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Chapter 529: A Slap

The man who appeared in the battleground had a tall and large body which was not much different from the ape-like body of Yan Hao. He wore a chinese garment, and had a resolute face. His eyebrows were quite thick, and he was carrying a dark-black heavy spear that was as tall as him on his back. This black-colored long spear was longer than any spear Xiao Yan had ever seen before. This spear also carried a sharp tyrant-like aura, much like its owner.

The main character of the arena appeared to have changed to this person the moment he appeared. This kind of sharp aura was something that no one dared to underestimate no matter where it was placed.

The first impression the man in front of Xiao Yan gave off could be described with one word: Tyrant!

Regardless of whether it was his figure, appearance, or even the black-colored heavy spear behind his back, they were all filled with a similar feeling. This aura was one that belonged to only one person within the Inner Academy, third on the ‘Strong Ranking,’ Tyrant Spear Liu Qing!

The appearance of this man caused the entire Fighting Arena to descend into silence. Those gazes that were shot down from the viewing gallery faintly carried some fear and respect. Merely a couple of people, who could be counted with one’s fingers, could talk face to face with this strong person who belonged to the peak of the Inner Academy.

The man glanced at Xiao Yan before his eyes immediately drifted to the unconscious Bai Cheng not far away. A powerful low voice was emitted faintly, “It is really unexpected that you were actually able to defeat Bai Cheng.”

“I was merely lucky.” Xiao Yan sucked the Heavy Xuan Ruler at one side with his palm and pulled it into his hand. His manner was totally calm, like an old well without the slightest ripple. He was not the least bit affected by the other person’s status.

“We also have some conflict between us.” Liu Qing did not utter any additional nonsense as he stared at Xiao Yan and suddenly spoke with a smile.

Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly. Xiao Yan was naturally clearly aware that the ‘some conflict’ mentioned was the matter with Liu Fei back then. At this moment, he didn’t make any excuses. The remaining Dou Qi within his body moved along his Qi Paths and slowly flowed, readying him to handle any fight that might erupt suddenly.

“Cousin.” A few figures leaped down from the viewing gallery during the time that Liu Qing was conversing with Xiao Yan. Leading the group was a beautiful lady who happily called out to Liu Qing in a leisurely manner before she obediently stood behind him. However, the gaze which she vaguely threw toward Xiao Yan contained some pride.

“The right and wrong of the matter back then is something that others all know. Xiao Yan ge-ge did nothing wrong in this matter. Don’t think that you can be filled with haughtiness within the Inner Academy just because your strength is quite strong. If you really come and stand for other people without discriminating between what is right and what is wrong, I, Xiao Xun Er, will accept the challenge.” Xun Er’s face sunk when she saw the circumstances. She ignored Xiao Yan, who was stopping her, as she took a step forward and coldly spoke.

Liu Qing was startled when he was reprimanded by Xun Er this rudely. His gaze immediately carried some surprise as he weighed Xun Er in front of him. With his talent and ability, there was seldom anyone who spoke in this manner to him no matter where he was. He felt quite curious now that he was rebuked by Xun Er in this manner. Moreover, his gaze had paused on Xun Er for some time due to her extremely alluring demeanor.

“Hmph, just what thing are you? Is my cousin someone you can reprimand? Don’t be proud just because you have defeated Bai Cheng. That Xiao Yan is merely trash that relied on the strength of a medicinal pill.” Liu Fei immediately became a little displeased when she saw the actions of Xun Er. This was especially the case when she saw that her cousin, who had always been indifferent to women, show some interest. A sour feeling instantly surged in her heart and she immediately took an involuntary step forward, pointed at Xun Er and spoke in a haughty voice.

Xiao Yan merely lifted his brows in the face of Liu Fei’s slander. However, he was too lazy to even turn his gaze over. He always kept such unreasonable and rude women at arm’s length. Moreover, from the very start, his gaze had paused on Liu Qing’s body. The pressure that this fellow gave was not the least bit weaker than Lin Xiuya and the rest.

Xiao Yan was able to treat Liu Fei’s scolding as wind beside his ear, but Xun Er’s face immediately became completely ice-cold. It was fine if the other party scolded her, however, scornful curses toward Xiao Yan were something that she could not endure!


Liu Qing by the side also knit his brows slightly, clearly feeling that Liu Fei’s rebuke was a little overboard. He immediately could not help but deepen his voice. When he raised his head, he saw the coldness on Xun Er’s face, and was about to say something when his eyes shrank slightly. His body hurriedly took one step left, and coincidentally blocked Liu Fei behind him.

The instant Liu Qing’s body moved, Xun Er, who was originally silent and still suddenly flashed forward. Two afterimages surfaced along the way. The spots where the two afterimages appeared were coincidentally both the left and right side of Liu Qing.

Liu Qing’s expression changed a little the instant the two afterimages appeared. His hands suddenly passed through the two afterimages in a lightning-like manner. After which… he heard a clear slap sounding from behind him…


Numerous human figures in the surrounding viewing gallery widened their mouths. Their faces were stunned as they eyed the delicate red handprint on Liu Fei’s face. In an instant, the entire Fighting Arena had descended into a strange silence under the loud and clear slapping sound.

