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Chapter 578: The Collision Between the Great Splitting Rock and the Flame Splitting Tsunami!

An unusual wild and violent energy fluctuation suddenly rippled over the arena as the clear voice reverberated. Those people who were the first to sense this ripple were the Elders sitting in the judges’ seats. Immediately, their expressions underwent a sudden change. Their gazes all suddenly turned at almost the same time. Finally, they stopped on the black-robed young man who was proudly standing in the arena while carrying the heavy ruler in his hand. The source of that wild and violent ripple was from this place.

The Elders on the viewing gallery faced each other. Immediately their throats rolled slightly. This energy ripple was at least a couple of times stronger compared to the fire lotus that had an extremely terrifying destructive strength earlier.

“This fellow… just how many trump cards does he have?” At this moment, those Elders could not help but feel a troubled feeling despite their strength. Although Xiao Yan’s current strength was merely that of a Dou Ling, other than a few of the Elders in the stadium, each of them questioned themselves and realized that it was likely that not one of them who would not feel a headache when faced with Xiao Yan’s never ending powerful Dou Techniques.

Following the increasingly wild and violent energy ripple in the arena, threads of substance-like hot pale-red energy suddenly seeped out from the empty space. Finally, it shrouded Xiao Yan’s body and rotated wildly. Following the rotation of this pale-red energy, a wild wind suddenly surfaced and immediately swept in all directions. The ferocity of that wild wind even caused some of the large rocks on the ground to roll a couple of times.

At this moment, nearly everyone in the stadium had noticed the strange change of Xiao Yan. Immediately, numerous stunned gazes were shot over. Some of the students with ordinary eyesight did not notice anything at the beginning. However, those people with outstanding ability within the Inner Academy were initially stunned when they saw the cocoon-like fiery-red energy lingering around Xiao Yan’s body. Their faces immediately changed drastically. Following numerous ‘shua shua’ sounds appearing one after another, nearly everyone sat up straight on their seats. Their faces were stricken with shock.

“Cluck!” Yan Hao’s eyes were wide like a dead fish as he stared unblinkingly at that black-robed, young man who was wrapped within a wild and violent red-colored energy. His throat rolled a little. Only a moment later, a hoarse voice that contained a chilly air was emitted, “He… he this is… what Dou Technique?”

It was possible for anyone to be able to tell that Xiao Yan was clearly displaying an even more frightening Dou Technique at this moment than the earlier flame lotus based on the unusual situation!

To the side, the clear and indifferent smile that hung on Lin Xiu Ya’s face disappeared. An extremely solemn and shocked face was staring intently at the arena. That frightening energy ripple… was something that caused even him to feel extremely cold!

“A Dou Technique that is able to cause the fluctuation of natural energy… that would at least require… Di class in order to be possible.” Lin Xiu Ya inhaled a deep breath of air. He did his best to suppress his galloping heart as his voice spoke with some difficulty.

Di class?

The moment the two simple words left his mouth, even Han Yue’s delicate hand could not help but cover her red lips. Her pretty face was covered with shock and disbelief. A High Xuan and Di class may merely have a one level distance, but the gap was just like that of the Heavens and the Earth. Most Xuan class Dou Techniques relied on the personal strength of the user to unleash its strength. However, a Di class Dou Technique was already able to rely on the natural energy to achieve an extermination-like destructive strength. One was a person and the other was the Heavens and Earth. There was basically no comparison between the two.

Unceremoniously put, a Xuan class Dou Skill may be quite rare. Who among those could enter into the strong ranking and not possess one or two kinds of Xuan class Dou Techniques? On the other hand, Di class… there was really no one who had displayed one!

A Dou Technique of this class was not only rare but it was also extremely difficult to practice. Back then, Xiao Yan had also suffered greatly when practicing the ‘Flame Splitting Tsunami’ despite having Yao Lao teaching him by the side in order to barely reach a low level mastery. When he practiced the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ some time earlier, he was also required to take the risk of undergoing the refining of his body with the wind-lightning strength. If Xiao Yan had not have the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ protecting his body, forget about reaching a low level mastery of the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’, he would not be able to enter even the most initial entry level. From this, it was sufficient for one to see the frightening gap between that of the Xuan class Dou Techniques and the Di class Dou Techniques which could not be remedied.

“Yao Sheng, you… what is wrong with all of you?” On the opposite side of the tall platform, Liu Fei was shocked by Yao Sheng and the others around her who had suddenly stood up. Her pretty eyes turned toward the arena. However, with her strength, she was unable to sense just how frightening the substance-like wild and violent flame lingering around Xiao Yan’s body was.

