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Chapter 528: Defeating the Opponent

Xiao Yan’s fist had become a little larger after swallowing the ‘Dragon Strength Pill.’ Adding the increase in strength from the ‘Octane Blast’ Dou Technique to that of the medicinal effect, the frightening wind that was contained on Xiao Yan’s fist nearly caused the faces of most of the people in the viewing gallery to be filled with shock. This kind of strength was something that even some people who had reached that of a seven or eight star elite Dou Ling might have difficulty displaying.

The wind formed on Xiao Yan’s fist. The air in front of him was also completely dispersed under this strike of his. His fist plowed through the empty space and vaguely contained a hot wind. A faint shadow of a fist was left behind wherever the fist passed.

Before the fist truly made contact with Bai Cheng, the air, that had been suppressed because of the strong and violent wind, had already shot heavily toward the thick dark-yellow Dou Qi Armor. A clear explosion immediately sounded and a dent the size of a palm appeared on the armor. However, the appearance of the dent merely lasted for an instant before it was completely repaired by the swiftly flowing Dou Qi.

This attack of Xiao Yan caused the sharp wind from the fist to lock the air around Bai Cheng, causing him to have nowhere to dodge. Therefore, the latter could only widen his eyes, which were filled with fear, as he eyed the enormous fist swiftly magnify in his eyes.

Under this punch which contained nearly all of Xiao Yan’s strength, everyone in the viewing gallery had lowered their voices as their eyes followed the repeated movement of the fist.


Xiao Yan’s fist that contained a strong force finally collided with the thick Dou Qi Armor under the eyes of everyone present, who had halted their breathing. The moment they came into contact silence ensued. Immediately, a thunder-like explosion erupted from the battleground.

The instant the thunder-like explosion sounded, the most terrifying forceful ripple, since the beginning of the fight, surged out from the point where the fist and the Dou Qi armor came into contact.

This circular ripple was visible to the naked eye. The ripple expanded at a rapid pace, and in the few blinks of an eye, it scattered out from the battle circle. It gradually turned into oblivion after reaching a distance of dozens of meters away.

The ripple force did not cause crack lines to immediately form on the battleground like it did a couple of times before. Instead, numerous destructive energies, much like time bombs reaching their detonation time, erupted under the numerous shocked gazes after a few seconds of silence.


A few seconds after the ripple force spread out, the originally quiet battleground appeared to have been struck by a bomb. In a short instant, the rock ground surface burst apart. Crack lines as thick as one’s arm spread out in all directions while fist-sized rock fragments shot everywhere, causing the people in the viewing gallery to hurriedly dodge them. At this moment, this extremely hard battleground had completely turned into ruins!

Smoke rose. Only the spot in the battleground where Xiao Yan and Bai Cheng were located did not move. Xiao Yan’s fist was still tightly pasted on the latter’s Dou Qi Armor. His fist appeared to be steady, but without strength. Following an increase in the trembling, the Dou Qi Armor became even more illusory, allowing everyone to understand that this armor with extremely shocking defense appeared to have entered the stage where it was about to burst apart.

A thread of bright-red blood seeped out from the corner of Bai Cheng’s mouth. Although the armor was there to withstand most of the strength, that faint force still caused him to be a little wounded.

Bai Cheng grit his teeth. His eyes were furious and cold as he eyed Xiao Yan in front of him. He used all his strength to push the little remaining Dou Qi in his body into the Dou Qi Armor, causing the illusory armor to once again become more substance-like. He clearly understood in his heart that the remaining force on Xiao Yan’s fist would cause him to descend into a serious injury should his Dou Qi Armor disappear at this moment! Therefore, he must endure even if he had to go all out and stake his life!

As long as he managed to endure, he may perhaps have the hope of victory. This was because he clearly understood that Xiao Yan was likely to have already reached the point where he was running out of steam after having displayed such a powerful blow.

Now, it depended on who could endure for a longer time!

Water-like energy swiftly rippled over the Dou Qi Armor. Bai Cheng’s original strength was far stronger than Xiao Yan and the Qi Technique which he practiced was of the Middle Xuan class. The degree of Dou Qi recovery by a Qi Technique of this class was quite strong. Therefore, Bai Cheng actually felt like he might be able to endure.

“Hei, Xiao Yan… *cough*… looks like even the heavens stand on my side.”Bai Cheng spoke in a hoarse voice. A smile involuntarily surfaced on his pale white face as he felt the strength on Xiao Yan’s fist gradually become weaker with the flow of time.

“That may not be the case.” Xiao Yan raised his head slightly. A cold smile lifted on his face. An uneasiness immediately rose in Bai Cheng’s heart when he saw this smile. Due to the weakening of the wind from the fist, the surrounding locked space had disappeared at this moment. The latter immediately gave a violent kick toward Xiao Yan’s throat.

Xiao Yan threw his hand down and blocked Bai Cheng’s feet. His body flashed and appeared on a piece of cracked ground. Perhaps it was due to his strength being exhausted, but Xiao Yan’s current speed was obviously much slower compared to before.

