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Chapter 577

Chapter 577: One Move

The collapsing-mountain and cracking-land explosion reverberated like rolling thunder in the spacious arena under a countless number of shocked gazes.

A majestic destructive wind was much like a storm, carrying a high temperature as it swept in all directions from the spot in the arena where the flame lotus had exploded! The ground within the arena cracked wherever the storm passed. A crack line that was as thick as an arm began to swiftly spread over the entire arena like a spider web. That seemingly tough fighting arena had completely turned into a mess in an extremely short amount of time.

Numerous stunned gazes stared foolishly at the arena that was completely destroyed from the viewing gallery. Their minds were somewhat unable to come to terms with it. They did not expect that the cluster of green-purple light, which had not been clearly seen, would actually be able to create such a frightening destructive strength!

It was a long time later before everyone gradually recovered from their dull state. All the gazes were abruptly turned to the pale-faced black-robed young man whose chest was rising and falling repeatedly. Without exception, the eyes of these people were filled with surprise and shock. Clearly, this lightning-like frightening attack that Xiao Yan had displayed really caused them to be in shock.

From the tall platform, Liu Fei’s pretty face was pale as she watched the arena below where dust scattered all over the place. Her hand covered her mouth and terror flashed across her eyes. The eruption of this sudden, frightening retaliation by Xiao Yan had basically beaten her down from her prideful heaven into hell. She had never thought that Xiao Yan, whom she had always held a grudge against, would actually be in possession of such a trump card.

Yao Sheng’s mouth also gradually widened beside Liu Fei. It was a long while later before shock and rejoice flashed across his eyes. It was fortunate that this fellow did not display this move in the fight yesterday. Yao Sheng acknowledged that even if he were to use his entire strength, it was likely that he would at the very least be seriously injured under this move that possessed such terrifying destructive strength.

“Don’t worry, Fei Er. Chief’s strength far exceeds Xiao Yan. Even though the latter has displayed this kind of extremely powerful Dou Technique, Chief has similarly not used his full strength.” Yao Sheng comforted Liu Fei by his side who had been shocked to the point where her pretty face had become pale.

Liu Fei’s expression only became slightly better after hearing Yao Sheng’s comforting words. However, she was still a little afraid and uneasy.

Those pretty eyes slowly turned from the dust-filled arena to the black-robed, young man with a cold and stern face. For some unknown reason, those pair of eyes had a missing hatred and an additional uneasiness along with a little fear. Her greatest support in the Inner Academy was Liu Qing. However, the current Xiao Yan had displayed a frightening strength that was sufficient to contend with Liu Qing. Hence, the effect of this support was reduced to its lowest. Having lost this great support, what right did she have to display any kind of disdain in front of Xiao Yan?

“I have also heard that Xiao Yan is in possession of a fire lotus Dou Technique that possesses an extremely great strength. However, according to that rumor, it did not appear to have such a great destructive force, right?” Yan Hao muttered as he watched the arena that that had basically been laid to waste.

“Back then, Xiao Yan merely possessed the strength of a Da Dou Shi. Now that he has advanced to the Dou Ling class, the strength of his Dou Technique would naturally become stronger along with him.” Lin Xiu Ya smiled. However, his eyes also faintly held a little ser

iousness. If he could not defend in time, that fire lotus attack earlier would likely result in him being seriously injured even with his strength. It was really unexpected that… Xiao Yan was really in possession of such a powerful trump card.

“How is Liu Qing? Don’t tell me?” Han Yue’s pupils swept over the arena. However, she was unable to see even half a human figure under the thick dust.

Lin Xiu Ya narrowed his eyes. A long while later, he shook his head and said softly, “Although even I must admit that this fire lotus Dou Technique of Xiao Yan is frightening, it is likely going to be quite difficult to rely on just this to completely defeat Liu Qing… Due to his Dou Qi affinity, this fellow’s defense is even stronger than mine.”

Yan Hao and a few others nodded slightly upon hearing this. Their gazes once again turned to the dust-filled arena.

As their gazes once again turned to the arena, that dust which had spread all over the place finally became fainter. A moment later, a wind suddenly blew past, and immediately the dust was swept away. The moment the dust was completely expelled, a person was standing straight in a corner of the arena that had been laid to waste. His tall body that emitted a spear-like sharp aura slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Their gazes watched that tyrant figure which was standing as straight as a spear in the mess. The clothes of this human figure, which were originally filled with a powerful aura had been completely shattered, and his naked body still had quite a number of charred black traces. His entire person appeared to be completely changed from the expert demeanor he displayed earlier. However, this miserable figure did not prevent the viewing gallery to emit a low cheer.

Xiao Yan’s gaze coldly stared at the human figure amid the mess some distance away. A moment later, Xiao Yan’s eyes solidified and he finally discovered that the dark-black, heavy spear that Liu Qing had been carrying on his back was currently held in Liu Qing’s hand. After Liu Qing held the long spear in his hand, the demeanor of his entire body was just like a long lance, which revealed a cold glow. His aura was much stronger and sharper compared to what it was earlier.

“No wonder he is able to endure the explosion of the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’. He actually took out his ultimate hidden trump card.” Xiao Yan’s heart quietly relaxed. His eyes were raised and coincidentally made contact with Liu Qing’s eyes. Those four pupils intertwined. Xiao Yan was able to discover the dignity and seriousness that surfaced in the latter. After that earlier attack, this extremely proud man had finally completely treated Xiao Yan as an equal opponent.