“Xiao Yan… Xiao Yan appears to… be using a kind of… Di class Dou Technique.” Yao Sheng suddenly sensed that his throat had become extremely dry. Even his voice had become extremely unfamiliar.

The moment the four words ‘Di class Dou Technique’ entered her ear, Liu Fei’s slightly opened small mouth immediately stiffened along with the expression on her face. It was a long while later before she quiveringly threw her gaze toward the cold expression of the black-robed, young man. Although her strength could not be compared with Yao Sheng and the others, she was extremely clear of just how terrifying a Di class Dou Technique was.

“Cousin… cousin will win right?” Liu Fei straightened her body and smiled as she asked a question. However, that smile was extremely forceful. Even she herself felt that it was extremely fake.

Yao Sheng, who always expressed great confidence in Liu Qing, had become quiet at this moment. A Di class Dou Technique. The meaning that these four words contained was just like a heavy rock that pressed on his heart, causing even his breathing to appear a little rough.

Liu Fei’s pretty face immediately became pale as she sensed Yao Sheng’s silence. She bit her lips and those eyes that were staring at the black-robed young man in the arena actually showed… a little regret. Back then, when she had come into conflict with Xiao Yan, the latter was but a person who had just entered the Dou Ling class and a new student who did not even have the qualification to enter the ‘Strong Ranking’. However, this new student who caused her to feel great disdain and hatred had currently stepped over many strong people and ascended to the ‘Strong Ranking’. Earlier he had even forced her extremely proud elder cousin to use his trump card, the Mountain Splitting Spear. After… the Di class Dou Technique he was displaying had finally completely trampled over all of Liu Fei’s support until it was worthless!

Faced with this person who could basically defeat the undefeatable legend in her heart anytime, even with Liu Fei’s arrogance, she could not help but feel some regret. She regretted why she had to come into conflict with this frightening fellow…

Of course, with things having developed until this stage, regret was useless. The Dou Technique in the arena was like a strung arrow on a bow. There was already not the slightest room to turn things around.

Xiao Yan did not know that he had aroused the galloping hearts of countless number of people merely because he had started to display the Dou Technique. At this moment, his gaze was still staring in an unblinking manner at the distant Liu Qing, who was pointing the Mountain Splitting Spear toward him.

The moment the fiery hot, wild, violent energy appeared over Xiao Yan’s body, Liu Qing’s eyes instantly shrank to the size of pinholes. With his experience, he was naturally able to identify just what that kind of energy this represented… however, with the fight having reached this point, he could only swing his spear and attack even if the strength of the opposing Xiao Yan suddenly surged to that of the Dou Wang class. His character did not allow him to cower. This was especially when his opponent was truly new student!

A mottled air that was suppressed in his chest was let out with a long breath. A powerful pale-golden glow slowly surged out from Liu Qing’s body. That bright eye-piercingly intense light was like a dazzling sun, causing everyone to be afraid to look at it directly. Moreover, an extremely sharp spear tip and wind soared out from within that glow.

Liu Qing still used his action to demonstrate his stance even when faced with the frightening Dou Technique of Xiao Yan that had suddenly used. Moreover, he also clearly understood that even if Xiao Yan truly controlled the Di class Dou Technique, he would definitely be unable to display its full strength. Moreover, this final trump card of his was something he had practiced for many years and by coordinating with a homologous Dou Qi when unleashed, Liu Qing believed that its strength would definitely be able to reach the true peak of the Xuan class Dou Techniques. He did not feel the slightest fear even if it were to collide with a Di class Dou Technique. Instead it had evoked a little blood thirstiness in his body. Today, he wanted to let everyone know that there was still a chance for a Xuan class Dou Technique to contend against a Di class Dou Technique!

A glow flashed violently across his eyes. As the true great battle approached, Liu Qing sensed the blood of his entire body had begun to boil at this moment. This kind of feeling was one he had not felt for a long time. It something that had only appeared when he was fighting with Lin Xiu Ya back then.

“Ha ha, Xiao Yan, come. Let me see just who will be victorious today!”

A hearty loud laugh carrying an incomparable domineering aura filled the entire arena, pushing the atmosphere in the arena until it reached a high tide. Everyone on the tall platform was so agitated that their expressions were flush red. Some of those who had little self control could not resist standing up and shouting loudly with all their strength toward the arena.

“Senior Liu Qing, Xiao Yan definitely wants the top ten spot!”

The black-robed, young man suddenly raised his head. He did not feel the slightest fear under this domineering aura of Liu Qing. His body was as straight as a spear and appeared extremely imposing. In an instant, it caused a strange color to surface in the eyes of quite a number of pretty female seniors in the viewing gallery.

