with the bloody palm, causing a fog of blood to splash throughout the sky.

Fan Lao’s eyes were dark and cold as he watched Zi Yan who had appeared beside Liu Qing. The pair of blood-colored wings on his back flapped slightly and his body swiftly surfaced. An instant later, it actually shrank into the sea of blood which had spread dozens of feet in every direction in the sky.

“A group of trash. I will finish all of you together.” A wave surged in the sea of blood as Fan Lao’s dark, cold laughter was slowly emitted.

“Be careful!”

Zi Yan frowned slightly as she watched Fan Lao squeezing into the sea of blood. She warned Liu Qing and was just about to act when she immediately sensed that the sea of blood had suddenly begun to churn. Her heart immediately tightened.

“Corroding Blood Palm!”

A cold cry suddenly sounded from within the sea of blood. Immediately, the sea of blood roiled intensely before a somewhat uniquely shaped dark, bloody palm, five feet tall, shot out from within. A bloody aura burst out along the way.

Feeling the dark and heavy blood palm, Zi Yan’s eyes paused. She pushed Liu Qing behind her back a bit of distance. Her small fists shone with a jade like glow and under this glow’s reflection, the small fists actually looked as if it was transparent.

The jade-like smooth little fist collided with the bloody palm, and actually unleashed an extremely clear sound of metal colliding. Zi Yan’s little face watched the enormous bloody palm in a serious manner before a powerful jade luster suddenly surged from within her body an instant later.


Both fists were shot out in a mediocre manner. However, they were like ice cubes that were thrown into a pot of boiling oil. The air in front of her immediately began to ripple intensely, as an extremely powerful force curled out before finally colliding with that bloody palm!


The sound of mountains-collapsing and ground-cracking resounded through the sky, shocking countless of people who threw their gazes over.


The frightening ripple force surged out from the point of collision of the energy. Zi Yan, who was the first to be struck, immediately let out a soft muffled snort. Her footsteps were somewhat messy as she swiftly took a few steps back. On the other hand, the sea of blood not far away merely had an intense fluctuation before it blocked the force.

“A Dou Wang who only knows how to use brute force… don’t stay here and embarrass yourself!” The sea of blood fluctuated as a ridiculing cold laugh suddenly sounded. Immediately, the sea of blood which was dozens of feet wide shrank down to around ten feet. Its color also appeared extremely deep and dark.


The cold laugh had just sounded when another bloody palm, which contained an extremely dark, deep color, erupted from the sea of blood!

The Dou Qi in her body was somewhat superficial after being convulsed by the ripple from earlier. Hence, her expression also changed slightly as she watched Fan Lao who was actually still able to unleash an even stronger attack at such speed.

The bloody palm drew through the sky, forming an arc. It immediately appeared in front of the defenseless Zi Yan in a lightning-like manner while being watched by a countless number of shocked gazes.

“Go and die!” Savage, strange laughter sounded within the sea of blood. It was dark and cold, much like freezing blood.


The faint sound of rolling thunder suddenly sounded just as the bloody palm was about to smash Zi Yan’s body. The sound reverberated through the sky and the eyes of those people who were staring in the sky immediately shrank.

A black figure appeared in front of Zi Yan in a ghost-like manner the moment the rolling thunder sounded. With a random wave of his hand, a powerful green-colored flame curled out. It easily blocked the bloody palm, and even incinerated it into nothingness.

The faces of Liu Qing, Lin Xiuya, and the countless number of students on the ground revealed surprised faces as they watched the bloody palm which contained an extremely strong strike from Fan Lao disappear so easily. However, when they heard a familiar voice that soon followed, that surprise immediately turned into dumbfoundedness!

“Using such a vicious means against a little girl. I really did not disgrace you when calling you an old dog.”

A black-robed, young man stood in the sky with hands behind his back. A powerful frightening aura surged out like waves in the sea. The strength of that aura was not any weaker than Fan Lao!

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