Xun Er raised her hand slightly and glanced indifferently at Liu Fei in front of her, whose face was filled with disbelief. She coldly said, “Don’t think that you can behave recklessly just because Liu Qing is backing you up. This slap is for Xiao Yan ge-ge.”

“You, you… you slut. I want to kill you!” Liu Fei finally recovered under the provocation of the remaining pain on her face. She was given a vicious slap in public. This made her feel even worse than being hacked by a knife. In an instant, she was filled with embarrassment and fury. Her face turned purple due to her anger. With a sharp curse, her finger clawed at Xun Er’s face with great strength.

Xun Er coldly eyed the somewhat wild Liu Fei. The brilliant gold glow on her delicate hand gradually became richer. The ferocious force that was contained on it caused the expressions of the few people behind Liu Fei to greatly change. They hurriedly flashed to the front and protected Liu Fei behind them.

“This student, aren’t you a little overboard?” The human figure in the front changed as Liu Qing once again blocked in front of Xun Er as he spoke in a deep voice.

“She cannot blame others since she seeks to humiliate herself.” Xun Er gave Liu Qing an indifferent glance. The golden-colored glow still shined brightly in her hands. She did not show the slightest fear even when faced with the strong person who was ranked third on the ‘Strong Ranking.’

“Xun Er, come back.” Xiao Yan knit his eyebrows as he stood behind her before letting out a soft cry.

The coldness on Xun Er face only began to defrost slowly when she heard Xiao Yan’s cry. Her toes pressed gently on the ground, and her lovely body was like a butterfly that gently drifted and landed beside Xiao Yan. She gave a saucy smile when she saw the knit eyebrows of Xiao Yan. Her epiphyllum-like smile caused the eyes of some of the males in the surrounding viewing gallery to straighten.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head before grabbing Xun Er and pulling her behind him. Although he clearly knew that this girl had a hidden strength that was likely not weaker than his, his male pride caused him to dislike leaving these matters of having a girl fight for him.

As Xun Er withdrew, the atmosphere in the arena immediately became extremely strange. Liu Fei was holding her face and crying softly behind Liu Qing. The other few people around hurriedly comforted her and Liu Qing’s face sank slightly.

“Ke ke, it is really lively here today. I have just witnessed a fight between two men and now, it is the women’s turn…” The strange atmosphere was suddenly broken by a laugh. A few human figures flashed down and appeared in the arena.

“Lin Xiuya? Yan Hao? Wow, just what wind has blown over the Fighting Arena today? These fellows who usually only know how to undertake secluded training have actually appeared together?”

Waves of private conversations immediately sounded from the viewing gallery following the appearance of the few human figures.

Xiao Yan was also startled when he saw Lin Xiuya and the others appear. He immediately smiled and greeted them.

Lin Xiuya first moved closer to converse a little with Xiao Yan. He then raised his thumb to Xun Er with his back facing Liu Qing and the rest before laughing softly and saying, “It really vents one’s anger.”

Xun Er gently glanced at Lin Xiuya in front of him. Although the appearance and demeanor of the other party was among the top, there was still not much expression on Xun Er’s face. She merely nodded slightly before immediately placing her attention on Xiao Yan.

Lin Xiuya could only laugh when he saw that he was basically ignored. He rubbed his nose in embarrassment. This was really the first time in so many years that he was treated in this manner by a lady.

“Ke ke, I’m sorry. The character of this girl is like this.” Xiao Yan helplessly patted Xun Er’s head as he smiled and explained to Lin Xiuya.

“She has a character. The last time we had to leave in a hurry and had yet to thank you. If you had not intervened, it is likely that it would be difficult for the few of us to leave with our lives.” Lin Xiuya smiled. He did not purposefully suppress his voice. Therefore, even Liu Qing and the rest behind him could clearly hear this.

Lin Xiuya’s action of not suppressing his voice caused Xiao Yan to be startled. He immediately looked at the slightly frowning Liu Qing. Only then did he come to a sudden understanding and could not help but nod his head with gratitude.

“Hee hee, I must say Liu Qing, you aren’t thinking of challenging Xiao Yan today, are you? He is injured.” Yan Hao by the side let out a smile, but he did not mince his words as he spoke the most important thing.

“I am someone who disdains taking advantage of another when the other is in trouble.” Liu Qing replied faintly, “Since he has already defeated Bai Cheng, he has also ascended and entered the ‘Strong Ranking.’ In that case, I think that he would be sufficiently qualified to enter the ‘Strong Ranking Grand Competition’ one month from now. There will naturally be a chance at that time.”

“The matter today is but an argument between females. I also don’t wish to find trouble here. However, Fei-er cannot be beaten in vain. At that time, you can display all your strength if we meet in the Grand Competition. I also have some interest in you.” Liu Qing mused for a moment before raising his head and speaking to Xiao Yan.

These words of Liu Qing undoubtedly carried a challenge. Therefore, those numerous gazes in the arena immediately turned toward Xiao Yan’s body. Being able to receive Liu Qing’s challenge also undoubtedly stated Xiao Yan’s strength.

Xiao Yan laughed softly under everyone’s gazes. He cupped his hands slightly. The slightest fear was absent from his voice. This boldness caused many to quietly nod their heads.

“I will naturally take you on at that time.”

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