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Chapter 579: A Breath Remains

The enormous dark-red glow rushed through the air in a lightning-like manner. A slight energy seeped out wherever it passed, causing the huge rocks on the ground to be shattered into powder. Moreover, the nearly half a meter wide crack line swiftly expanding on the ground completely destroyed this arena.

The golden-colored bright intense light occupied half of the sky in the arena. The dark-red glow was like a crescent as it shot out. The two contained an extremely sharp glow and the space along the way vibrated. Crack lines spread out, and a frightening destructive force caused the faces of everyone in the viewing platform to fill with shock and fear. If they were in that position, it was likely that the little energy that seeped out would be sufficient to shock them to death. A fight of this level was a little too terrifying.

The two extremely frightening attacks were about to collide with a bang. Te countless number of eyes watching reflected the golden and dark-red glow as the two attacks came together like meteorites!

The hearts of everyone were involuntarily lifted the moment when the two were very close. Just who would be victorious in this kind of frightening exchange?

Under the anticipation and the uncertainty in everyone hearts, the dark-red and golden glow violently collided together in the air in the next moment… However, just as everyone covered their ears and awaited the shockingly large explosion about to reverberate all over the place, the collision in the air strangely did not emit even the slightest sound.

Numerous stunned gazes were slowly being lifted. After which, they eyed the two liquid-like clusters of different colored dark-red and golden-yellow that were eroding each other in the sky. Although this kind of exchange was silent, everyone’s eyes still discovered that the space had become extremely distorted upon contact between these two energies. At a glance, it gave people a treacherous illusory feeling.

The completely silent arena was vaguely filled with a slight hissing sound that was being emitted from the energies eroding each other in mid-air. The dark-red and golden-yellow were like two clusters of extremely large clouds that covered the sky above the arena. The seemingly calm exchange contained the thought of swallowing the other party.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the two clusters of enormous energy in the air. After the ruler glow left the ruler, his entire body appeared to have become exhausted. His face was as pale as a sheet of paper and his body was quivering. If the heavy ruler in his hand had not made contact with the ground, it was likely that even his entire body would not be stable. Clearly, the ‘Flame Splitting Tsunami’ this time around had completely drained the last bit of Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body.

Compared to Xiao Yan, Liu Qing appeared to be a little better. However, his expression was similarly as white as paper. His gaze anxiously eyed the two clusters of energy in mid-air. They were repeatedly eroding and swallowing one another.

A countless number of gazes paused on that scene occurring in mid-air. Immediately, the entire stadium was waiting for the result of the exchange between these two clusters of energy that contained such frightening destructive strength.

The two repeatedly swallowing and entangling dark-red and golden-yellow energy in mid-air suddenly became like boiling water under everyone’s gazes. An intense ripple appeared. Immediately, the two clusters of energy suddenly swelled under everyone’s uncertain gazes!

Numerous gazes were stunned as they watched the two clusters of enormous energy suddenly swell in a strange manner. They felt an uneasiness for some unknown reason.

After the swelling reached a certain limit, the two clusters of enormous energy suddenly ceased all actions. A strange dark, deep luster like a tiny bright dot suddenly surfaced… Following the appearance of that unusual luster, the space suddenly began to fluctuate. A little mutation seemed to have appeared when the strongest attack of Xiao Yan and Liu Qing were in contact and swallowing each other. This kind of condition was something that even they themselves were surprised and at a loss about.

The light spot swiftly expanded within those two clusters of energy. In the end, the spot of light become increasingly eye-piercing. The rippling of the space had become increasingly intense at this moment.

All the Elders on the judges’ seats frowned intently as they eyed the little change as the energy made contact. Dou Techniques of the Di class and above may be able to borrow the natural energy to strengthen their attacks. However, when it collided with a similarly strong Dou Techniques, it was extremely easy for different unexpected occurrences to appear. Some of these unexpected changes were something that even the people who used them could not anticipate. From the looks of the situation earlier, it was clear that an unusual change had occurred when Xiao Yan’s and Liu Qing’s attack were swallowing each other earlier.

First Elder Su Qian frowned slightly as he watched the increasingly eye-piercing, large light spot within the energy cluster. A moment later, he appeared to have sensed something and his expression suddenly changed. He stood up abruptly and moved his body before disappearing from the judges’ seats.

The instant Su Qian disappeared, the two light spots in the sky appeared to be like balloons that had been pierced. A strange wild and violent natural energy immediately spread in the sky.


The eye-piercing intense light scattered down from the horizon. As the natural energy became violent, the dark-red and golden-yellow energy cluster finally could not resist the unusual movement of energy. Immediately… a shocking thunder-like explosion that carried an extremely frightening windstorm came sweeping from above. Space rippled wherever the windstorm passed.

A countless number of people in the viewing gallery wore shocked expressions as they watched the energy windstorm that was swiftly expanding. Even though they were far apart, they were still able to sense the horror within. If this windstorm were to spread over, it was likely that hardly any of them would be able to survive.