The heavy spear in Liu Qing’s hand was slowly pointed toward Xiao Yan under the gaze of everyone. A low and deep voice reverberated in the arena, “You have the qualification to get me to use the ‘Mountain Splitting Spear’!”

This words of Liu Qing were undoubtedly an acknowledgement of Xiao Yan’s strength. After that frightening attack that Xiao Yan had displayed earlier, there was not a single person in the arena who doubted Xiao Yan had such a qualification. Hence, the entire arena was actually quiet in a moment. All the gazes were paused on the two people who were facing each other from a distance within the arena.

Xiao Yan’s fist slowly tightened. A clear explosive sound appeared from his joints. The sharp blade like aura of Liu Qing at this moment was indeed pressuring. One could tell that the current him had truly unleashed his strength to his limit. In the subsequent battle, Liu Qing’s attacks would likely be even wilder and more violent compared to what they were earlier.

“Liu Qing is about to use the ‘Mountain Splitting Spear’…” On the tall platform, Lin Xiu Ya sighed softly as he stared at the dark-black, heavy spear in Liu Qing’s hands. He said, “Being able to force Liu Qing to this extent, Xiao Yan could be considered to have received a glorious loss even if he is defeated.”

Yan Hao nodded slightly by the side. With the exception of Lin Xiu Ya and that ‘Brute Force Queen’ Zi Yan, it was likely that there was no one else with the qualification to force Liu Qing to use the ‘Mountain Splitting Spear’. This point was something that Yan Hao had no choice but to admit even with the pride in his bones. Even he did not possess such a qualification.

“However, Xiao Yan has attached a great importance to the top ten. I think that it is likely that he will not give it up easily.” Han Yue knit her eyebrows and softly replied.

Lin Xiu Ya laughed faintly as he spoke, “Unless Xiao Yan has a stronger hidden trump card other than that lotus flame Dou Technique, otherwise… it would likely be difficult to reach the top ten list.” His voice had a somewhat regretful taste to it. Now that he had witnessed Xiao Yan’s impressive strength, his heart also gained fighting intent. He wanted to challenge him. However, if Xiao Yan were to be defeated in Liu Qing’s hand, it was likely that this opportunity would disappear.

Lin Xiu Ya’s eyes flickered as his gaze was thrown to the black-robed, young man with cold eyes in the arena. He really hoped that this fellow who frequently acted beyond the expectations of others to once again reveal a miracle…

“One move!”

The dark-black Mountain Splitting Spear within Liu Qing’s hand was heavily smashed into some rock fragments in the arena as he suddenly opened his mouth and spoke to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. His gaze looked at Liu Qing on the opposite side whose aura had suddenly become sharp.

“The final move that will determine the victor.” Liu Qing’s face, which had been as deep as water, suddenly revealed a somewhat stiff smile. The Mountain Splitting Spear drew past the air. A golden-colored Dou Qi left behind a faint golden-colored trace in the empty air.

“This is the trump card that I saved to deal with Lin Xiu Ya. However, from the looks of the situation now, I will have to display it on you first.”

Upon hearing these words, everyone in the viewing gallery immediately extended their necks. Their gazes repeatedly moved back and forth between the two of them.

Xiao Yan stared at the extremely confident smile on Liu Qing’s face. He knew that the subsequent attack of the other party would really decide the victor of this match as he had said… His lips were tightened and a long while later, Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of the somewhat hot air before him in front of the public’s eyes. He cupped his hands slowly. “Xiao Yan will seek your advice!”

The top ten was a target that Xiao Yan would never give up on. He would use all his strength to defeat the person blocking him regardless of who that person was.

“Good, you have guts!” The glow in Liu Qing’s eyes suddenly soared as he replied in a deep voice. At the same time, he moved both his legs. His hands tightly held the Mountain Splitting Spear. Leaning his body slightly forward, he pointed the cold glowing spear tip toward the distant Xiao Yan!

As Liu Qing displayed this stance, the skin of the distant Xiao Yan immediately felt a chill. He could sense that Liu Qing had already locked his attack onto him.

An unusual pressuring feeling wrapped around Xiao Yan. However, a boiling fighting intent that was just like boiling water began seething within Xiao Yan’s chest. His body stuck out suddenly as a clear laughter swept across the earlier pressure, “Senior Liu Qing, you can just come at me with all you got. I, Xiao Yan, will definitely get a top ten spot today!”

His thunder-like laughter reverberated throughout the entire arena. That pride which soared to the sky was something that gave even those viewing from the viewing gallery to feel a blood boiling feeling.

As his laughter fell, Xiao Yan slowly took a step forward. His hand abruptly extended toward a spot that had been turned to a complete mess. A suction force surged and the dark-black Heavy Xuan Ruler shot back to him. Finally, Xiao Yan’s palm was extended slightly and firmly grabbed it.

“Senior Liu Qing, let us take a look and see just who will lose and be eliminated!”

The heavy ruler suddenly pointed toward Liu Qing whose aura was as sharp as a blade. After Xiao Yan’s clear voice sounded, the natural energy between the Heavens and Earth immediately became extremely wild and violent. At this moment, even the expressions of the Elders in the judges’ seats instantly underwent a drastic change!

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