“Alright. In that case, I want to see if your strength has such qualification!” The bright golden light grew increasingly stronger. In the end, it wrapped Liu Qing’s entire body within it. Only that thunder-like laughter was emitted in a vast and mighty manner.

Xiao Yan eyed the bright pale-golden glow that had basically enveloped half of the arena. The heavy ruler in his hand was slowly extended. Immediately, the wild and violent fiery red energy that lingered around his body rotated even more forcefully. Even the space around his body had become slightly distorted.

Waves of nearly substance-like wild, violent red-colored energy suddenly and abruptly poured unceasingly into the Heavy Xuan Ruler under a soft cry by Xiao Yan…

As such frightening energy was poured into it, one could see a strange dark redness surfacing on the originally dark-black heavy ruler. From the looks of it, that black ruler was just like it had a dark-red flame lingering over it…


A tremor that moved the ground and shook the mountains suddenly sounded. Everyone’s gazes hurriedly looked over. That cluster of bright golden glow in the distance had slowly gathered into a body. As its feet landed on a huge rock, the huge rock immediately cracked into a pile of powder under the energy that was released.

“Xiao Yan, if you are able to receive this attack of mine, I will hand the third spot on the ‘Strong Ranking’ over to you with both hands!” A spear image that was wrapped in golden light was extended out and pointed toward Xiao Yan from a distance. Liu Qing’s proud voice that was filled with confidence was emitted.

“If you are able to receive this attack of mine, I, Xiao Yan will automatically give up on the top ten!” The Heavy Xuan Ruler that basically completely transformed into a dark-red color was slowly pointed toward Liu Qing. A ripple surfaced over the space where the heavy ruler moved through. Xiao Yan’s face became flush red as he unleashed a loud untamed laugh.

“Ha ha, good, good, good!”

As the wild laughter sounded, the bright golden glow suddenly become restrained. An instant later, the originally extremely eye-piercing golden glow shrank back into the Mountain Splitting Spear in a lightning-like manner. Following the pouring in of such an enormous amount of energy, a liquid-like golden-colored energy flowed like a spirit over the tip of the Mountain Splitting Spear.

“Let the victory be decided in one move!”

Liu Qing’s hand shook abruptly. The long spear was tilted toward the sky. Immediately, the heavy spear carried a humming rushing wind sound as it was abruptly smashed down. As the heavy spear smashed down, an extremely terrifying force followed the ground and seeped out. Immediately, the debris of the enormous rocks around him turned into powder under the numerous shocked gazes around him.

“Great Splitting Rock!”

A thunder-like explosive cry suddenly sounded. The golden glow suddenly erupted in a flood-like torrent over the tip of the Mountain Splitting Spear.

The bright golden glow that came from all directions carried an incomparably sharp ear-piercing explosive sound as it drew through the air in a lightning-like manner, heading toward Xiao Yan in the distance. Wherever the golden glow passed, the enormous rocks on the entire arena cracked apart abruptly.

A full force strike by Liu Qing was actually this frightening!

The faces of the entire stadium changed when faced with such a majestic attack! Even the Elders on the judges’ seats revealed solemn expressions. This kind of Dou Technique was basically on the edge of the Di class. This Liu Qing was indeed frightening.

Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes were basically covered by the golden-colored glow from all directions. As the key target, Xiao Yan was able to sense just what kind of frighteningly sharp attack the golden glow contained!

However, Xiao Yan similarly had absolute confidence that any attack would disappear under the Heavy Xuan Ruler!

A breath of slightly hot air was deeply absorbed into Xiao Yan’s lungs. His foot slowly stepped forward under the gaze of everyone. The Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand was being lifted high over his head. Green veins were revealed over his arm, much like numerous wiggling little snakes!

The audience all over the stadium halted their breath at this moment as they eyed Xiao Yan’s heavy ruler being raised up high. Their expressions were so anxious that they were completely flushed red!

Under the firm focus of a countless number of gazes, Xiao Yan’s hand trembled the next instant before the Heavy Xuan Ruler in it fell suddenly!

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

“Break it!”

Two wild cries suddenly sounded. Immediately, a dark-red ruler glow that was dozens of feet large erupted out explosively from the heavy ruler with an irresistible, powerful, frightening momentum!

The moment the ruler glow shot out, it was as though the air was like the water in a lake that a person had thrown a huge rock in. It rippled with a bang. A half a meter wide crack line followed the ruler glow that had been shot out. It swiftly spread over the originally wrecked arena under the many shocked gazes.

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