“Space Lock!”

An old figure suddenly flashed into the air in the nick of time. A cold cry sounded and a strange energy surged out from his body. Empty space had begun fluctuating like water rippling at this instant. Finally, it wiggled like lightning before finally completely solidifying!

The entire space above the arena including that spreading energy windstorm was completely solidified.

Although the energy windstorm was blocked by Su Qian, there were still two clusters of energy that had escaped. The clusters of these two energies followed the little thread of vague relation that remained from the two Dou Techniques that had been released. Under numerous shocked gazes, they collided against the bodies of the unprepared Xiao Yan and Liu Qing in a lightning-like manner.


Being viciously knocked into by these wild and violent energies, a mouthful of fresh blood immediately came spitting out from the mouth of the two of them. In an instant, their bodies rubbed against the ground as they were violently shot out. Finally, they were like two black lines that smashed out of the arena and shot into two of the viewing galleries, giving rise to a commotion.

The expression on Su Qian’s face changed a little as Xiao Yan and Liu Qing were shaken and scattered by the energy that had spilled out, The energy that the two Dou Techniques had created possessed a wild and violent strength that was much stronger than the earlier pure Dou Technique strength after swallowing and eroding each other. At this moment, Xiao Yan and Liu Qing were both in an exhausted state. The result of being violently knocked against in this manner…

Su Qian’s expression was dark and solemn. The seal in his hand moved abruptly as his mouth cried out coldly, “Break!”

As the cry fell, the solidified energy windstorm was slowly annihilated and disappeared…

Su Qian waved his hand after destroying the energy windstorm and two Elders flashed out from the judges’ seats. Finally, they flashed in the direction the two people that were flying back. A moment later, each of them carried two human figures with tattered clothes and blood traces on their body. Those traces of blood had appeared in the arena which was destroyed until it was a complete mess.

Everyone in the stadium hurriedly straightened their bodies. They eyed Xiao Yan and Liu Qing who had already fallen unconscious in the arena. Each of them quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva and immediately smiled bitterly. These two crazy fellows… it was merely a fight for the top ten but they actually got themselves in this state…

“However, that fight earlier…” Everyone smacked their mouths as they savored the thrill from the sweeping energy windstorm from earlier. In hindsight, they felt that their heartbeat had become much faster.

Su Qian moved his body and appeared in the arena. He eyed the arena that was completely wrecked and helplessly shook his head. It seemed like this match had created the greatest destruction in the many years of the ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition.

Su Qian lowered his body, and two waves of Dou Qi invaded the unconscious Xiao Yan and Liu Qing. A moment later, Su Qian sighed in relief. Fortunately, their lives were not in jeopardy despite their serious injuries.

A large group of figures also flashed down from the tall platform and immediately gathered around First Elder Su Qian and the others.

Yan Hao quietly glanced at Liu Qing, whose body was covered in fresh blood. A strange feeling involuntarily surfaced in his eyes. He muttered, “It is really unexpected. Even with Liu Qing’s strength, he was actually turned into such a miserable state by Xiao Yan.”

Lin Xiuya by his side nodded slightly with a calm expression. However, the hand in his sleeves trembled slightly. The destructive strength that was contained in the two clusters of energy that the two people had created earlier was far too terrifying. He clearly understood that if any of those attacks landed on his body, he would likely become seriously injured or even die!

A figure strangely appeared beside Xiao Yan and her delicate hand held the latter’s arm. A moment later, the figure finally sighed in relief. She turned around and smiled sweetly toward Wu Hao, Hu Jia, and the others, “Relax, he’s fine.”

Su Qian’s old eyes studied Xun Er who had flashed down. He was slightly startled and immediately smiled in a friendly manner as he spoke, “Relax, he is alright.”

Those people to his side were slightly stunned upon hearing Su Qian’s friendly laughter. Su Qian held an extremely high position within the Inner Academy. Adding his frightening strength, there was rarely anyone who had the qualification to be treated in this manner by him.

Xun Er smiled sweetly at Su Qian, but did not reply. She merely helped Xiao Yan by rubbing the blood traces on his face while feeling some heartache. Her pretty, slightly frowning manner caused the hearts of the surrounding men to tighten.

“First Elder, now that the both of them are unconscious, who is considered the victor of this match?” An Elder suddenly asked hesitatingly as he eyed the two unconscious individuals.

The ears of the surrounding people were immediately lifted upon hearing these words. This was the most important matter.

Su Qian’s brows were knit slightly. He had some difficulty deciding, “According to the rules, the both of them can be considered to have left the arena. Moreover, they are currently unconsciousness. It is difficult to clearly say who…”

Su Qian’s voice had just fell when an arm that was covered with fresh blood was slowly lifted with great difficulty under the numerous shocked gazes from around.

“*Cough*… I… I still have a breath.”

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