“Hee hee, why? Have you reached your limit? In that case, next… what are you doing?” Bai Cheng’s eyes brightened when he saw Xiao Yan’s speed. However, before he said all that he wanted to say, he saw that Xiao Yan had suddenly extended his palm toward him from a distance. Immediately, the uneasiness in his heart grew even greater as he cried out sternly.

“I’m sorry. Senior Bai Cheng, it is over. I shall help you sit on that position of yours on the ‘Strong Ranking.’” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth lifted into a cold smile. The hand which he used to face Bai Cheng was suddenly clenched. In a deep voice, he said, “Explode!”

Xiao Yan’s voice had just sounded when a sudden, deep, muffled explosion could abruptly be heard by everyone whose heads were still completely at a loss. Everyone’s eyes hurriedly followed the explosion and moved before finally becoming stunned as they stopped at where Bai Cheng was. The latter’s face was suddenly as pale as a sheet. That vaguely visible Dou Qi Armor that was originally on his body had completely burst apart. His clothes under the Dou Qi Armor had also shattered. A blood-red, eye-piercing wound appeared on his chest under the gazes of everyone. Looking at the situation of the injury, it did not appear to be an external injury. Instead, it appeared to be created by collisions from inside his body.

Bai Cheng’s expression was pale white. He lowered his head with some difficulty and eyed the blood imprint on his chest. Earlier, he had sensed an extremely obscure hidden force secretly erupting from his body. The eruption of this thread of hidden force completely caused him to enter a seriously injured condition!


“You… you…”

A mouthful of fresh, bright-red blood was wildly vomited out, dyeing the already ruined battleground until it appeared extremely eye-piercing. He stared intently at the somewhat pale white face of Xiao Yan. Bai Cheng pointed his finger at the latter and said ‘you’ for a long time. Finally, he did not manage to spit out another word. His feet moved a couple of times trying to maintain his balance before he collapsed under numerous shocked gazes.

The entire Fighting Arena descended into a strange silence as they eyed Bai Cheng who had fainted. Many people could not recover. A six star expert Dou Ling whose name was on the ‘Strong Ranking’ was actually defeated by the hands of a new student who had not even been at the Inner Academy for half a year? Although some people had guessed this since the start of the fight, everyone still felt some disbelief when the fact appeared in front of them.

Xiao Yan covered his mouth and let out a couple of intense cough in the quiet atmosphere. The intense battle earlier had exhausted him greatly. Moreover, due to him having used the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’ and swallowing the ‘Dragon Strength Pill,’ his entire body emitted a tired feeling the moment his tensed mind relaxed.

The silence was broken by Xiao Yan’s coughing sound. Quickly following this a thunder-like cheer suddenly erupted. The members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ emitted loud, wild laughter at this moment. The numerous elated roars gathered together and shot to the clouds.

“Roar! Chief, you are good!”

“Chief, you are the strongest! Oh yeah!”

Compared to the wild joy of the members of ‘Pan’s Gate,’ the members of ‘White Gang,’ who were still incomparably arrogant at the start, had become feeble as their faces turned yellow. They no longer dared to let out any ridiculing curses.

Being infected by the wild atmosphere from the members of ‘Pan’s Gate,’ the other people in the audiences gently clapped their hands. The soul-stirring fight earlier was enough to give this clap, from their hearts, to these victors.

Hu Jia and Wu Hao also heaved a heavy sigh of relief at this moment. They eyed Xiao Yan below and nodded their heads slightly. He was indeed worthy of being a person that caused them to willingly accept defeat. His actions really caused people’s blood to boil within their hearts.

Xun Er agilely moved her body and appeared beside Xiao Yan. She gently supported him. When her gaze saw his pale-white face, she involuntarily said with some heartache, “Are you alright?”

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He patted Xun Er’s head and indicated that he was fine before his gaze glanced at the unconscious Bai Cheng. When he had turned around and was just above to leave, his expression slightly changed. He suddenly raised his head and eyed a certain spot outside the battleground in the Fighting Arena. There was a sharp overbearing aura spreading out from that spot, and had faintly covered Xiao Yan’s body.

“May I know which senior views Xiao Yan as an eyesore? I may currently be injured, but I will definitely take you on if you want to fight!” Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly turned cold as he spoke in an indifferent voice.

The noisiness of the arena suddenly ceased when everyone heard Xiao Yan’s voice. Numerous gazes followed Xiao Yan’s sight and looked over before eventually stopping on dark spot somewhere high above. The Fighting Arena did not lack strong people. Their faces involuntarily changed a little after sensing the overbearing and sharp force seeping out from that spot.

“You are quite bold.”

A tall, large person slowly walked out from the dark corner under the focus of everyone’s gazes. His body leaped out and finally landed heavily on the battleground like a cannonball. Due to the strong and violent manner in which his body landed, it resulted in the enormous rock that his leg made contact with erupting in numerous crack lines.

The tall and large figure slowly walked toward Xiao Yan. That overbearing aura carried a pressure, which caused one’s breathing to become dull, enveloped the entire battleground.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were ice-cold as he eyed this tall, large man with an unusually overbearing aura in front of him. His eyes narrowed. “Tyrant Spear Liu Qing?”

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